The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Citizens of Tomorrow's World

Hyo Jin Moon
May 1, 1988

Hyo Jin Nim makes a full bow in respect to True Parents before beginning his speech.

Today, let's talk about becoming citizens of tomorrow's world, the ideal world. How many of you are American citizens? Are you proud Americans? Many times Americans have an "American" attitude, and where does that come from? From American concepts. From concepts we mold our attitudes. "Attitude" is substantializing what you believe in. If I am to be a religious man, I must have faith in religion. And if I want to become a preacher, then I have to know about God's will and about the background of Heavenly Father. In this world, many people are proud to be American citizens because America is a symbol of freedom to them. To many those starving people in places like Ethiopia or in the communist bloc countries -- America is a symbol of hope. To many others living in America, America is a sanctuary for their dreams. But we have to really understand and evaluate the circumstances that surround us.

Heavenly Father's ideal world should be based upon the ideal concept and ideology. Upon that, our attitudes and actions will follow. So what is the concept and understanding that all ideal people must have? First of all, everybody has to be united with one thought -- Heavenly Father's thought. God must exist within that world in order for it to become ideal. We cannot create an ideal world all by ourselves because we exist with a spirit and a body, not just a body alone. Your mind and body must come together and unite with the center of your soul, which is our Heavenly Father.

What is love? Can love exist alone? You must have someone to have give and take with, someone else to receive and feel your love. Alone, I cannot feel love. I must have a spouse. Within my family, love can exist because I have my children, my wife, my brothers and sisters, and my parents. Within that family, love can exist. Love exists when I'm living for everyone else, for the sake of the whole.

In order for this ideal attitude to come about, we have to know where the center is. What is my everything? What is my source of life? Everything to me is love.

Love means everything to me. Who is the embodiment of love? Heavenly Father. And who represents Heavenly Father here in this substantial world? True Parents. So our attitude must coincide with that feeling. We must think: "True Parents are everything to me." That is the right attitude within an ideal society, that absolute subject and object relationship. I exist because of True Parents. True Parents represent the whole. For the sake of love I will live for True Parents.

Young People Long to Substantiate Their Ideals

When you look at young people, they are motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing. They like to feel liberated and independent. Adults may say they're rebellious, but many times young people are just rebelling against what they perceive to be wrong. Here you must understand the Principle point of view. Within our physical lifetime, we were to substantiate true love. Through this body, we were to learn about true love, through childhood and adolescence, finally reaching adult age. During that growth period, all young people come to understand what is right or wrong.

When adolescence arrives, you perk up, you want to search for yourself, to find out things on your own; you want to substantiate things. You want to become an ideal person. That is deep within every young man and woman's heart. Young people long to be independent. Why? Because every individual has within him a drive to fulfill his own responsibility, and young people feel this strongly.

In the ideal world, young people learn to live and know about ideal love, ideal things, and ideal concepts. But in this world, ideal examples don't exist. Young people search and search for ideal examples, but because there are none, they have to settle for less, for things that they perceive to be good in the moment. They make decisions spontaneously and build their life upon instantaneous decisions, living in accordance with their irresponsible urges. They develop these kinds of habits, and their physical bodies get molded in the wrong way. They just live day-to-day, carelessly, having give and take with this materialistic, un-ideal world. Unfortunately, this is the reality of America and the rest of the world today.

If only humankind had fulfilled its responsibility and met True Father 40 years ago! But because man failed, all that time was tragically lost. Father could have set a perfect direction. At that time the atmosphere was changing, and young people were idealistic and searching, not already molded by corrupt, illogical, unprincipled concepts.

If Father had had a substantial foundation, he could have set the example and true direction for America's youth. But Satan came along with the banner of "peace." Everything was completely messed up. Everything was peace, love, and flowers -- the hippie lifestyle.

Hyo Jin Nim on May 1, 1988.

What this Society Promises You

Within this free society, you have your individual freedom and rights, but there is a law you must obey. What is that law? It's called civil obedience. It's a very general law. It means you can do anything you want as long as you don't harm anybody else of get in anybody else's way. It means individualism, right?

Americans live within this definition of freedom. Basically, the freedom America offers is deviation from God, being liberated from God. That's what this America promises you! That's the meaning of liberalism today, being liberated from God. That is the driving force of America. That is what the majority wants, and in a democratic society, the majority rules.

In this pluralistic society, values can shift depending on who is in the majority. Satan likes this system. As long as this kind of shifting atmosphere exists within this physical world, Satan can manipulate it, because there is no absolute center.

How can this be changed? It can only be changed when an absolute center is established. Within Heavenly Father there's no minority and no majority, just absolute value centering on Heavenly Father.

Every man and woman can connect with Heavenly Father. But if Heavenly Father is separated out of you, what do you have? Only the physical shell, only your body. If our relationships are based only upon our bodies, there will be chaos. If a person who looks like Jesus is the only one o. ho can speak the word of God, then how can I trust you? How can I expect you to speak the word of God to me?

Sometimes when I approach people, when there is something I might want to ask, first they'll look at me and evaluate me. I know they're thinking, "Is he going to be pleasant? Is he going to smile at me?" If my face doesn't move, their face gets kind of crumpled up. I can see their eyes moving up and down, trying to check me out. Think about that. What if everybody in this room thought like that and evaluated True Parents like that whenever they saw them? How would you like it if your children evaluated you and scrutinized you like that?

The Only Way of Goodness

Let's say I'm 10 years old and I'm truly inspired by the comic book character "The Hulk." I want to become just like the Hulk or Superman. I look at my father and mother, and they are in no way close to them. They don't look like them, they don't act like them, and they don't sound like them. I'm disappointed, because

I want to become like those characters. What am I supposed to do? Deny my parents because what I perceive to be ideal is something far beyond what exists in them? There is a fundamental conflict here between my perception and the reality. I'm making a very crucial point. Many times we are faced with this kind of situation. Many times we look at True Parents with that false expectation. I hope that none of us has that attitude anymore. You must understand: A subject and object relationship is absolute. Adam and Eve's responsibility was to absolutely obey Heavenly Father. And based on that absolute obedience, they were to have substantially become an ideal man and woman.

When good and evil coexist, that is lawlessness, anarchy. In an ideal world only goodness exists. Goodness does not exist with evil. It is a certain specific way. It is the ideal path, the good path, the path of righteousness. It is not "anything goes" or "anything my heart desires."

All of you have a perception of both good and evil. You grew up in the fallen world, not the ideal world, and you already have a certain perception of good and evil. Isn't that a contradiction? So how can you have a clear, specific, perfect, and absolutely right understanding of good and evil when you are existing in an un-ideal world? The only way of goodness is absolute unity with True Parents. That is absolute goodness. That is the only way.

Recently, I heard on the news that the big American companies are investing in education nowadays. They're pouring money into America's academic institutions because the companies are running out of qualified people. They are finally being driven to the point where they have to live for the sake of others in order to survive themselves. They're being forced to live for the sake of others! So no matter how you may want to create an ideal world humanistically, you have to apply the Principle to make it work. You must live for the sake of others. There's no other way.

Hyo Jin Nim was 13 when this picture was taken at Barrytown on April 22, 1975.

The Need for Absolute Values

During World War II, all Americans were mobilized for the war effort. They were united in fighting for goodness because they clearly knew what the evil was. American people have to clearly see the evil first in order to do something about it. They say, "Show me -- where's the bad guy?!" Again, today, this is the time. America is hurting. We need to clearly educate Americans that there is evil in this world today and that they must be mobilized to fight.

Clearly America needs a new direction, and Americans are yearning for it. More and more they are feeling the need for an absolute value system. But they have to have a clear understanding of that value system. They have to have absolute guidance about what is right and wrong. It is painful for me to look at America, because more and more I understand the false value system that is existing at this moment. It is very painful. It's not right.

I want to do something about this situation. Many young people are hurting. When you're young, you need a role model, an ideal example. We must set an ideal example for our children.

We have to be absolute. This is very important. The suffering of young people can be avoided if they're given the right example; if they had been, they would not have become what they are today.

You have the responsibility to become ideal men and women. Children have to grow up in a family surrounded by love. But many of you didn't. And unfortunately many of the blessed children didn't either. Why? Because their fathers and mothers were out there on the front line. They did not have ideal surroundings. This is sad and painful, but it is reality. This reality shouldn't have occurred in the first place; it is not ideal, but in order to obtain the ideal goal, overcoming the effects of the fall, we have to go through hardships. This war is painful, but it is a noble struggle, a noble path.

Many obstacles are standing in our way. This is not an ideal world. We have to fight. That means, we have to love. How long do you want people to suffer, to extend the suffering? You don't want to extend the suffering, and Heavenly Father doesn't want to either.

That's why we must stand up and protect our values. There are many ways to fight for what you want. Satan's way is killing, but our way is love -- true love.

People who are going around with Satan's thoughts and living unprincipled lives can never become ideal persons. In order for Heavenly Father's ideal to be substantiated, we must be responsible. Man has to substantiate his real self in front of God, in this physical life, with this physical body. If he doesn't do that, he can never become an ideal man.

Understand the Essence of Love

If the parents don't fulfill their responsibility, their children will have to suffer for them, because parents and children are the same; they are one. That's Heavenly Father's way. That's Principle, too. Abraham, in the providence of God, failed. So the mission had to be passed down to Isaac and Jacob. The foundation of substance was fulfilled through Jacob. That is oneness. That's why I tell you that if you don't do your responsibility, your children will suffer because they'll have to bear it. Satan knows that. As long as he is in control, the process is just extended, extended, extended. And Heavenly Father's providence is prolonged more and more and more. Satan thrives on this, and that's how he retains dominion.

I know you are suffering. I suffered too, but I came to my senses on my own. Why are you worrying about your children? I'll take care of them. Making an ideal world is not easy, but someone has to do it. That's why we're here. Someone has to start. Father loved me very much, I know. Many times I had false expectations, but that was my fault. I shouldn't have compared him. That was my fault. He loved me and he still loves me. Love can truly conquer all. Begin. Be a true love man, and you will go far beyond your limited capacity. People can change. If I am a true love man, even the worse kind of criminal can change in front of my eyes. There is a Korean saying, "Mountains change in a decade." A person can change in a decade. No matter how stubborn or how solidly evil he is, he can still change. Love conquers all, because love is eternal. Love is not limited. That's why you must understand the essence and value of love. That's why when you look at your parents, when you look at me, when you look at anybody for that matter, don't look with that kind of skepticism or doubt in your eyes. That's not right. I don't do that to my parents.

Do you know why I don't look at Father directly most of the time? Because my love for him cannot be evaluated through my eyes. If I look at him and have selfish thoughts, I close my eyes.

If this is what is deviating me from my position, which is an object position, I don't want to look at him. When you evaluate something, you are being subjective. Do you understand? That is going against the Principle. You are deviating from your position. If you are an object, you cannot look at the subject with that kind of eye. Many people look at me like that. Many times that's why I turn away. That's why I drop my head. That is the only reason. I know clearly what the Principle teaches, and now I realize I have to live it. I don't want to do anything that makes me deviate from my position. That is the reason I drop my head. Do you think an ideal world can come with everybody being subjective?

Love can't be measured in Words

Look at American society. Fathers consider themselves equal to their children. Even to have a normal relationship, the fathers have to explain everything. They try to appeal to their children, justifying everything they do. How miserable. Do you like that kind of lifestyle? I certainly don't. I don't want to have to explain everything I do to the person I love. How complicated that life is. That's miserable. Do you think I like suffering? No. I'm just like you. I don't like to suffer. That's why I want to shun that kind of thinking and attitude. That's not the right example to set for your children. How much more do you want to complicate your life?

Can love be measured in words? Even just looking at that fact, think of how complicated this American lifestyle is. When just little things go wrong, couples squabble. "Oh, honey, please, don't misunderstand me, I wasn't trying to do this, but I was trying to do that! So please understand; don't misunderstand me." You can live like that if you want, but I don't want to live like that.

That's not fun. That's not a joyful, happy world. You have to have order. The Kingdom of Heaven is a society where there is clear order. The Kingdom of Heaven is in the realm of goodness, and within that specific realm, you are to live happily with Heavenly Father through eternity. That's it.

So if you want to evaluate someone, evaluate yourself. You have the ability to do that. The potential is there for you to become an ideal man. I evaluate myself. I ask myself, how do I measure up according to Father? I can see where I am lacking and I deter- mine that tomorrow I will do better. I've learned how I must avoid some things, change some things, and motivate myself more. And I will do that, because I want to become an ideal man.

I want to absolutely unite with True Parents. I think you can do this too, right?

Today is a special day. I've stood here for many weeks now. I've given you everything I've got! If I keep talking I'll say the same thing over and over again! I'm trying to make the Principle relate to your life. It's like making music. There are only a limited number of notes on the scale; every song is just a different mix. But the notes are unchanging, just like the Principle is unchanging.

Nan Sook Nim, Jin Sung Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, and In Jin Nim cut the celebration cake on May 1.

I've Tried My Best to Give You My Heart

In everything we do we have to give our utmost effort to make a substantial foundation. I'm really happy today. During these Sundays I've been spending with you, I've really grown close to you. And I'm thankful to all of you. I've tried my best to give you my heart and my understanding toward True Parents and the Principle. But my effort doesn't mean anything without your response. I know you are trying to change; you're trying to do everything you can along with me. You're trying to unite centered upon True Parents. I see hope in you, and Father is happy for your efforts.

I'm saying these things not because I'm leaving this podium but because Father has asked me to let my brothers and sisters begin speaking here also. You like that idea, don't you? Try to unite with them as much as you have united with me. You have to encourage them also. As they speak more and more, they'll become better than me. My younger brothers are much more talented than I am!

I calculated that if every one of Father's 12 children each has 10 children, and if that tradition goes on, within 10 generations our family will exceed one billion! You go home and calculate. It's true! It's actually 1.2 billion. That's how everybody can literally become connected to True Parents. It's possible. That's why, in a conclusive sense, we are all children of God. We are! Through Parents we are all to become children of Heavenly Father, and that is reality. Within 10 generations, everybody in this world can connect. It can happen.

So do everything you can to unite with True Parents. Look at True Parents centered upon true love. Try to go beyond your eyes, beyond the physical things. I notice my children as they grow up, and they notice me. When they were little babies they could notice me only through their eyes. As they got older, they noticed me through their ears. But more and more as they grow, they can experience me through their heart. Deeply, without words, they understand my heart, and they want to follow and obey. They are making an effort to truly unite with me. I see that happening and I see hope. That's how we should grow.

True Parents family are all growing up. My brother is going to come and speak next week. I'm truly inspired. By myself I'm already determined, but by seeing you, my determination is increased dramatically. That is the honest truth! The more we unite, the more strength we have. I'm sure all of you feel that way too. Unity is the way to victory.

We must unite with True Parents absolutely. I've stressed that all throughout my talks here at Belvedere, and that's what we have to do; that is the way to become an ideal citizen of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven.

Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Remarks from Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Directly after Hyo Jin Nim's speech on May 1, Dr. Bo Hi Pak gave a stirring testimony to the True Family. Below are excerpts from that talk.

I am truly honored this morning to be together with you listening to Hyo Jin Nim's remarkable spiritual message. I have been listening almost like a sponge, soaking up his words. It used to be that if Father weren't here, just a handful of people would gather together for Belvedere service. Now this space is jam-packed. This shows that Hyo Jin Nim's ministry is growing and making a powerful impact.

This morning, tears were trickling down my cheeks, because I see that Hyo Jin Nim has become a personification of the word of God and the word of True Parents. We know that Father doesn't have to worry all week about how to prepare his speech on Sunday; God's word just flows out of his being. Likewise, I am seeing the word of God flowing directly from Hyo Jin Nim in a very clear and practical way, creating incredible oneness between himself and all of you. The unity generated here is truly the hope of the world.

Today Hyo Jin Nim prayed beautifully in the Korean language, and in his speech in English he was able to create a deep intimacy with you, because he also completely understands Western culture and spirit. That's why his ministry is booming. After witnessing such power, humor and beautiful expression, I felt this morning that Bob Hope and Johnny Carson were like peanuts in comparison! They have no message, but Hyo Jin Nim's message comes directly from True Parents' heart.

The Torch is Being Passed

On this day in 1954, the Unification Church was formally organized during a most difficult time. Now this year of 1988 is the time when one generation is passing the torch to another. On this anniversary of our church, we can see the new generation of True Parents beginning to lead us in the same eternal tradition of heart originated by our True Parents. When Father and Mother heard in Korea about Hyo Jin Nim's ministry, they told me, smiling, "We don't have to go back to the United States anymore!" Of course it doesn't mean they won't come back; it means they feel great joy and satisfaction because their eldest son's ministry is taking off in such a brilliant way--at the CARP conventions, here at Belvedere, and at the major celebrations in New York. You can imagine that there is no greater joy for our True Parents than this.

I myself feel very inspired, knowing that our future is secure. Hyo Jin Nim will evangelize a new generation of leadership and a new breed of members in the Unification Church. Hyo Jin Nim's message, given with great depth and humor, with tears and laughter, and most important of all, with the heart of our True Parents and the heart of God, will make us all into new people. As you listen more and more to Hyo Jin Nim and support him and unite with him,

I'm sure you will all grow quickly. Not only Hyo Jin Nim, but all of the True Family are growing up in this same wonderful tradition.

When Shin Won Nim was born to Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, True Parents were in America, so Kook Jin Nim led the celebration in Korea. He asked me to translate for him from English to Korean, and I was amazed at his perception, his depth, and the purity of his joy.

This day is an incredible combination: It's the first of May, a Sunday, the anniversary of HSA-UWC, and also True Parents 28th Holy Wedding Anniversary. This is not a coincidence; this is a providential day. The month of May symbolizes the blossoming of flowers and leaves, nature coming alive. Just as Hyo Jin Nim stated that he will absolutely commit himself, let that be our determination too. When we work hard for our True Parents, there's no room for regret! Today I'm absolutely full of energy and vitality as well as the spirit of sacrifice. I don't care what kind of task awaits me; whatever my mission, this soldier will march! I know that you share with me that kind of determination today.

A Year for Miracles

In Korea, Father and Mother are totally committed to bringing about the unification of the Fatherland as a symbol of the unification of the world. It is almost like the meeting of Jacob and Esau. And only with Father's guidance and leadership will that happen. Many Korean people now realize that without Rev. Moon, Korea would not have any direction.

I tell you, 1988 is going to be the greatest year, and some great miracles will happen. This year the True Family has had one joy after another. First of all, Shin Gil Nim, the first son of the eldest son of our True Parents, was born not long ago. Now four generations are established, consisting of Heavenly Father, True Parents, True Parents' son and daughter-in-law, and True Parents' grandson -- thus completing the formation, growth, and perfection stages of True Parents' family. This is why Shin Gil Nim's birth is so significant in the history of our church. It was the most joyful event in heaven and on earth, and we celebrated Shin Gil Nim's birth with virtually the entire population of Korea. Father told all the church centers to make big rice cakes and distribute pieces of them throughout all the villages and towns in the country.

Then, about 40 days later, Shin Won Nim was born, the first son of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim. God has an amazing computer! He programmed things in such a way that the eldest son gave birth to a son first, and then the second son gave birth to a son, so that everything is in perfect order. And only a few days ago, Ye Jin Nim and Jin Whi Nim gave birth to a daughter, Shin Hwa Nim. They already have two sons, and a daughter is just what they needed. Such great joy coming in True Parents' family in this prosperous year of 1988 means that an internal foundation is being laid for the victorious future of the True Family, like a fortress with no possibility for Satan to even put his finger on it. We know that without an internal foundation, no external foundation can be won.

As the True Parents' family prospers, the communist world will decline. Father declared a long time ago that the end of communism was near. The Soviets are desperate now, proclaiming glasnost, or openness, and perestroika, or restructuring. What are they restructuring? They are throwing communism away -- there's no other way of restructuring! The Soviet regular army and air force were miserably defeated by the Afghan freedom fighters. They thought Afghanistan was going to be a piece of cake, that they would be finished conquering the country within a month. But in a few years, the Islamic faith, which is centered upon God, proved to be more powerful than the ideology of dialectical materialism. The Soviet army with all its weapons was defeated by mere guerrillas empowered by faith in God. The era for Godism has truly arrived!

Nothing is Impossible

Now in Korea all of us are working like crazy. But do I look tired? Not at all. This is a miracle. Someone met me at the airport and said, "Dr. Pak, I thought you'd look like a 70-year old man. But you look so young!" As Father says, overcoming trials and tribulations makes you feel young and vibrant. When people who met me 10, 20, or 30 years ago tell me I look the same or even younger today, I tell them the reason why is very simple -- I have no time to get old! I have no time to die! The more Father asks me to do, the more exuberant I feel every day. When you face God and True Parents, somehow those impossible missions always get accomplished.

Father and Mother will definitely be back in America soon, but in the meantime, we cannot just sit idly, waiting for their return. Let's get down to work; let's prepare to bring the victory; let's unite with the True Family, especially Hyo Jin Nim, and let's make Father proud. Raise your hands if you will do that! Thank you and God bless you.

Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim then came on stage, cut the cake, and received flowers as representatives of True Parents. Other members of True Family who were present came up on the stage with them. Led by Dr. Pak, everyone sang "Happy Anniversary True Parents," Dr. Pak led a cheer of four Manseis, for Father, Mother, the True Parents, and the True Family. 

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