The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother's Talk To Members

Charlotte, N.C., 6/26/93

We must realize to the core of our being the pain of Heavenly Father's heart. We must think about how long Heavenly Father has waited for this day, when he could have true heavenly sons and daughters. God didn't want Jesus to die on the cross. God has been waiting for day he could have True Sons and Daughters.

There have been 2000 years of suffering Christian history. True Father has given so much to America. So now we need to know Father's message to the bone. Through True Parents, God has blessed the blessed members and all of America.

How much are we living with the understanding of our responsibility? Without knowing that the Messiah might come, the Rev. John Barber has built ninety churches in his lifetime.

Mother's message is the importance of the lineage of God. If the core of Mother's message enters our heart then we have to be different people after today. We have to realize our blessing is not for ourselves, but for all of mankind.

Today America is dying. The media says that forty million Americans are involved in broken families, drugs, and alcohol, but Mother believes that there are far more. This nation is contaminated by this filth. Are we going to just stand by and watch our children be polluted? We have to do the job of cleaning it up.

For 2000 years Christians have waited in vain for Christ to return on the clouds. But we have seen the coming of True Parents. We have to work in three different countries before we go to the spirit world.

You saw the video of Father's life and how much Father has suffered. But the video didn't show how much Father wanted to help his family. Father didn't think of his own life or his family when the war was over. He thought only of God and easing God's suffering. Father's entire life has been one of sacrifice for God and mankind.

Someday we all will end up in spirit world and meet True Parents. True Parents will ask us, How much did we love humanity? We cannot claim salvation just because of the Blessing. In spirit world we breathe the air of True Love. So this is the final opportunity you have to change your life. What kind of change? We must have a passion to save the souls on the earth today. We must multiply ourself to show our gratitude to True Parents. We need to read Father's and Mother's words for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We must not be indebted.

A member recently told mother about a dream. In the dream two dragons appear before Mother. Their eyes are very bright. Then the eyes of the two dragons drop out in front of Mother.

Mother says the two dragons represent the Old and New Testaments, and Mother represents the Completed Testament. When the eyes fall out it means the Old and New Testaments bow down before the True Parents.

We have to have pride and determination to tell the message of True Parents. The day will come when we will all go to spirit world. We need to be able to say that we lived our life to the fullest, with no regrets.

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