The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

The Sixth CARP Convention of World Students

Hyo Jin Moon
August 22, 1989
Address to the Main Convention

The opening session was filled to capacity.

We must realize that there is an ideal for every creation. The ideal exists because God exists. In order for any relationship to take place we need a subject and an object. The subject and object then bring about the realization of the ideal through a reciprocal relationship.

God wanted to manifest a specific place where people can feel joy. This is realized through reciprocal action between subject and object, which will bring about the ideal of creation. It is true that man can realize some of his own ideals. However, in order for man to attain the ideal of perfection where mankind can live harmoniously together, he has to apply the ideals of the creator, God.

It is interesting to note that the secular media sees one of the most significant aspects of love as sex. Sex brings pleasure, but they must realize that marriage is not just sharing physically, but also sharing each other's lives. Joy through sharing with one another physically certainly leads to other living experiences. Even in the physical experience, one spouse has to bring happiness to the other spouse. When they make love, they should give to the other person. When you do that then the sexual experience can enrich itself because it becomes the model by which we can bring joy to all aspects of our life.

Within the couple there has to be a subject/object relationship. One spouse has to center on the other spouse. Often husband and wife argue about who is subject. In realistic terms we can say that it is not important who leads the family, just as long as the whole family is benefited. Ideally, within the unit of the family there has to be a re-enactment of the subject/object relationship between God and man.

The responsibility of the subject is to care for the object. The responsibility of the object is to become part of the subject. The subject becomes the provider and guider for the object. To achieve the ideal, man must unite and follow God. The ideal family relationship, then, is a reflection of this ideal relationship with God as the subject, and man as the object.

The subject and object relationship brings order. Order preserves and secures the whole. We are individual and self-conscious beings. Certainly we can live our lives centering on ourselves. And it is very easy to become subject where you are living in the "me generation." The tendency is to do anything you want.

However at the same time we can center on other people. Which becomes the priority? For ourselves, which is subject? The answer to this question is simple -- living for the sake of the whole. I am self-conscious, and I realize what I need; yet I can realize the greater purpose of my existence by thinking about the whole purpose. Since living for the sake of others is good, and living for yourself is evil, then living for the purpose of the whole must be subject.

Man has a role that he must fulfill. There are stages to go through -- formation, growth, and perfection. Nothing just instantly perfects itself. Your family as a whole and also you as an individual have to grow into an ideal being. Then that process is where there has to be absolute investment. You have to give yourself absolutely to reach that perfection.

Working hard for a goal is a difficult thing, because you have to separate from other things that you desire. Whatever else comes into your mind, you have to put it aside. If there is an ideal, but your individual desires are something other than God's ideal, then there is conflict: God's idea as opposed to our own idea.

Because God gave of Himself absolutely when he created the creation, if you want to realize ideal values, you have to give absolutely.

A Student's Vision of Marriage in the 21st Century
Michael Balcomb

Hyo Jin Nim encourages the participants at the Games.

The Sixth CARP Convention of World Students was held in London, England from Au- gust 20th to August 23rd, 1989. CARP members from over 70 nations participated in four exciting days of student celebration and cultural exchange, centering on our beloved World-CARP President, Hyo Jin Nim.

On the evening of Sunday, August 20th, over a thousand delegates filed into London's Royalty Theatre for the Opening Ceremony, their hearts full of joyful anticipation. An unnecessary fire check conducted by the theater management just 20 minutes before the program was a final reminder of the persecution and opposition faced all along the way.

Serious preparatory work for the Convention began in February, and from April 20th the entire British Unification movement was mobilized to support the Convention, laying the spiritual foundation for success with a 120-day prayer condition of prayer and chain fasting, and reaching out to everyone we knew.

The CARP Convention was described by the influential London daily newspaper the Daily Telegraph as "the most ambitious exercise ever mounted by the followers of the Rev. Moon." We made full use of the opportunity to contact important public figures. Our publicity campaign included a mail-out to 22,000 top people -- professors, ministers, government officials, senior civil servants, police and army officers included -- informing them of our Convention theme, "A New Vision of Marriage for Students." We were able to obtain donations totaling many thousands of pounds from city businesses, and were received by diplomats from over 40 embassies.

Inviting Students

Of course, the main focus of CARP's activity was to invite students to study the Unification vision and attend the Convention. We began in March, when four British CARP members were joined by the European Mobile Team for a nationwide campaign. 120,000 leaflets were handed out to students in 50 universities and polytechnical institutes.

The initial response was surprisingly good: more than 2,500 inquiries were received. One unexpected result was that two students took part in this year's Religious Youth Service Project in Italy, returning with glowing testimonies about their experiences.

Forty more enthusiastic European CARP members came to support the Convention preparation 40 days before its start, selling over 1,000 tickets for the Main Convention. Street rallies and Won-hwa-do demonstrations simultaneously bemused and inspired passersby in the weeks preceding the Convention.

The leafleting campaign in the universities prompted the National Union of Students and an anti-cult organization (FAIR) to start an offensive against CARP and the Unification Church. Local newspapers across the nation produced negative reports about CARP and after a national daily printed details of three of our locations, one cancelled and a second attempted to cancel, but were finally forced to accept us.

At the Opening Ceremony, in a very moving two-hour address, Hyo Jin Nim shared his heart intimately with all the World CARP members, many of whom were seeing him for the first time. He explained how to become a true child of True Parents by following his own course and not being afraid to confront our own internal difficulties.

A slide show introducing the City of London and reviewing the previous five CARP Conventions was shown, which was followed by a short entertainment program including contributions from each of the main World-CARP areas.

The following day provided a chance for academic exchange. The symposium drew 18 professors to debate the notion, "A Mother's Place is with her Children," and to present papers on marriage and life in the 21st Century. Malta took first place in the

International Essay contest with essay-writers from Japan and Kenya also receiving prizes. The four panel sessions in the afternoon covered many areas of vital concern to students as we approach the 21st Century and ranged from "The Family in Crisis" to the problems and prospects for "The Multicultural Society."

Main Convention Excitement

Monday evening saw a complete change of pace with a dinner and dance on the battleship HMS Belfast. This 15,000 ton cruiser spearheaded the British effort in the Korean War, sailing 80,000 miles and firing over 8,000 shells with such accuracy that it earned the nickname, 'that straight shooting ship.' World CARP members had time to reflect about those events of almost 40 years ago as they toured the ship and danced on the decks which were once the scene of desperate battles.

The Main Convention and Festival took place in Wembley -- London's largest conference center, on August 22nd. International delegates from over 70 nations were joined by representatives from 17 embassies, professors, ministers from 15 different churches and the Superior Evangelist P. H. Ajose of the 10 million-strong Celestial Church of Christ; in all 2,500 guests.

In the main congratulatory address, Professor Richard Rubenstein railed against the double standards of the press in Britain who sought to damage the Convention, and advanced the idea of "true sexual liberation" -- a fulfilling relationship of lifelong commitment to one partner. Hyo Jin Nim delivered an impressive and well-prepared speech. He encouraged all the audience to reach for absolute values in marriage, and to reflect the original relationship between God and man within every family.

The festival which followed had no fewer than four rock-bands and was very fresh and exciting. The audience were also treated to a taste of Highland dancing from Scotland and several uniquely traditional Thai dances, as well as Won-hwa-do martial arts performances which left the audience spellbound. The Convention theme song, "Winning Together," written by the British CARP band Original Mind, was performed by the entire cast in a moving finale.

The final day came and with it the chance for World-CARP to invest prodigious energies in the Hanmadang Games, held at the National Sports Center at Crystal Palace, Britain's leading athletics stadium. Seven teams took part in the opening ceremony: Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, Africa/ Asia/Americas, Thailand and Great Britain.

The Hanmadang Games

After Hyo Jin Nim had officially opened the Games, the teams engaged in a full program of competitive sports including track and field events, soccer, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. In a day of dramatic results, it was the Thailand team that emerged victorious in the team placings, with the USA as runner-up and Europe third.

Another drama occurred when Japanese 10,000 meter runner Mikio Yoshida collapsed during the race and was rushed to the hospital with suspected concussion and brain hemorrhage. Hyo Jin Nim was so concerned that he visited the hospital twice; and surely it was this prayerful concern that allowed the brother to recover consciousness after only six hours with no lasting effects.

That same evening the tired but exhilarated athletes and spectators made their way across London to the Closing Ceremony. Our finale was held in the most unusual setting: the Dinosaur Hall at the National History Museum. The beautiful hall is normally dominated by a 60 foot skeleton of a Diplodocus, which roamed the earth over 165 million years ago, but this time it was Hyo Jin Nim who filled the hall with God's presence. In a powerful speech he told us of his efforts to reach the standard of filial piety expected by Father in naming him "Hyo Jin" (advance of filial piety) and challenged us to do the same. "The way I see it," he said, "is that if Father can do it, I can do it. And if I can do it, so can you!"

Hyo Jin Nim then announced to tumultuous applause that the 7th CARP Convention would be held in Paris. As a final treat, he performed some of his best songs with such power that even the dinosaurs were seen to dance!

On this high note, a beautiful gathering of youthful spirits joined together under the love of True Parents had finally drawn to a close. But as Hyo Jin Nim intimated to British-CARP President Mike Balcomb, the CARP Convention represented a new dawn for Britain. We will be very busy from now on as we substantially restore the universities with God's truth and love.

See you in Paris!

Progress Report on the World CARP Convention Kwang Kee Sa
European CARP President's Address
Opening Ceremony

A rousing entertainment finale.

Brothers and sisters of World CARP, welcome to London. It is an honor for us to host the CARP Convention of World Students a second time here in Europe. I would like to begin by giving a summary of how the CARP Convention has progressed.

On June 18, 1984, the Reverend Moon announced his intention to hold, from that year on, an annual CARP Convention of World Students. At the same time, he declared that day to be World CARP Day.

That was also the day on which the Supreme Court of the United States made the decision that meant he would have to go to Danbury. There he urged all CARP members to wipe away his indignation by becoming second Reverend Moons themselves.

According to his direction, the First Convention was held in Seoul, Korea in November 1984. The topic was, "Students' View of Values -- Towards a Peaceful World."

Through this convention a World CARP organization, of which Hyo Jin Moon became president, was established.

The second CARP Convention of World Students was held in Tokyo, Japan in July, 1985 in the Kokugikan Auditorium. The topic was, "Students' View of Values -- Towards the 21st Century." Hyo Jin Nim participated in and hosted the Convention for the first time. On the foundation of the victory of this Convention, Father declared the Day of Total Victory.

The Third Convention was held in New York in October 1986 in the Jacob Javits Convention Center, the topic being: "New Vision: Creating a New Student Movement." In this Convention, for the first time, a mass protest rally was organized against the misuse of drugs.

Berlin was the location chosen for the Fourth CARP Convention of World Students. The venue was the famous International Congress Center and the theme: "Creating a New Student Movement for a Unified World."

The Convention there was particularly memorable because of the climate of almost total hostility from the city of Berlin. As a result of the controversy, 430 newspaper articles were printed and all the Convention venues were cancelled. However, through some dramatic court decisions four days before the Convention, it was able to go ahead as planned.

The climax of the Convention was a march to the wall, boldly led by Hyo Jin Nim himself, in the face of violent opposition. The participants went home with the slogan resounding in their ears: "Die Mauer muss weg!" (The Wall must go!)

Last year, the Convention had the motto: "World Students and Original Ethics." It was held in August in the Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok. The most notable aspect of this Convention was the welcome which it was given by the host city, in contrast with the previous year. The Ramkhamheng University not only supported but co-hosted the Convention with CARP.

In this Sixth CARP Convention of World Students here in London, we take as our theme "A New Vision of Marriage for Students: Towards the 21st Century."

It is our determination through this Convention to strengthen the foundation of World CARP centered on Hyo Jin Nim and to inherit from him Father's victorious foundation. Finally, we want to make this a historical turning point in the development of God's Providence and pledge to take responsibility to fulfill this in our own mission countries.

Personal Reflections on the Sixth CARP Convention of World Students
Gloria Page

National representatives parade in front of the stands.

This year in London, England, World CARP held its 6th CARP Convention of World Students, following conventions previously held in Korea, Japan, USA, Germany and Thailand. At the Closing Ceremony in London, Hyo Jin Nim, the World CARP President, announced the location of the 7th Convention-1990: Paris, France! Each year, in each country, CARP members from all over the world gather together to share the work and the victory. As an American participant in this year's convention I would like to share a few points of reflection on my experience there.

From different parts of America, 51 participants flew into London. I realized while we were in flight that it is one thing to attend a convention as a guest as we were doing and an entirely different experience to be the host country. Memories flooded back from our year of preparation for the USA CARP Convention in New York in 1986 and my heart went out to all of the brothers and sisters in Europe who have worked so hard this year. Each person must have many stories of seemingly impossible goals to attain, and challenges and barriers to go over, which finally come down to a few short days that took so long to prepare for: the Convention. Our respect and our gratitude is beyond words.

Preciousness of True Family

Travelling to another country gives you the opportunity to see your own situation from a very different perspective. One of the deepest impressions that was made on me was the fact that here in America, especially New York, we have so many opportunities to be with True Parents and the True Children that we tend to forget that for other members around the world it is a very rare occasion to be with the True Family. When I heard that Father had not been in England since 1978, 11 years ago, it was hard for me to believe. I met brothers and sisters who had seen True Parents just once -- at their matching and Blessing. Others had never seen True Family even though they had been in the movement for many years. The more stories I heard, the more I realized how accustomed we are to the blessing of having True Family here in the United States. The depth of longing and the electric feeling of excitement that I experienced as people there waited for Hyo Jin Nim to arrive, I will never forget.

Our first day, with lunch boxes in hand, we loaded into many red double-decker buses with official tour guides showing us the sights of London. As Americans our roots are definitely connected to England and even though we share basically the same language (a fact disputed by some English people) the cultural contrasts were interesting and thought provoking. The United States being such a young country in the global community make it fascinating for us to see castles that had origins in the 8th or 11th Centuries. This culture where so much centers on or at least is entertained by "The Royalty," caused me to think a lot about the True Family's position in world history. Whenever we saw a castle, great building, church or monument, I found myself wondering what Father would do with it. Seeing the vastness of Windsor Castle, I thought of how small East Garden is in comparison. Someday, all of the most beautiful places must be dedicated to the highest purpose and there will be only one true royal family.

The Convention schedule is packed with many events, beginning with the Opening Ceremony, which is such a beautiful internal gathering in the final stages before the Main Convention day. Hyo Jin Nim was greeted so enthusiastically and as the name of each country represented was announced, delegates stood to greet Hyo Jin Nim and each other.

From this very first night and throughout the course of the Convention week, Hyo Jin Nim spoke with the power of love and righteousness. If our hearts are open he can give us so much, while what we do with it is our absolute responsibility. In one speech he said: "Nothing just instantly perfects itself. Nothing pops into perfection. Your family as a whole and also you as an individual have to grow into an ideal being. You have to give yourself absolutely to reach that perfection."

The heart of the Convention week is the Main Convention and Festival, the place where Hyo Jin Nim can address the world students beyond our own members. Thousands of tickets are sold and thousands of promises made but it all comes down to this time -- will the hall be filled and will the students receive the message? So many people came and the response was very enthusiastic.

It was very powerful to hear Hyo Jin Nim speak. It went far beyond "a speech" -- he was deeply teaching the Divine Principle. He said: "We must realize that there is an ideal for every creation. The ideal exists because there is God." He spoke about the ideal subject and object relationship and addressed head-on the problems in relationships today between men and women then outlined the Principle solution. Being there and listening to him reminded me of Father's early rallies here in America and how the words of truth cut into the thick clouds of darkness; that same kind of historical clarity surrounds Hyo Jin Nim's words.

Joyous Finale

From fantastic entertainment to the colorful and challenging Hanmadang Games, from dancing and singing on an old battleship to the intellectually stimulating Symposium, every participant gave and gained a lot.

During the course of such an intense schedule there are many things that happen behind the scenes and on the inside amongst each other -- some deeply meaningful and serious times such as Hyo Jin Nim's care for the hospitalized Hanmadang runner from Japan, together with very light moments such as the Closing Ceremony in the Natural History Museum.

I wondered what on earth does Hyo Jin Nim think giving his final speech in a massive room facing the back of a huge brontosaurus? He opened by saying that this was a "very unique" occasion and that he would "never forget" this experience of having "a dinosaur in his audience!" It was the first time. We heard later that a gigantic cake was baked and decorated for the Closing Ceremony, but one small detail was overlooked -- there was no way that it could fit through the kitchen doorway to be taken to the Museum! So, frantically in the final moments, it had to be cut and re-assembled at the Hall! The C invention closed with Hyo Jin Nim's final speech and powerful music; then the Convention flag passed on to the French CARP President.

So many things happen behind the scenes of such a major event. Many prayers, tears, conditions, sleepless nights and many names unspoken for public recognition and gratitude. But God knows and True Family receives the heart of all the offerings made. On behalf of all American CARP brothers and sisters, I would like to offer deepest gratitude to Hyo Jin Nim and to say "Congratulations!" for a great victory and thank you for the wonderful memories from London in 1989.

Meeting Hyo Jin Nim
Tim Read

Inspired CARP students prepare for the Games.

Before the CARP Convention began, I found that God was pushing me to learn a deeper level of Cain/Abel relationship by getting me to take more responsibility for my mission. The day I made a commitment to do that, everything began to change, and within a week I found myself preparing for the CARP Convention.

Mrs. Abe, our national leader's wife, asked my wife and some other sisters to serve the VIP's and also Hyo Jin Nim. She explained however that it was very important that they could stand on a foundation to meet True Parents at the same level as their husbands.

This meant that I had to inherit everything from my central figure, not as an individual, but as a couple together with my wife. By doing that we can make a foundation to receive the messiah because essentially it is the same thing as making a "foundation to receive my central figure."

I was responsible for the Opening Ceremony, which after a few exciting incidents, went ahead more or less as scheduled. On the following day, just when I thought that all my responsibilities were over, I was asked to help Hyo Jin Nim with his speech.

In his hotel room, Hyo Jin Nim sat opposite me and began speaking, at firs' quite softly, then gradually with more and more seriousness about the Principle as applied to marriage and the family. As he spoke I quickly wrote down as much as possible in note form. I was deeply moved by the way he expressed his tremendous love and loyalty for True Parents, and the depth with which he felt his responsibility to inherit everything from the foundation they had built up so painstakingly over the last forty years. After I had taken notes for two and a half hours, Hyo Jin Nim spoke more personally to me, and I was able to ask him a number of questions about his past.

He explained how he had been persecuted by both his peers and his teachers for being Oriental. He told me of one incident when, after clearing his throat in class, he was beaten so badly across the face by his teacher that his face swelled up and one of his eyes closed.

It was because of that and many other similar experiences that he resolved to become stronger than his persecutors. This led him to take up martial arts and to rely on his physical power to protect himself. He explained that later he realized that Satan was really behind these terrible persecutions. Satan knew what position Hyo Jin Nim had to inherit, and therefore wet ' to great lengths to destroy his will to live a principled life.

He said that Heung Jin Nim passing away, together with a serious car accident that he was involved in, forced him to re-evaluate a number of points about his life. In particular, he came to a deeper realization of the importance of his spiritual responsibility. Finally, after offering many serious conditions, he became responsible for the second generation of blessed children and also became world president of CARP.

Hyo Jin Nim has been victorious through a very difficult time; who else could be more qualified to help young people and ourselves find True Parents' heart? 

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