The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Talk over dinner on Shin Bok Nim's birthday

Hak Ja Han
May 11, 1986
Tokyo, Japan

When I think of our children, I cannot help but feel compassion for them, because they have always lived apart from their parents. In normal families either the father or mother always takes care of the children. Even in the Unification Church, parents of blessed families usually have some time to spend with their children. But in the True Family, we hardly have any time to be together because we are constantly busy for the sake of our mission. We have very little time even to share a meal together, or to talk. That's why the True Children always feel so lonely.

Concerning their education, the younger brothers and sisters can learn from the older ones, as long as the older ones fulfill their position and keep the heavenly tradition. When Un Jin Nim was two years old, she once woke up when her four older brothers and sisters were at pledge service. When she found out that they had recited pledge, she later asked us, "Why didn't you wake me up so I could go to the pledge service too?" Then she cried. The younger children thus learn what they should do in a natural way, by example. That means that if the father and mother live for the sake of the public, the children will learn to do the same.

Before Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world, he used to say, "I have to protect my father;" and he meant it. Neither Father nor I asked him to do so; it was entirely his own decision. Heung Jin Nim respected Father very much and served him devotedly. This is not only true for Heung Jin Nim, but also for his older brothers and sisters. All 13 children are very deeply bound together in love.

Jeung Jin Nim tests the waters.

We Always Keep Our Traditions

In the True Family we keep family traditions. For example at birthday celebrations, Father is always the first to take the spoon and start eating. Then the children follow in sequence according to their age. Even though we have been living in America for more than 13 years, with Father as the center, we always keep our traditions, and thus we keep heavenly law as well. That's why Heavenly Father protects the True Children and guides them.

In 1988, the Olympic Games will take place in Korea. Un Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim will compete in horseback riding. In order to enter such a great competition, one usually has to train for at least seven to ten years, but Hyun Jin Nim qualified after training for only three years. Last summer he participated as the only Asian representative in a worldwide junior horse-back riding competition in Florida, which even Prince Charles of England once participated in. Hyun Jin Nim took first place among all 4,000 competitors, so I believe he has a special talent in this area. Hyun Jin Nim's nickname is Rambo Moon, and his horse's name is Empire. He will also enter another competition in August. I would like to ask you to pray that he will achieve a good score in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Another aspect of Hyun Jin Nim's character is his kindness and consideration. Whenever I am tired he asks me how I am and worries about my health. He is also very humorous and likes to make jokes. Hyun Jin Nim really has a very big heart!

Kook Jin Nim is a good student, especially in mathematics. He even excels Hyung Jin Nim in it. He always thinks logically and makes very precise decisions. Once Father said, "Kook Jin, you may want to become a lawyer someday." Whenever Kook Jin Nim thinks he is right, he will find logical reasons to support his viewpoint and insist on it to the very end. He will even try to present his viewpoint to his older brothers if need be. Also, both Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are very interested and versed in the history of World War II. They know all about the armies, the warships, and the battles that were fought.

Kwon Jin Nim is five years younger than Kook Jin Nim. Even though he is still young, he behaves like a little British gentleman. That's why he is so loved by American brothers and sisters. When he gets into a car, for example, he says, "Hello, Mr. Driver. You are very nicely dressed today," or, "I would also like to become Father's driver someday," and in this way he lifts up the driver's spirit. Kwon Jin Nim is supremely gifted musically. Once in an opera production at school he played the character of a king and background=amoeba.gifwas highly praised for his performance.

Yeon Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, and Sun Jin Nim supervise a delivery of watermelons.

The Parents' Example

Hyung Jin Nim is very well behaved; he follows heavenly law exactly. Before going to bed every night, he reflects on the day. Even the sisters who look after the children learn good manners from him. Sometimes they fear him because he is very strong-minded. If a sister reprimands him and he doesn't believe there was a reason for it, he will tell her, "You are wrong." He will point out and explain her mistakes, and he won't go to bed until she admits them. Father and I never taught him to do that, but children learn on their own by observing the attitude of their parents. Because Adam and Eve could communicate with God, their Parent, directly before the fall, they knew what they were supposed to do. The growth of children depends upon the behavior and example of the parents.

Today's social environment in America is bad for children. I feel very sorry about this. The moral standard in this country is extremely low. When I think about the children having to live and study in such an environment, I cannot help but worry about them. All I can do is have faith and trust in Heaven.

Young Jin Nim is the most intellectual among the children and his thinking is always very precise. Father often advised the older children to study foreign languages. This inspired Young Jin Nim to challenge Chinese, which is said to be the most difficult language. Because he comprehends quickly and easily, he is able to learn the most complicated Chinese characters by heart once he determines to do so.

Sun Jin Nim and Kwon Jin Nim are almost the same age. Sun Jin Nim often imitates me, and Kwon Jin Nim often imitates Father. Sun Jin Nim has very good qualities and is spiritually very sharp. Whenever she sees a sister on the staff whose spirit is not high that day, she tells her, "You may go home today."

When Yeon Jin Nim was born, her face resembled Father's very much. Because she was a bit chubby when she was little, she was given the nickname Fatty, but now her noble appearance again reminds me of Father. She is very generous and has the nature of a princess. She is tenacious in a positive way; once she starts something, she will continue untiringly. Even though it is difficult for others to make friends with her in the beginning, once she is won over as a friend, she will keep the friendship for a long time.

Jeung Jin Nim is very similar to me when I was a child. She is much loved by everyone. A spiritualist once advised me to be careful that the spirit world doesn't take her. She is also gifted musically; once she hears a song, she can learn to sing it immediately. She is very clever and spiritually quite clear.

Each one of the True Children has a God-given gift. I have 13 children, but I never thought I had too many.

In conclusion, I would like to say that children should be educated with love and devotion. We all have to bring our families into relationship with the harmony of the universe. Love melts everything and makes unity possible. Therefore, if we educate our children with love, without worrying too much about order, their lives will automatically flow in the right direction. 

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