The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World

Hyo Jin Moon
World Mission Center
Saturday October 3rd 1992
Unofficial Notes

Mother is in Japan, Father is in Kodiac, Alaska. Hyo Jin Nim called Vice President Tyler Hendrix (from East Garden?) and gave him instructions of what message to convey "with his own mouth."

White people must take responsibility for the new millennium. Racism in America is the biggest problem. Christians have no solution for racism and they do not even see their own fault.

White People Must Pay

White people must pay indemnity for what they did to the World. Christians speak about love but they don't practice it.

Father opened the Spirit World and all conditions are set for our resurrection. But for resurrection to take place, the white people in America must pay the price and be responsible. White Christians must do that especially, unless they do, there will be not resurrection.

Democracy was formed for the purpose of serving the Messiah, not for selfish interests and the "pursuit of freedom, peace and happiness." America is loosing her God Centered Principle Foundation. This is the reason we see the decline and degeneration of the USA.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution no longer have the same power and value as in the early years.

Restoration can only come through the "free will action" of paying indemnity. America will not get better until we become serious and victorious. We can not blame other's for our problems and hope that they will disappear. The leaders of this nation, both in the Church and outside must tackle the problem.

For the first time tonight a Satellite Broadcast will take place with our own equipment. In the future Divine Principle lectures will be broadcast 24 hours a day. We will start out with satellite broadcasts and later move on to cable.

Restoration lies in the hand of especially the White Tribal Messiahs. America really should be the nation of the Unified World but it lacks God's Love and Heart. Blessed Couples have been anointed to save America. Father has gone to the limits of Divine Principle, He can not do anymore.

You must wake up and then wake up America. First you must improve things in your own family and mission. This is the bottom line. White people must repent and help Black People to rise up to the top.

Here ends Hyo Jin Nim's instructions.

Content of Hyun Jin Nim's advice to Vice President Tyler Hendrix:

1. We must establish a national Sunday School System under the direction of the Second Generation. The Curriculum must have strict discipline and include Divine Principle training and teach the Tradition of True Family.

2. Day care activities must be set up to liberate mothers. You can do that in a formal way, getting licenses to run those centers or informally in members homes. Al wives must be freed to do Women's Federation for World Peace Activities.

Here VP Tyler Hendrix's talk ends and Rev. Wayne Miller, "Regional Director in Training" gives a testimony about the time he spent with Father in Kodiac, Alaska.

Rev. Miller:

Father had asked all Korean Regional Leaders to bring someone who could replace them. Father's goal is to eventually remove the Korean Leaders and have them work in Korea, Russia, China or some other part in the world. Thus Rev. Zin Moon Kim took me along as the Regional Director in Training.

What Father is saying and the True Children are saying is the same...fulfill your personal responsibility. In the next few weeks Father wants to meet American leaders and many will be invited to go to Kodiac, Alaska. Father is keeping a very tough schedule:

04:30 am wake-up call 05:00 am DP lecture practice 07:00 am Father speaks 09:00 am Breakfast 10:00 am Going Fishing 09:00 pm Return from Fishing 10:00 pm Listening to Mother's speech via Speaker Phone hook-up. 02:00am Bed time.

Sometimes we got to bed by midnight but most of the time it was 2:00am or even later. We were fishing for Salmon and that was real good indemnity. The Salmon Season was over and the fish just were not biting anymore. They just wanted to go up the river and spawn.

We were lucky that Father wanted to listen to Mother's speech and thus we got to return to the HQ earlier. Father was very happy because of Mother's success in her speaking tour in Japan. One time Father even went to bed before midnight. Father usually does not do that because He makes a condition to stay up until after midnight to connect to the other side of the World.

Father just can not rest when people all around the World are suffering so badly. Father will die sooner if He can't find anyone who can take His place and follow His tradition. If no one steps up, Father has no choice but to continue working hard and Heavenly Father may just take Him up to the Spirit World to allow Father to rest.

Blessed Couples will be indebted to True Parents if we do not fulfill our responsibility and give no choice to Father and have Him fulfill our responsibility.

Father likes people who have guts. Father has always been big around the waist and He is very strong. People who have guts can do great things. Father told us that He was loosing weight because He has to work so hard. Father does not like it. He can only correct this by sleeping longer or going to the Spirit World.

Father had many good ideas about how to make money. Fishing alone will not bring a profit. The only way to make money with it is to connect it to the tourist industry. Own a hotel, own the fishing fleet and invite rich people from all over the world to stay at your hotel and go fishing with your fleet.

All State Leaders should have four boats and four teams to run them. You can not be a wimp and be a fisherman. Fishing is excellent training. If you are afraid of danger you will never be successful in anything you do. Father faces much danger out on the ocean but He is not afraid to die by drowning if that will save the World. You worry about how to live well but you should worry about how to die well. You say that you need certain material things to be able to function properly. That is a wrong attitude. You don't need a lot of money. What God needs is True Love. If you can give God True Love, everything else will come to you.

Father wants to take the Korean Leaders out of the USA and He wants Americans to take their places. Whenever Father gives us direction to do something and all are excited and pledge to fulfill the direction. However, when the Church leader calls for a meeting to discuss and plan how to fulfill Father's direction, twenty Blessed Couples out of 700 show up in the New York, New Jersey area. With that type of attitude America will go to Hell.

Don't mess up your children. If you lead a selfish life, your children will do likewise. You are too selfish to sacrifice.

You know the "Preachers Kid Syndrome." He hears his father preach beautiful words on Sundays and sees him live a life during the week totally opposite from what he preached . That type of hypocrisy turned him into the worst kid on the block. Don't do that to your children through your way of life.

It is not a question to like or not like a leader. The bottom line is to follow him. You should be happy to be persecuted. Persecution will speed up your restoration.

Western American members do not sacrifice enough. Why do we have Korean Leaders? They work hard and do not make excuses or complain.

We say that we are True Parents children but how much do we invest to find out what Father is doing and how He is living and why. Especially white Americans are guilty of that.

How much do you value your Blessing? The Blessing is of utmost value and a person should be willing to sell everything he has to receive it. The American president should be willing to sell the USA. The Blessing Fee should be based on the number twenty, $20,000.00 for instance.

True Parents are the Cosmic True Parents. If we do not live according to the Divine Principle we are dead.

We are working to build a One World Family without races and nations. It is quite a battle, but the biggest World War is the war to establish mind and body unity.

Father told the American representatives present "if you can unite, you can save this nation." Many members seem to be too sophisticated and have "too high a standard" to work with certain members. They feel that they can not come down to their level. This is absolutely false thinking. If you really have a high standard, you can go to the lowest levels of hell and bring victory.

Father really wants to have a very personal relationship with us. That is why He wants us to learn Korean. When Father speaks to us much of what He says is getting lost in the translation and since He speaks so fast some things are not getting translated at all.

We must seriously start to study Korean every day. We must also practice Divine Principle Lectures every morning.

Report on Mother's Speaking Tour

Mother went to seven cities and gave a True Love speech. The response was overwhelming. She spoke in Japanese and even the Japanese Mafia changed their mind about our movement.

Father was listening to Mother's speech in Kodiac via telephone speaker hook-up. After the talk Mother asked Father "How did I do?" Father would give her advice and correct some of her pronunciations.

This movement will bring the Change of Blood Lineage on the National Level.

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