The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

The Berlin Wall Must Go!

Hyo Jin Moon
August 8, 1987
At the Berlin Wall

Hyo Jin Nim bravely leads 2,000 marchers on their way from the center of West Berlin to the Wall.

How are you today? How is everybody doing? It is well known to us that people make mistakes. Throughout our lives we sweat and make great effort to better our standard of living and to achieve happiness. But I am disheartened to say that we, the men and women of today's society, often have to confront our selfishness and question our integrity. However, just confronting our self-centered motivation and questioning our fluctuating integrity isn't enough. We should go out of our way to admit our mistakes and bring together our heart and mind to resolve them.

A victory salute from Hyo Jin Nim marks the success of the CARP Convention in Berlin.

This is a Mistake!

Now we are standing here at the Berlin Wall -- grieving, because we all know this is a mistake. This is not a sign of peace or a way of life of civilized human beings. The Wall is a true symbol of communism; it should never have happened in the first place. But what is done is done. So we CARP members would like to challenge

Mr. Gorbachev to be the righteous and responsible man he claims to be. Come on, Mr. Gorbachev, let's do away with this unrighteous and inhumane wall of injustice! Show your sincerity to the world for once, please! Put aside your arbitrary and tactical proposals of nuclear disarmament and be sincere about your claim of peace and human rights. Be sincere about the welfare of the world and be truthful to your words. I know that you know that we CARP members are not fools. Under the communist banner of "truth',' "human rights; and "peace," 150 million people have died since the Bolshevik Revolution.

Many of you already know that the theory of communism is based on the 19th-century view of the universe. The cosmos was seen at that time as being made of solid particles that could not be divided into smaller units. Based on this concept, communism's fundamental philosophy says that the cosmos is essentially composed of material. Today, however, atomic physics has revealed clearly that matter is actually intangible energy and that the two are interchangeable. Scientists today say that the emergence of the universe was not an accident -- it resulted from the law of causality, implemented by a primary cause, whom we call God.

God is a living God. Inside of God dwells intelligence, emotion, truth, heart, and, most importantly, the essence of life -- which is true love. We must unite around that essence. The parental love of God is a vertical love, always flowing down. The horizontal love is our responsibility. We change, but God and God's parental love never change. This is very important here. In order for us to unite

East and West, we must unite within our parents; we must unite with our God. God is a living God; inside God dwells the heartistic human essence -- true love -- that is so important to us and to the rest of the world. Only through that can we unite, and only through that can the world come together. Only through that can this wall be broken down. Through that, a victory can come for Heavenly Father.

When I was coming down here, I saw a sign that said, "To learn from the Soviet Union means to learn victory." What does that mean? Winning through communism? Winning what? Suffering? Pain and lies? Is that winning? Communism is not true; it is not even based on fact. It is an outdated philosophy. It is a mistake!

How can anybody believe in a mistake and still live a faithful and true life? Everybody here in West Berlin knows it's a lie. How can they stand still?

We Are Here for God

I am a Korean, an Oriental. Look at everybody here: There are Americans, Japanese, people from all around the world, We were not born in Germany, but we are standing here on this ground at the Berlin Wall. Why? We are here for God. God goes beyond conflict, beyond walls, beyond tradition and heritage. That's why we are standing here; that's why I am telling you these things. My words might be insignificant, but the truth of God will live on. The flesh will die and be destroyed, but the spirit of God will live forever! Only God's love, true love, will prevail! Please, let's join together and break down this wall with love. True love can go over anything. It can overcome any barrier! Let's come together and pray for all the people who are suffering in the communist nations. Let us pray and live up to the words we speak. That's the difference between communism and the Unification Church: We truly mean to bring about a peaceful world. We want to bring this world to God. Not by threats, not by power, not by materialism, but only by the truth of God, only by the love of God. If you want to challenge us, just go ahead! Make my day!

Let's go to the Berlin Wall and pray for Heavenly Father. We will bring victory. We will bring communism under God! Inside God's heart there is even room for communism. Inside of God there is even room for Mr. Gorbachev! Inside of God there is even room for people who are accusing us. Yes, inside His heart there is room for you! It is not too late. Come on, let's go to the wall and pray!

Three thousand people attend the Main Convention on August 7 at the International Congress Center.

The Fourth CARP Convention of World Students
Claus Dubisz
August 2-8, 1987
Berlin, Germany

In spite of great opposition, the Fourth World CARP Convention actually took place as planned -- in Berlin! Over 3,000 people turned up for the Main Convention at the world-famous International Congress Center. By far the most exciting event was the demonstration and rally at the Berlin Wall -- the 26-mile fortress of concrete and barbed wire separating East and West Berlin. World CARP President Hyo Jin Moon declared that only through the power of God could the Wall crumble. That power was truly demonstrated by Hyo Jin Nim and the hundreds of international CARP members who attended the Convention, each one determined to bring a victory in Berlin.

German CARP is very international in character, but with only 130 fully active members, German CARP is much smaller than the Korean, Japanese, and American CARP movements. Nevertheless, a full-scale Convention was planned to match the three previous ones in Seoul, Tokyo, and New York. One advantage we had was the expert leadership of Mr. Kwang Kee Sa, European CARP leader, who had organized the first Convention in Seoul.

In the beginning, plans for the Convention went well. Contracts for the Philharmonic Concert Hall, the sports arena for the Han Ma Dang games, hotels for the Symposium and the banquets, and the International Congress Center for the Opening Ceremony were easily obtained.

In order to firmly imprint the Berlin Convention in the consciousness of all German students, a big mobilization campaign was organized. A large rally team visited campuses all over West Germany, giving speeches, performing music, and staging Wonhwa-do demonstrations and information evenings.

Fighting for Every Step

Not surprisingly, the strongest opposition -- spiritually and physically -- was encountered in Berlin, where our mobilization efforts were the most concentrated. Selling tickets for the Main Convention in the Philharmonic Concert Hall was not easy! In the beginning we could sell only 10 to 20 a day -- but our goal was at least 100 a day. For one week we could not overcome this invisible barrier. Then suddenly 40 to 50 became the average result. The breakthrough finally came on July 7, after Mr. Sa had finished a seven-day fast: We sold exactly 100 tickets that day! From then on our confidence grew, and more than 100 tickets were sold every day. But meanwhile Satan had already attacked on another level.

On July 1, due to heavy pressure from politicians and threats from radical leftists, the Philharmonic Concert Hall canceled our contract. They argued that we didn't say we were "the dangerous Moon cult' One day later the political parties made a unanimous decision not to allow CARP the use of any hall in the city. The slogan "Stop the CARP Convention" was shouted from all directions: from the political left, the political right, and from many Christians ("cult experts" and Christian student groups). The media multiplied the horror stories, and soon it became common to label CARP a "fascist" and "radical right" organization.

However, support for us gradually started growing. Professors, theologians, and politicians from all over the world protested against the persecution of a religious minority and the violation of our fundamental democratic rights of free speech and free assembly.

And then, a week and a half before the Opening Ceremony, the Congress Center, completely unexpectedly, canceled their contract with us! Two days later the sports arena also canceled due to heavy pressure from the Senate.

This was a real shock. Would the CARP Convention have to take place under the blue sky? If so, how could Hyo Jin Nim's life be protected? Under guidance from Heung Jin Nim, we made strong conditions of prayer and fasting in order to gain the assistance of spirit world in what had become a severe battle.

In the evening news, the deputy mayor of West Berlin accused CARP of being a "criminal organization." But the next day she had to retract that statement under pressure from our lawyer. However, we felt "enough is enough." Leaflets with that title were distributed all over. We were desperate and angry, but determined that if we didn't get any place to meet we would march through the streets.

On July 24 leftists tried to organize a big demonstration against the CARP Convention. Though they advertised for more than two weeks, only 450 sympathizers came. The Berlin police immediately arrested 147 demonstrators, because they had pulled masks over their faces, which is against the law there.

On July 27, 150 of our members demonstrated in front of the city hall, demanding our democratic rights. Mr. Sa challenged the deputy mayor to a public debate. We also held a rally in front of the house of the leading "cult expert," a Protestant pastor who had poisoned the atmosphere of the city with false rumors.

Our lawyer Wolfgang Busch is an expert on the rights of minority groups. He quickly set to work on reversing the cancelation of contracts, which he saw as clearly unconstitutional. He worked day and night, and then on July 28, in a court victory, we won back the sports arena! That night Mr. Sa called Father, who said, "You must fight until the end. Then God can help!" All brothers and sisters prayed hard that night, and at 11 o'clock the next morning we learned that the Congress Center accepted the clear court decision that the Main Convention could be held there as planned!

Opening Ceremony

Finally on August 2, 1987, the Fourth World CARP Convention opened with a victorious ceremony at the International Congress Center. From the beginning, this Convention was different from the first three: Even at the Opening Ceremony over 40 news reporters swarmed to follow the by now highly controversial proceedings, while over 300 demonstrators gathered outside. The journalists stared with surprise as representatives from 80 nations rose from their seats to be recognized amid rapturous applause.

In a clear and powerful speech, Dieter Schmidt, the president of German CARP, explained the significance of the Convention being held in Berlin and the importance of learning from history in order to preserve our democratic heritage. This speech opened the way for European CARP president Kwang Kee Sa to explain the providential meaning of the CARP Convention [see p. 181. Parts of this speech and the opening prayer were broadcast that evening on national TV. The "Battle of Berlin" and the "March to Moscow" were starting to become household phrases.

Rev. Bong Tae Kim gave an address that appealed strongly to the conscience of German youth. Then Peter May, general secretary of the CARP Convention, told the astonishing chronicle of the preparations for the Convention. A slide show set to music gave a moving story of German CARP's history right up to the present day, and a wide variety of musical presentations lent an exciting touch to the whole event. A feeling of victory was already in the air.

After the victory of the Opening Ceremony, left-wing radicals became increasingly frustrated. They had rejoiced over their "victory" after all our contracts had been canceled, but now they realized that they were the losers. In addition to heckling and shouting abuse at almost every event, they threw paint and wrote graffiti at the sports arena and threw stink- bombs during the Symposium, the Han Ma Dang games, and the Main Convention, and at the hotels where we were staying. They slashed the tires of more than 20 of our vehicles and set fire to a bus and a car. Brothers and sisters had to always travel in groups, and at all events there was heavy police protection.

The German CARP and USA CARP soccer teams.

The Symposium

The second main event, the International Student Symposium, could not be held in the hotel originally planned, but in a modest hall in the heart of Kreuzberg, the center of radical activity in Berlin. The moderator of the Symposium praised the participants for their courage in showing an uncompromising commitment to truth and principles. Approximately 900 people attended the plenary sessions. Professor Konrad Low of the University of Munich clearly described how totalitarian states, not democratic ones, cause imperialistic war, and he appealed for unity in the fight against totalitarianism. The three award- winning essays in our essay competition were then read in short form by their authors.

In the afternoon, students participated in one of four committees -- on Berlin, AIDS, Third World projects, and the political situation in South Africa and Nicaragua. Despite some sudden cancelations from professors due to bad publicity or political pressure, most speakers did participate and gave exciting speeches.

The next day were the sports preliminaries (which had to be held in a park). A "Rockout" was held in the evening, with music from the German CARP band Blue Tuna, the American CARP band New Vision, and the specially-formed Convention band Bridge, composed of European CARP and Unification Church musicians.

The Han Ma Dang Games brought many surprises. Originally planned for two days, they had to be reduced to one, which caused organizational havoc. However, the day turned out to be a thrilling one. Most inspiring and surprising was that, despite the dangerous atmosphere, Hyo Jin Nim came straight to the sports arena after his arrival in Berlin. He didn't use his prepared speech but spoke in tears to the crowd. He expressed his sympathy for this divided city and connected Berlin's hope for unification with Father's work to unite Korea. He encouraged all the sports participants to challenge their physical limitations "for the sake of the whole human race

We tried to substantialize his words as we pushed our physical bodies to their limits with a strong spirit. The German CARP teams' great hope was to win the soccer match, and they did! In many events, the sports standard of World CARP had greatly improved. The U.S.A. team was the overall winner for the second year in a row. At the end of the day, there was great joy as all the winners of different nationalities and skin colors came up to receive their prizes. In the true spirit of our Father, the Games ended with everyone dancing exuberantly to the beat of the Korean folk drummers.

Main Convention 1987

The Main Convention had been one of our biggest worries; we felt we needed the support of many professors and students in order to create a solid foundation for Hyo Jin Nim's address to world's youth. But it turned out that over 3,000 people attended the Convention, including guests from all over Europe.

After the opening prayer, sung by a Jewish cantor from a synagogue in Berlin, four professors shared their thoughts about this gathering. Prof. Sussman from Munich apologized on behalf of the Protestant church for its persecution of CARP; Dr. Hanisch, a former East German ideologist, praised CARP for its courage to protest against the Wall; Prof. Svendsen from Norway stressed the necessity to fight for fundamental rights even in a democracy, and Prof. Morton Kaplan, publisher of The World and I magazine, spoke about man's responsibility for the earth.

In his main address, Hyo Jin Nim pointed out that while Marxism has long been discredited among intellectuals, capitalist society cannot offer an alternative. The "me-first" attitude hinders cooperation on a larger scale. Hyo Jin Nim reminded the students that "intellectual brilliance alone" cannot solve world problems. It is only with God's love that "we have the power to unify East and West, North and South. We can bring religions, nations, and peoples together, not by forcing an ideology upon them but by serving them and exemplifying the highest standard of love'

The concluding festival offered a wide range of musical talents, from tender Austrian folk songs to African gospel and rock. Many were brought to their feet in the spirit of celebration. It was a "marathon" evening, almost six hours long, but the result was clear: the Main Convention had been a tremendous victory.

Rev. Won Pil Kim, president of the European Unification Church, delivers an address at the Closing Ceremony on August 8.

At the Wall of Jericho

The final day was for many of us the high point of the week. Around 2,000 people participated in a seven- kilometer march from the center of Berlin to the Wall near Checkpoint Charlie. Flags of many nations, as well as coffins depicting the millions of deaths under communism, paraded together with banners demanding the demolition of the Wall. This was the most international demonstration against the Wall ever held in Berlin since its erection in 1961.

In spite of all the hazards, Hyo Jin Nim decided to walk in the front of the march all the way. Even though there was excellent police protection, about 150 counter-demonstrators constantly tried to disrupt our march by shouting and throwing paint and eggs. As we passed under a bridge, they tried to pour a bucket of paint on Hyo Jin Nim, but fortunately we forestalled the attack on time.

We stopped at the memorial site of an 18-year-old East German youth who had been murdered while trying to escape over the Wall in 1962. Two hundred leftists were waiting for us. They occupied the two meter-wide strip of East German territory on the western side of the wall, where West Berlin police cannot enter. As they were sholiting, spitting, and throwing cans, we blocked them with our banners. The Blue Tuna Band inspired all participants to sing "Die Mauer muss weg!" ("The wall must go!") The leftists tried to destroy our placards and started to hit our members. So we formed a "human wall" and pushed them towards Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin, where the East German "People's Police" stopped them and pushed them back. A stone hit one of our Japanese brothers, who had to be brought to the hospital. The police arrested nine counter- demonstrators, and the incident was reported in newspapers all over the world.

Meanwhile at the Wall, our rally continued: Powerful speeches alternated with stirring songs. Hyo Jin Nim took the stage and gave what must have been the most profound message ever heard at the Wall. While condemning the crimes of communism, he declared: "That's the difference between communism and Unification Church members: We truly mean to bring about a peaceful world. Not by threats, not by power, not by materialism, but only by the truth of God, only by the love of God.... Inside of God there is even room for Mr. Gorbachev. Inside of God there is even room for people who are accusing us.... It is not too late. Come on, let's go to the wall and pray!"

Rushing through the crowd, Hyo Jin Nim went directly to the Wall and prayed so deeply that everybody around him started to cry with him.

We felt this marked not the end of the rally, but the real beginning of Father's route to Moscow. Even in the following days amazing things happened. For the first time since 1961, a demonstration was held in East Berlin to protest the Wall. Young people there were also shouting "Die Mauer muss weg!" Truly, the spirit world is moving in Father's direction!

Victory Celebration

Our Closing Ceremony that evening was jubilant. It was held in humble surroundings, but the atmosphere was electric. After a truly fatherly speech from Rev. Won Pil Kim, the director of the European church, who explained how the spirit world works to make peace after we have made "good trouble," Hyo Jin Nim spoke passionately and openly like a true elder brother. From the depths of his heart he spoke of his absolute faith in True Parents, challenged our limitations of faith, and assured us of the True Parents' love for us. After cutting the victory cake, he invested everything in the songs he played and sang for us. Later, at dinner with German CARP leaders, Hyo Jin Nim explained that he had never before spoken so frankly except to the blessed children. As he was leaving he asked, "Can I tell Father that you are completely united with me?" We did not have to think twice about the answer.

Mr. Sa predicted that the Berlin Convention would be the most important providential event of 1987. History will have to be the judge of that, but certainly it was the most controversial meeting in Germany so far this year, especially in Berlin, which is celebrating its 750th birthday. From the providential viewpoint, the goal of the Fourth Convention was clearly met: It was a victory in a modern-day battle of Jericho and the opening of the way for the march to Moscow. The efforts of our opponents to prevent the Convention actually served to make us well known, and the persecution and conflicts made all brothers and sisters even more strongly determined to fight and win.

In his victory celebration speech, Mr. Sa pointed out that we achieved unity on many levels: among leaders, between CARP and the Unification Church (who helped in publicity and mobilization), between Abel and Cain (represented by our own lawyer, the courts, and the police), and among the members of World CARP. All our victories, he said, could come only on the foundation of fighting to win. Because we persevered to the end, we could achieve a victory.

It was not only a CARP victory, but a victory for the whole Unification Family. Everyone who took part, irrespective of physical age, could become a member of the victorious "second generation." The success of the Berlin Convention is only the first step in God's final plan to free the communist world. We still have many more battles ahead of us.?many more battles ahead of us.

European CARP president Mr. Kwang Kee Sa delivers his Opening Ceremony Address.

Opening Ceremony Address
Kwang Kee Sa
August 2, 1987
International Congress Center, Berlin

Good evening, brothers and sisters of World CARP. I am deeply grateful and inspired to be able to welcome you to this Fourth World CARP Convention in Berlin. After our first three Conventions in Seoul, Tokyo, and New York, we have now come to the "wall of communism': externally the front of the battle-line.

As True Father has pointed out, Berlin is the center of communist activity in the free world, and in order to stage our Fourth Convention here, we have fought a very severe battle.

It would take hours to fully explain the events of the last few weeks of our preparations. These times have been very tense and often heartbreaking, but our spirit has been unbreakable, and we were absolutely determined that the Convention would take place, even at the cost of our lives. The whole city of Berlin came against us, but through True Father's personal encouragement, Hyo Jin Nim's deep concern, and our own strong faith, we were finally victorious.

Destined for Victory

The original building for the Main Convention, the Philharmonic Hall, was taken away from us. We were also refused the stadium for our Han Ma Dang Games and the hotels for our banquets. The hall for our Symposium also made impossible demands. In each of these cases, the contract was already signed, but they broke it because of pressure from politicians on the one hand and radical leftists on the other.

However, just as we lost our halls one by one, we could win them back again one by one through court decisions. Now I am deeply grateful to God that we could get this beautiful International Congress Center instead of the Philharmonic Hall. This is truly a victory for heaven. The CARP Convention was destined to take place in Berlin, and even if we had been thrown out of the Congress Center, we would have gone ahead with an open-air convention. As Hyo Jin Nim has already declared, "The spirit of CARP is victory."

Our situation has been very difficult -- almost impossible -- but we never gave up. Communists, anarchists, and other radicals were confronting us daily on the streets, and the city government was using its power trying to stop us. But I was so relieved when Father told us the day before the most important court decision: "Fight, and God will support you" From that moment on we knew we would win.

I would like to talk about the internal or providential meaning of the World CARP Convention.

Father always seeks to solve present and future problems through giving various instructions and inspiring various activities. Due to our lack of understanding, we have often puzzled over Father's instructions and even complained while preparing for events whose providential importance we didn't realize. Thus we have not always given our best because we are apt to consider only present circumstances and are ignorant about the future. In order to show this, let us review the historical significance of each World CARP Convention.

A New Providential Stage

The decision to hold the World CARP Convention was made by Father himself on June 18, 1984. Do you remember what happened on this day? This was the day the U.S. Supreme Court refused Father's case and it was decided that Father should go to prison. On hearing this news, Father immediately declared "World CARP Day" and said, "You CARP members must celebrate this day each year and feel my indignation At the same time, he initiated the organization of World CARP and the World CARP Conventions. Why did he do this? I believe that through the CARP Convention,

Father was starting to prepare for a new stage in the providence. I would like to talk about the results and the purpose of each of the CARP Conventions that have taken place until now.

First CARP Convention

At the time of the first Convention, held November 2-8, 1984, in Seoul, Father was in Danbury, but World CARP members gathered in Korea to demonstrate that Father was innocent. We showed our youthful power and our strong determination to become "second Rev. Moons"

Secondly, the first Convention was an opportunity for us to organize the World CARP movement.

Finally, we could attend Hyo Jin Nim as World CARP president. For CARP, this is a great privilege and honor. Even though Hyo Jin Nim did not appear personally at the first Convention, he became World CARP president at that time.

Second CARP Convention

The significance of the second Convention, held July 16-22, 1985, in Tokyo, Japan, is as follows: First, Hyo Jin Nim made his official debut in front of World CARP members.

Secondly, the providential foundation was laid for a new step in the dispensation. This foundation was made externally through the unity between Hyo Jin Nim and World CARP members at the CARP Convention, and internally through the unity between Hyo Jin Nim and the blessed children at the blessed children's 40- day workshop held in Korea July 8- August 15, 1985.

By uniting externally and internally with Hyo Jin Nim, the second generation, represented by CARP and the blessed children, could take the leadership in the dispensation.

However, we must not forget that this was made possible only by Father himself paying the indemnity for our failures by going to Danbury. We could inherit Father's victory in Danbury through uniting internally and externally with Hyo Jin Nim through the Second Convention and the blessed children's workshop.

Finally, based on this success, Father could declare Total Victory Day and Hyo Jin Nim officially became the central figure of the second generation.

Preparation for Moscow

At the Third CARP Convention held October 9-15, 1986, Hyo Jin Nim, as president of World CARP and host, dominated the whole event, showing his heart and also Father's heart. Secondly, he could substantially start working as World CARP President.

We thus entered a new time period and began preparations for the Fourth CARP Convention in Berlin. Let us examine the meaning of the Fourth Carp Convention.

After the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, Father declared the Moscow Rally. This will be Father's last rally. In other words, Father's final goal is the Moscow Rally. However, before we go to Moscow, Father said, the "Battle of Berlin" must be won.

Berlin is providentially a very significant place. First, it is the symbol of the division of the world into the democratic and communist camps. Secondly, Berlin, with its impenetrable wall, is the modern-day city of Jericho. As CARP, we represent the modern-day Joshua group. As you know, the most difficult challenge for Joshua and the Israelites before entering Canaan was to overcome the city of Jericho. Through their strong faith, they conquered it. This is also the CARP spirit -- never to give up but to overcome with strong faith.

If the Berlin Wall is overcome internally through love and truth, it will automatically be overcome physically.

The breaking down of the Berlin Wall is Father's main hope for European CARP. For this we need to accomplish the goal we set of 12,000 European CARP members. Because Moscow is located in Europe, European CARP must then take responsibility to prepare for the Moscow Rally. Therefore, I believe that the Fourth CARP Convention is God's last platform before entering Moscow. A victory at the Berlin Convention will serve as the internal victory for the Moscow Rally.

The Berlin CARP Convention will become the most important event of 1987. As Father has pointed out, Germany and Korea are deeply connected as starting and ending points in providential history. Events taking place in Germany are bound to affect the situation in Korea. A heavenly victory in Germany is a necessary condition for the unification of the Fatherland.

As World CARP members, let us live up to the hopes and expectations of our True Parents and Hyo Jin Nim by deepening the love and unity amongst ourselves. Let us do our best to achieve victory and become living witnesses to this most historical event.

Mr. Kwang Kee Sa, behind police shield, and German CARP president Dieter Schmidt try to block the posters that the leftist demonstrators are carrying to protest the CARP rally at the Wall. The West Berlin police were very supportive of all CARP activities throughout the Convention.

Why Such Opposition?
Colin Gardiner
August 1987

The question was raised by some participants as to why there should be so much violent opposition to CARP, a worldwide movement that came to Berlin for the cause of freedom and to protest the Wall.

Hyo Jin Nim gave the answer: "The people of the free world realize that communism is a threat to freedom but they have no desire to motivate themselves. They may be suffering, but in the material world they are satisfied with what they have -- that is the sad reality"

Berlin is also a haven for many Marxist-minded youth who come to this city to avoid the 18 months of military service required of all West German young men.

The German student CARP leaders say: "When we talk to leftists they all admit that East Germany is not attractive, but because they don't see any way of changing the situation, they don't even try. They have accepted the Wall. They are unable to imagine what it means to live in the East, even though they are only a few miles away.

"However, we have brought in a new concept -- the Wall must go -- and they have to deal with this new idea. They have been reacting in a negative way. They want to know how we could possibly make the Wall go. They are scared; they feel we might provoke a war, escalate the situation.

"But now Berliners are thinking more deeply about the issue and are beginning to have hope. Many Berliners said they were moved to tears when they saw our banners"

The Wall was symbolically broken the moment Hyo Jin Nim prayed against the concrete barrier, building a bridge from West to East. The spirit world prayed with him, and Berlin will never be the same again. 

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