The Words of Hyo Jin Moon


Hyo Jin Moon
January 28, 2007 7:00 am

Here are my notes from Hyo-Jin-nimís speech Sunday 28 January 2007. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo-Jin-nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo-Jin-nimís website is: To see two of the projects that Hyo-Jin-nim is working on log on to: and
Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo-Jin-nim and offer a bow.
Hyo-Jin-nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage. He places a small notebook on the podium

Good morning.

Whatís important to us is outreach, right?

Am I reaching you?

I you could make a simple slogan; I guess we could say "If itís un-relatable itís un-reachable.

When we think about reaching out to people, we have to have some sort of way in which we can relate to them. When you focus on the relativity issue, relatable issue, you have to do it with peopleís expectations. You have to address expectations so you can relate because everybody has expectations.

It can vary, but there is basic stuff that we all know is right and that we all know is wrong. So there is a concept of right and wrong that we generally understand and accept. And based on that understanding which is pretty much the thing that governs our lives, our deeds, we have an expectation to be a higher self, to be a better person, to be a more successful person.

Before you go out and try to start doing some kind of outreach activity, you have to kind of answer that before you try because youíll learn it the hard way. One way or another youíll learn the life lesson, but you will learn it the hard way. So itís better to know your self prior to actually trying something, which is normal if youíre trying to help people, to reach out to people. You have to answer the question: "What is my expectation?"

How do I define right and wrong on issues, and based on that what am I doing to try to be active in my life. What is my pursuit? How does it affect; how does it connect to the ultimate goal of actually reaching out to people so that I feel good about myself in the eyes of God because I believe in God. So what is my expectation? What do I want out of myself and the life that is ahead of me?

These days the health movement is out there right? They want to get healthier; they want to put a lot of good stuff into their body and get stronger and healthier to they can live longer. More and more people are recognizing that you have to put a lot of good stuff in your body so you can have a healthier life. If you donít manage that properly, if youíre not vigilant about it, obviously you will suffer the consequences. There are always consequences, cause and effect, right? Especially for children this is very important, in the maturation, the growth period it is very important for them to have a proper healthy diet. Itís very important that you see in the world that so many people, not just children, but even adults, are dying of hunger. And all sorts of tragic injuries are out there. Thatís real.

Letís try to take one step at a time. It breaks your heart. You want to reach out and just help everybody and change all that (snaps finger) at the snap of a finger. Thatís unrealistic. So we have to think about how we can better take care of ourselves so that ultimately we can do a lot of good things, because you have to be strong right?

So good nutrition is important for children and also for old people. You can take risks during a certain period of your life when you are a young adult. You can sometimes take in toxins and experiment because of the curiosity factor and because the world is the way it is and you have so many images out there that provoke your curiosity. Some people will dabble in it: most people will dabble in it, especially living in the, quote free unquote society.

Everybody wants to live longer. As you get older and older that becomes very important. So as much as it is important for your body to put a lot of good stuff in there, so it is for your mind and so it is for your heart. You know weíre not just here living with the body. The way we think is very important too, and itís influenced by the stuff that we put into our heads. Thatís the basic point of reference that you use to determine things.

Itís like when you expose yourself to certain unhealthy food situations, the same thing. You will have many side effects of putting a lot of garbage into your head. I think itís more important that we have some kind of environment in which we can expose ourselves to goodness, and the good things that people can do and say to one another, mostly good deeds. Actions speak louder than words.

If you can capture that kind of stuff and expose people to it, let the people in general see that thereís that kind of stuff out there and we choose to live that way, to be exposed only to the right things that can make us healthy, we will become healthier.

When we become healthier, as a greater unit, the ability that we can project, that we can manifest in helping others, reaching and out and helping others to change for the better can also become more powerful.

How do you achieve that? Thatís why I believe that systematically we have to work on that question and bring a solution. And there are models out there. Television is nothing other than a living news paper. There are columns, pages on politics, society, religion, culture, life style, entertainment, itís just there. Pretty much thatís the way weíre living in the modern world. Thatís how we consume all the information that is out there. TV is the main medium for exposure. From that medium everything gets radiated out. And based on the information, the things that are being radiated outward, they can form your thoughts. That is reality, and it works! Itís very effective.

In the future weíll getÖ itís not that difficult because more and more systems are getting cheaper, even HD (High Definition TV) stuff. If it becomes internet viable we can create a broadcasting company. Itís not a star away. Itís literally doable. All you need is a production crew and the capability to maintain and manage it in terms of livelihood. Thatís all it takes. Having a big station like the old days is a kind of symbolism of the past. You really donít need it, but you can have it because you do need some kind of centralized symbolism. It does cater to human needs to have some kind of attachment to something, like having your own house or something. Making your presence known, itís important in relationship to other people. Other people arenít going to change that quickly so in terms of politics itís necessary I guess, or, to put it nicely, diplomacy.

Sure, itís doable. If you want that we can have that. Thatís not a problem. Weíre working on it to make it happen so that it can independently achieve that. Itís better in terms of offering. Take less from Father and give more.

Itís doable. An annual budget of $10.000, 000 can do it no problem. It depends on where you set up shop. The cost varies. The Fatherland, geographically, it is a promising place. Itís only two hours from Japan, two hours from China and not so far from Russia because you can unite that north and south divided situation. Itís not a different country; itís just a division.

We have you here. Father spent one third of His life here investing so He can unite all the archangel nations. We have more work to do in terms of the other two, but regionally itís (Korea) right there. So it (multimedia operation) can be done when we can create that kind of model.

How often have you felt lonely? What is the cure-all for loneliness?


(Laughing) Love stuff, right?

There are many ways to show that kind of stuff. You can literally showcase. You donít need a great person to show that. You can even see it in starving children. To showcase that kind of loving humanity regardless of where you come from, what region, what kind of situation, regardless of age, If we are constantly exposed to those kinds of things, how can we be evil? How can you raise your children evil?

Itís out there! I just need the crew to go out and get it so we can show it to you. Then it can be done. Then we can start the change. We can reach out to people. People will be reachable. Some people are just stubborn; they donít want to change. They force them selves away from change. There are some knuckleheads that live that way.

The polar ice cap is melting, so people can melt. (Laughter) Maybe there is more water to drink. Billions of people are drinking everyday. Billions of gallons are being consumed right? We need more water.

It can be done. We can do that. We can change people. We can reachÖ The more you have those (good multimedia content) the better that you can reach out to people because you have something to make that connection.

As you get older, youíre going to get interested in that kind of stuff because you know you will die, absolutely; and you want to know as much as you can about what love is if you didnít know what that is. And some people are willing to give it (information) to you, show it to you and move you. Because love will move mountains, right? And they will change.

It will take time, but you will change; you have no choice. God will win, right?

Thatís doable. Itís Absolutely Doable. Thatís how people change. I know this. Thatís how I change. If I can change, people can change. So we just have to make that happen.

Thatís it. Itís That Simple!

And itís doable. Weíre working on it.

Youíll be the first ones to know.

Youíll be the first ones to see...that stuff.

Because itís for all, right?

Not for me alone, right?


Take care.

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