The Words of Hyo Jin Moon


Hyo Jin Moon
December 17, 2006
7:00 am

Here are my notes from Hyo-Jin-nimís speech Sunday 17 December 2006. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo-Jin-nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo-Jin-nimís website is: To see two of the projects that Hyo-Jin-nim is working on log on to: and
Joe Kinney

Jack Corley is the MC.
All welcome Hyo-Jin-nim and offer a bow.
(Hyo-Jin-nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage. He places a small notebook on the podium.)

Good morning.

The year is almost at its end.

How are you doing?

People say that there are patterns in everything.

Life is learning patterns. There is a pattern in the universe starting with the physical universe and obviously dealing with our lives.

Through religion we are trying to understand a kind of relationship and patterns that bring us closer to God because that is the search that we are on the path of. Anytime you take a course of faith and because of religious faith, itís a commitment that lasts a life time in understanding how things work.

When you talk about patterns you start defining formulas and learning the intricacy if there is more to be learned based on a cursory observation of the depth of the formula.

Itís a commitment that pretty much will last everybodyís lifetime. I donít know if there is a guarantee that we will understand all of it.

Why? Because I donít think you can know the faces of your grand children when you donít have them yet, that kind of stuff.

You know that there are a lot of treasure hunters out there. They know that the diamond is somewhere underneath the ground or they go for a sunken ship treasure and they know that is somewhere under the vast ocean. History is riddled with people trying to find civilizationís riches. You know that there have been a lot of tragedyís along the way just to achieve that kind of status.

A lot of people are hell bent on achieving that end. Because even just pursuing that takes commitment. It will pretty much take the lifetime of somebody.

Let me just share with you about some people that I know. They are people who live a very simple life. They just love reading books. They spend every free time that they have in libraries. They just go read books, every free moment in a library and they come to a point after decades that their local library is not big enough because they read everything in it. I donít know if he was interested in a topic or he just read it allÖÖ So he has to go to a bigger library.

I also know a certain type of people that just love to tinker. They love to tinker with stuff, whatever stuff. Some guys just like to play with computers, because now there are so many kinds of software that they can just tinker away all day long, because within each kind of software they give you so many kinds of possibilities to play with whatever that represents. They just sit there all day long every free time that they get. Sometimes they evenÖ it seems so importantÖ they forget about even sleeping, just playing with that thing, tinkering with that thing, forever. Thatís how they live their life. They find some kind of inspiration in it.

So when you think about the stuff in life. For instance, letís focus on inspiration today. Is there some kind of pattern? Is there a formulation in which inspiration is achieved? I think so. When you look at those kind of people, simply put theyíre geeks. Theyíre just a bunch of geeks, but they inspire them selves. Through what kind of pattern, itís a kind of formation pattern, or growth pattern.

I donít know if you can say that it is completion in the way that we see it because it has to be seen by all. It has to be universal. Maybe on an individual level it might be.

Inspiration also comes in that kind of form of stages. You have to ask yourself "why are you inspired?" In what way are you trying to inspire yourself? Are you inspiring yourself? Because you would be inspired if you did those kind of things. On a form stage level, just read the books if you like reading books. Thatís your escapism, but itís not just escapism; itís about self inspiration.

You do that to your self. Youíre telling your self "I need that, thatís how Iím going to get through this life. Thatís the kind of fix that I need" You have to ask your self so in what stage are you? Formation? Growth? Perfection? When you look at everything that inspires us, it has to do with the basic fundamental things in question, with God and mankind.

We get inspired when big clues come together, right? Thatís the fundamental question that we need to resolve when you talk about providence, when you talk about Godís dispensation. When you say that based on my religious discipline God is a suffering God, then you have to understand that that is important to you. When that is important to you, when that happens, when extremes come together where it has been in conflict for eons, you see somehow that a resolution is coming, and you see the possibility of resolution, that gives you inspiration.

Obvious things: When you see a child sacrificing him or her self for the sake of their parents or visa-versa. Or you see the passing of the guard, the passing of authority or whatever. You see it happening in fluid motion without any controversy without any conflict between generational differences or arrogance, you get inspired. Itís that basic fundamental relationship that brings us who we are and makes us who we are, brings us to who we are and makes us who we are, to create an ideal family centered on God.

When that happens youíre inspired. When you see the basic recognition, basic happening coming together of that it inspires you. Those things inspire you.

Yes they can start from even your self inspiration just by the possibility of formation, growth and perfection of self love on an individual level. But as it grows it matures into something greater in being the level of inspiration is obviously much greater, powerful. So if you want to inspire the world, OK you just have to accept that formula.

Where do you start? How do you inspire the world? People of the world, especially in the big cities are jaded and arrogant. They like big things. Unless you can somehowÖ.getting there is very difficult. You have to start from self and make every step of the way yours and you have to somehow connect it to God. Otherwise you donít have proof in the eyes of people who are critical against you. Thatís the difficulty.

So if you want to change the world, there is only one way, the old fashioned way, you have to struggle; you have to suffer. (Hyo-Jin-nim laughs.) The more you do, not just for your self, for the maturity, the demand, the effort that is necessary to deal with the greater value, the greater self, when you can put that forth, when you can make that sacrifice, yes we can move a greater world.

How far can you go? Itís up to you. I donít know. I donít know about me. How far can I push? How far am I willing to push? Oh, just be straight forward; how far can I push? I donít know. I just have to keep on trying I guess. I cannot say what it is; the funny thing is till Iím dead; and I canít say it. Youíll say it. Somebody else will say it, probably my children, my posterity.

The funny thing is that the greatest thing that you think is important to you will be measured by somebody else other than you. Thatís the lesson. Thatís the lesson in life when you try to believe in God. Always something like thatÖ You think youíre in control, but youíre not because even when you think about "Letís make a today a good day." But even that is not as simple as it sounds. I know that we deserveÖ every day we need to see goodness in you, new goodness from you and me. But is that as simple as you say? I donít think so.

Yes we deserve a lot of things that are good, but it doesnít happen automatically. Somebody has to try. Somebody has to lead the way. If that is you, you canít expect one person to do every thing all the time. Thatís why we need family. Thatís why we need greater family, right? Other wise it will be a lonely place. Other wise why did God create mankind and give him such misery?

Even goodness is not appreciated when you have it alone. It doesnít have a concept thatÖ

So an inspiration, a belief, everything in life has a formula, inspiration too. You must value the fundamentals and try to work that into your life starting from self. I donít think thatís selfish. Youíve got to start somewhere and itís the individual, thatís where we start. We all start from there.

You canít say thatís evil. You canít put that kind of distinction on it. Why? Because you canít even do that to yourself in good, because I donít think you have that ability to turn your back. Guess what? Somebody else will judge you, because thatís the judgment that matters the most. Thatís the judgment that will stick in the end, that will define you.


We could go on seriously like this. I know that there is a pattern in everything in life and we can find it. We can find it together and help each other. Thatís what makes things better for all of us. Right? I think thatís more important that just you being happy all the time. I donít like that type of people.

Take care. See you next week.

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