The Words of Hyo Jin Moon


Hyo Jin Moon
April 15, 2007
Belvedere, 7:00 am

Here are my notes from Hyo-Jin-nimís speech Sunday 15 April 2007. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo-Jin-nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo-Jin-nimís website is: To see two of the projects that Hyo-Jin-nim is working on log on to: and
Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo-Jin-nim and offer a standing bow.
Hyo-Jin-nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage.

How have you been doing? (Hyo-Jin-nim last spoke at Belvedere Feb 18th. He has just returned from performing in Korea and Japan.)

Is everybody OK?

Letís talk about self.

You know there are so many self-help books out there. Improve yourself this way or that wayÖ

What is the first step? If you read any books that is the kind of guidance that you want.

Normally if they have a proper perspective it has to focus on you.

You have the answer. What is your best? What can you do best?

That is the first answer you need. You have to question yourself and give the answer.

You have to do that. What can I do best?

For the time being just put aside the idea that "I want to be the best, the greatest."

Just what can I do best?

Knowing your limits and because everything has its time and place.

Time ticks forward so you have to think in the present before you think about the future.

And when you think about the present and knowing the limit means thatís how you lived and you think about history. Thatís when you think about the past.

Finding your best if you have to make that conclusion, you can only find it today.

Tomorrow might be different. Hopefully thatís how youíre going to get better.

So you have to ask yourself: "what can I do today, what is my best?"

And if you have that insight then you can think about what is my greatest.

And even when you have that answer of being the greatest that you can be, then comes the greater responsibility.

If you do, and I believe we do, as we live with God, in relation with God, a relationship with God, you have to think about a greater responsibility.

Obviously youíre not just doing this for yourself, right? So why do I have my greatest? What is it for? You have to answer that question too.

That means that you give, and thatís very inevitable. Thatís the next point; thatís the next phase.

The final phase would be that living that life, you have to expand because you can always do more. And more is in tomorrow, never in today or yesterday.

So from there you find your direction and you invest your life, your short life. (Laughter)

You have to think that even the greatest is relative. Right? Not everybody can be number one, the champion.

It sounds nice but it doesnít work that way when you try to cram everyone into a time frame especially in the present. Do you understand what Iím saying?

It doesnít work. So what are you chasing? What kind of understanding do you have toward what is greatest?

It has to be real to you. You canít just live a fantasy for the rest of your life, because if you do your life will take all sorts of unwanted directions. Why, because youíre living a lie.

You can say itís a dream, a fantasy, but if it is not real it can be a fantasy or a nightmare.

You really have to know how to pace yourself. First you ask yourself what is my best. Figure it out! You know yourself. Nobody else does better than you. Figure it out.

Is it going to take care of me? Will this be able to take care of me being my best, give me my self-sufficiency? And from there give me the room or the possibility to do my will to my nation and to God?

You have to answer that question. You have to find that best. Because itís a different kind of time.

Father, his best is being the king right? (Laughter) There is only one Father. Right?

There is only one Messiah. Thatís it. Thatís what Heís best at.

But thatís not me. I have to find my best. I have to find my greatest. And I have to struggle to make that offering. And I have to struggle again to expand.

Thatís my choice. Thatís the choice that I have to make. And thatís the life that I have to live if I want to receive what I want to receive.

Because I believe in something, thatís the price that I pay to receive what I believe.

Itís just as simple as that.

And as you live life the one thing that is important, that I realize is that you have to forget what you did, especially when you think that you did something good.

Why? Because it just became yesterday.

You donít live in yesterdays. You donít live in memories; thatís stupid. People lock them up, you know what I mean?

Itís better to always focus on tomorrow. You have to think about tomorrow. Thatís when you find yourself expansion.

You want to be bigger right? You want to be greater right? Itís always in tomorrow, never in yesterday or today.

All you can do best is recognize that and remind yourself of that again. You should get out of your -- and say "Hey! Calm down! Be cool! Forget it! Hold on! The better is in tomorrow."

Because if you donít do that, then nobody will. Why? Because in the end, you only listen to yourself. (Laughter) So just get rid of all the nonsense and go right to the chase.

Listen to someone that you will listen to in the end. If you kind of remind yourself of that you can make it a habit, a good habit, because no one is going to take care of you better than yourself. OK?

If we donít know how to take care of ourselves, thatís something else, then we need.  Something like -- well anyway. (Laughter)

When you talk about yourself, what do you really, really think about yourself?

Pray about it.

Soul search it.

Squeeze your brain until it blows up. (Laughter)

What can I do or what is my best?

From there, move on.


Build from there.

Taking it from there you think about practicality and what you want to do for the sake of a greater purpose.

You need to balance.

There are some things that will change and you should make it keep on changing.

At the same time there is some thing that should be unchanging, absolutely.

You need to live a balanced life.

Because if you donít it will skew and it will tilt.

You donít live that long properly.

Thereís always better stuff tomorrow.

Always in tomorrow.

Believe it.

Because thatís true.

Thatís why I want to change. Thatís why I want to expand.

Thatís why I WILL expand and I WILL change.

There is something that wonít change, that understanding, knowing that it works that way.


It was good to see you again.

See you next week.

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