The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Hyo Jin Nim's Victory at the Fifth CARP Convention of World Students -- August 27-31, 1988 -- Bangkok, Thailand

Joon Ho Seuk
September 4, 1988

Hyo Jin Nim speaks strongly to the members at the Welcoming Ceremony.

I would like to report to you about the Fifth World CARP Convention that just took place in Thailand. But first I would like to explain the background of the CARP conventions.

On June 18, 1984, the day Father was scheduled to go to Danbury prison according to the original court sentence, Father initiated the organization of

World CARP, calling for the commitment of the second generation to vindicate True Parents. We CARP leaders made a proposal to Father that Hyo Jin Nim, as the leader of the second generation, be the World CARP leader. At the First World CARP Convention in Seoul in November 1984, Hyo Jin Nim was unanimously elected World CARP leader, and Father agreed.

In 1985, while Father was in Danbury, Hyo Jin Nim fulfilled a special prayer vigil condition from January until the end of May-120 days. That particular winter was unusually cold; it was therefore a very intense prayer vigil. All of Father's children participated in some way, centering on Hyo Jin Nim. Every day Hyo Jin Nim shed many tears, praying for the vindication of True Parents and for the liberation of God and True Parents from suffering and hardship. Through these 120 days, Hyo Jin Nim deeply inherited True Parents' heart.

On August 20, 1985, Father prays to seal Hyo Jin Nim's victory of heart gained while Father was in Danbury.

Hyo Jin Nim's Victory

Upon that foundation, he went to Japan in July 1985 for the Second World CARP Convention in Tokyo. Thousands of young people gathered together and united with him completely. They admired and respected Hyo Jin Nim. Many of them said, "I feel that Hyo Jin Nim is the Messiah for young people, and through Hyo Jin Nim I now find the value of Rev. Moon. I want to join and become a member."

After that convention, Hyo Jin Nim went to Korea and led the first 40-day workshop for blessed children. This workshop was very important. Father said, "Everybody must attend," but he didn't explain the reason why. It turned out that those who didn't attend the workshop were excluded from receiving the Blessing for the second generation one year later.

It was not an easy workshop for Hyo Jin Nim. Many of the blessed children came with suspicious hearts. But Hyo Jin Nim set the example by getting up earlier and going to bed later than anybody else. He prayed so deeply for everybody that eventually all the blessed children understood his heart and naturally united with Hyo Jin Nim. That workshop was victorious.

Brothers and sisters of the Thailand family.

Then Father called Hyo Jin Nim back to East Garden. On August 16, 1985, one day after the completion of Father's 40-year wilderness course, which began on August 15, 1945, Father initiated the Holy Water Ceremony and declared the Day of Total Victory.

He could declare this based upon both True Parents' and Hyo Jin Nim's victory. Without Hyo Jin Nim's victory, Father wouldn't have been able to declare the Day of Total Victory.

In his speech at East Garden, Father said Hyo Jin Nim had restored the heavenly ideal elder brother's position, and that all the blessed members have become the heavenly restored younger brothers and sisters to Hyo Jin Nim and the True Children. Based upon Hyo Jin Nim's victory, Father could declare the Day of Total Victory publicly on August 20, 1985, the day he was released from prison. Father said that this was the most significant, joyous, victorious day for True Parents.

As you know, Father declared the Day of Heavenly Victory on October 4, 1976. That day marked the fulfillment of Father's responsibility. Then, less than 10 years later, Hyo Jin Nim was victorious, and Father could declare the Day of Total Victory in 1985. The following year, we had the CARP convention in New York, and in 1987 we had it in Berlin. Hyo Jin Nim was growing beautifully day by day, month by month, year by year.

Thai students in native costume present a musical selection at the Main Convention.

We Had No Opposition

This year the convention was held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was very successful. The theme of the convention was "World Students and Original Ethics." Father personally gave that theme. About 2,500 people attended the Main Convention and Festival. The largest university in Thailand, Ramkhamhaeng University (which claims to be the biggest university in the world with half a million students), co-hosted the convention. The president (rector) of the university sent 95 official letters in his name to government and university officials and to many different organizations in Thailand, inviting them to the convention.

Because we were sponsored by this university, we had no opposition! The university put up signs all over campus about the CARP convention. Hyo Jin Nim invited the president of the university to lunch, and he told Hyo Jin Nim, "I want all 50 million Thais to see this convention.

We will show this event on TV." He is going to make a 30-minute videotape of the convention.

University (name not available); Hyo Jin Nim; Dr. Thamnoon Soparatana, the president of Ramkhamhaeng University; Dr. Thamnoon's wife; Dr. loon Ho Seuk; Ursula McLackland; and Dieter Schmidt, the leader of CARP in West Germany.

On August 28 a Welcoming Ceremony was held that was supposed to be for our members. Later we found out that many of the professors who were to participate in the International Student Symposium also attended; the next day at the Symposium many of the professors quoted Hyo Jin Nim. We hadn't expected any of them to come to that meeting since it was an internal meeting for members. Hyo Jin Nim had spoken some strong words, but all the professors were inspired by him.

At the Main Convention and Festival on August 30, the president of Ramkhamhaeng University gave the Welcoming Address. The Under Secretary of the Ministry of Education also gave a talk. Dr. Richard Rubenstein spoke about the importance of ideal ethics and quoted Father's speeches several times.

Then Hyo Jin Nim gave his speech, and everybody was moved by it. TV cameras were brought in. At the end of the ceremony, the professors and dignitaries came to Hyo Jin Nim and expressed their gratitude to him. After that, Hyo Jin Nim shook hands with all the CARP leaders.

Thailand means "Land of Freedom," and the Thais have a king whom they respect very much. They have never been invaded by a foreign power throughout their history, and thus they are very proud of their country. Thais have a sense of loyalty and filial piety toward their elders and toward the king. I feel there is great hope there. The Thailand family has brought more than 300 new members in this year alone.

The opening of the Han Ma Dang Games.

The Power of True Love

Originally, the convention was to be held in the Philippines, but because of the political instability there, the location was changed to Thailand. When the Thailand family received the news, they were shocked. They had only four months to prepare. But they really invested their hearts from early morning before breakfast until late at night. Many spiritual phenomena took place during that time, and more than 100 young people joined.

Following the Main Convention we had the Han Ma Dang Games: track and field, Wonhwa-Do, soccer, basketball, and other sports. Thailand won first place. Afterwards, Hyo Jin Nim invited all the professors and dignitaries to lunch. They came and asked many questions of Hyo Jin Nim, and they listened intently as he explained to them about true love and about CARP and about what students and professors should do. He looked like their teacher. The president of Ramkhamhaeng University is a very young man, and very humble. In 'act, all the professors were like students in front of Hyo Jin Nim. I felt that this is the power of truth and true love.

After the Han Ma Dang Games, we had a Closing Ceremony. A Japanese singing group had learned one of Hyo Jin Nim's songs, so they performed it, and everybody was inspired. Hyo Jin Nim was inspired too. He had never heard one of his own songs being performed by another person!

At the Closing Banquet Hyo Jin Nim gave a beautiful and moving speech. He introduced the church leaders of the Southeast Asia region. All the church members and missionaries of this region had worked together for this convention, not just CARP members. At the end of the Closing Ceremony, Hyo Jin Nim went to the stage and sang a few songs and played guitar. It was a beautiful completion to the CARP convention.

The next day, up until the last moment before his departure, Hyo Jin Nim in- ï vested his heart in the members by signing materials for them as gifts. On September 1, I came back to Korea with Hyo Jin Nim, and we met with and reported to Father and Mother. They were so happy.

World student delegates stroll through the streets near the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

To Indemnify Father's Youth

I would like to mention that just before the convention, on August 22, Father called some young leaders together at Han Nam Dong (Father's house in Korea) and spoke for nine hours. In his speech, Father said that he has taken responsibility for the three years since he was released from Danbury -- until August 20, 1988. From now on, he said, the second generation must indemnify Father's youth. We know how much hardship and suffering Father went through when he was a young man in his 20s and 30s. Jesus Christ also endured much suffering and hardship. Father said that it is our responsibility to indemnify both Jesus' youth and True Father's youth. He said, "Until I was 30 years old, I never had enough food. Every day I was hungry."

Today, we should really be hungry to do our mission. When Father was young, the floor where he used to pray never dried; it was always wet. We should have that kind of determination. We are like David, fighting against Goliath. We must be courageous and bold.

Father said we must go the path of the Principle centering on heart. God is our vertical parent and True Parents are our horizontal parents. We should inherit that vertical center and the blood lineage centering on the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents. Through that we can inherit the lineage of God's heart.

Even if we have to risk our life, we must invest our total heart. We must inherit the elder son's birthright. Father already restored that position; so did Hyo Jin Nim. Now we as Abels must inherit that birthright too.

Father was basically addressing this speech to young people. All of us are young, including myself, so I think this is appropriate for everybody.

At a special luncheon hosted by Hyo Jin Nim: (left to right) Mr. Satoru Katsuda; Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul; Rev. Byung Wooh Kim; Jin Hun Nim; the vice president of Ramkhamhaeng

An Extension of True Parents

Hyo Jin Nim repeatedly says to the members that he feels he is the extension of True Parents at all times. "Even though Father might not play the guitar, the reason why I can play the guitar is because I am the extension of Father. Father already has the internal ability to do it, and I am just inheriting it from True Parents. Whatever I do is because of Father and Mother. It is not just because of my ability. I am part of True Parents and I don't exist at all in that sense." Hyo Jin Nim said that whenever he gives a speech or when any important thing comes up, he repeats at least 30 times, "I don't exist, I don't exist. I am part of True Parents." This is his internal attitude.

I feel we must resemble True Parents. Before that, we must resemble True Parents' children, particularly Hyo Jin Nim. We are younger brothers and sisters to Hyo Tin Nim, so we must unite with him first so that we can go through him to True Parents. We cannot go to True Parents directly.

Father and Mother are really concerned about us and are praying for us.

We should give our best so that Father doesn't have to worry about this country.

Let us do our best and bring victory. 

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