The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

A special message from Japan

Hak Ja Han
May 11, 1986

On Mother's Day, May 11, 1986, a welcoming party was held at the Tokyo church center for True Mother, who had been visiting in Japan at the time. She encouraged the church leaders to fry their best to fulfill the ideals of loyalty, filial piety, and virtue through true love. The following is an excerpt from her message.

I'm so glad to meet you. A little while ago Vice President Oyamada kindly said, "We are happy to welcome True Mother on this Mother's Day:' However, as I stand here before you, I feel very sorry to both God and you.

As a rule, the relationship between the mother and the children is closer than that between the father and the children. My heart is sorrowful because the language this Mother uses and the language her children use are different; thus we are separated from each other. This language separation was caused by mistakes perpetrated long ago. I want you to develop your language ability so that we can have direct communication with each other.

As the world moves towards the twenty-first century, Japan is a leading nation economically and industrially. In this age technological development has been accelerated, and communication has been greatly facilitated. Of course, these developments are also for the benefit of the providence, in that a speech given by Father in America or Korea can be received in Japan in just one hour. Therefore I assume that you know about God's words and I hope that you put them into practice even more than I do.

When we look back to the past we can see that God called the Israelites in hopes that He could send His son to them in the Last Days and through him restore the whole world. However, Jesus was crucified because the people who were supposed to serve him failed to do so. After that God had to continue His providence for several thousand years and guide human history in the right direction -- shedding blood, sweat, and tears in the process.

Father Started From the Lowest Point

The historical milieu in which Father began his mission was confusing; it was right after the war had ended. If the Korean people centering on Christianity had accepted him, history could have moved forward on a solid foundation. Instead, since the prepared people would not accept Father, he had to walk the sacrificial way of the cross once again. He opened the way for unification starting from the lowest position. When we look back in history we see that miserable situations had to be repeated over and over again due to the faithlessness of mankind. I wonder how many tears Father has shed in developing the Unification Church from the lowest level to its present foundation. I am awed by how much he has willingly suffered in the midst of disbelief and complaint in order to help people know God's will and guide them so they can practice it. I am certain that you cannot help but cry whenever you call him "Father!'

God always relates to mankind with love. During Father's 13 months at Danbury, he overcame ineffaceable agony, forgave and loved the people, and set an example in every aspect of life. I'm sure you have heard of the phrase, "Restore through being stricken!" Can you find anyone in all of history who practiced perfect love in such a way and became the embodiment of this love? By virtue of Father's love, God was moved and even evil people had to repent.

Five months have already passed since Father returned to Korea following the worldwide victory he won at Danbury. Recently Korea has been facing difficulties from both providential and external points of view. During this time Father held many ceremonies. I suppose you know the contents of those ceremonies very well. In these five months, Father has spoken to many professors and intellectuals. He told them that true love is the only hope of mankind. He strongly emphasized that a husband and wife can become united only by true love, and that the family, nation, and world also cannot become one without love. In both Korea and America people have been seriously considering the meaning of "True Parents!" When I was on Jeju Island I could see with my own eyes that our ideology has become well known, even among the common people. With Father's effort the love of the True Parents centered on God is now reverberating throughout the country.

Recognized as a Holy Mother

Around the time of Un Jin Nim's Holy Wedding, a Korean woman's magazine printed an article about me, using the words "holy mother" to describe me. Thus I was recognized as a mother at last. This article demonstrated that the world, which is struggling for direction, has found its True Mother, and the way that it should take has now become clear. There is a saying, "The minds of people reach to the mind of heaven:' Thus our future is magnificent and filled with hope.

We are now preparing for settlement in Canaan after completing a 40-year period of wandering in the wilderness. During this period it was important that our children were educated properly. I am so grateful to have witnessed the Blessing of the 36 Couples of the second generation, a moving and history-making event. The 36, 72, and 124 Couples could unite through this Blessing. Through the second generation the first generation could repent and the first and the second generations could become completely one.

The thinking of our second generation is very clear and I can feel their determination to walk the way of Father's tradition. Since I cannot testify to all of the new 36 Couples, I would like to share a heartwarming story about one particular bride. The bridegroom of this young woman was so poor that he had to take her to live with his father. As a consequence the bride's parents became very worried about her. However, she made them feel at ease by assuring her mother, "Don't worry about me. I'll be all right." There are many other beautiful stories besides this.

In the time of the Exodus, the first generation fell in the wilderness and only the second generation could enter Canaan. This time the first generation is going to enter the new world along with the second. I have witnessed the beautiful heart of the first generation in that they were determined to become good fertilizer for the second. What is the motto of this year? It is "Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven;' isn't it? Since the Blessing of the second generation I feel that our way is now sturdy and secure.

Before I left Korea for Japan I asked Father, "Do you have any specific words of guidance you would like me to bring to the Japanese members?" Father replied, "Tell them that we have to do our best till 1988 or else we will be in danger. We have to exert ourselves to do the utmost, keeping in mind that there may even be the possibility of our destruction unless we make enough effort:'

Father is not supposed to overwork himself, but he is working very hard on the front line in spite of his old age. Even young people cannot get the better of him. Father is always making plans for the future, giving thought to all aspects of life. He never rests. He once said, "I will always keep myself busy until I pass away to the other world." Every day he is practicing this. Have you ever stopped to think what it will be like when Father is no longer with us?

Since we are the ones who have welcomed the greatest person ever since history began, we are expected to do our best. Today I offer you my heartfelt greetings. I hope that you will serve our True Parents with loyalty, filial piety, and virtue, and that you will fulfill your mission as the mother nation. 

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