The Words of Hyo Jin Moon

Inherit the harmonious spirit of Han Ma Dang

Hyo Jin Moon
July 18, 1985
President's Opening Address
Second Annual Han Ma Dang Sports Festival

Hyo Jin Nim addresses the crowd gathered for the Han Ma Dang Games.

Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and Sisters:

I would like to officially welcome you to the Second Annual Han Ma Dang Sports Festival. On behalf of God and True Parents I want to thank all World CARP members for their attendance at this festival, with special thanks to the Japanese CARP members for their hard work in preparing this beautiful environment.

The Han Ma Dang Festival is an event that transcends race, national boundaries, language, and culture, celebrating the joy of becoming brothers and sisters under God.

If we examine the meaning of Han Ma Dang, we see that "Han" signifies "oneness" or "center," and "Ma Dang" encompasses the meaning of both "open space" and "festival." So the Korean word Han Ma Dang indicates a big outdoor festival emphasizing the oneness, unity, and harmony of individuals as they open themselves to the center.

We should strive to inherit the harmonious spirit of Han Ma Dang and apply it to all aspects of our life, as we seek to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth: a world without barriers and limitations.

Father has taught us that such a goal can only be accomplished as each of us leads an unselfish, sacrificial life, walking in the shoes of a servant but bearing the heart of a parent. Let us show the world through our Han Ma Dang Festival the spirit of determination and harmony that will someday allow us to be the responsible young people who will create the world of love that God hopes for.

Here in this stadium we are continuing the powerful tradition of Han Ma Dang. Unlike the Olympic Games, which have lost touch with their original purpose and have become an arena for political power plays and nationalistic struggles, our Han Ma Dang Festival will forever promote global cooperation and harmony.

This sports festival will grow rapidly, and each year will see the addition of new events and participants, leading us to closer and deeper bonds of international friendship.

Finally, I pray that brotherly love will inspire this festival from beginning to end and that we can feel God's love touch us as World CARP brothers and sisters.

May God bless you.

Thank you very much. 

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