The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Mother's Talk with Older Sisters -- A Lesson from the Tree on the Hill

Hak Ja Han
December 22, 1984
East Garden
Notes: Joy Garratt

I feel sorry that I cannot spend much time with you because of the situations that arise now that Father is in prison.

Father has been directing this movement through various leaders. Usually, Father gives directions through those leaders. Until now my role has been more like that of a shadow to Father, rather than that of a leader. Today I would like to share my experiences and give some guidance to you.

Up to this point, we have all been working to build the fatherland and working very hard in our missions. In order to lay a strong foundation in America, we, the senior couples, must set a superior example. While we are doing our missions to build the fatherland, we must recognize that our mission to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a huge and magnificent one. Until we hear from God and True Parents that we have finished this task, we cannot settle down anywhere, but we must maintain the pioneer spirit. Until we complete the restoration of this whole world, we must not think of resting someplace or just establishing our own individual family.

Woman and the Tradition

When it comes to laying a strong tradition in our life of faith, it usually takes the woman, not the man, to really lay the strong tradition. We all have experienced giving birth and raising children. Suppose one of your children is not as smart as the others. That doesn't mean you can be prejudiced or mistreat the child. Parental love, particularly mother's love, goes especially to the one who is not as good as the other children.

We should learn a lesson from any 100-year old tree that is standing on a hill. We did not observe the process, but that tree has endured so many conditions -- stormy and rainy weather, all sorts of things. Yet still it stands there alone on the hill. A lot of pain, struggle, and difficulty which we cannot see is behind it.

If we try to avoid difficulty and struggle rather than face it, this will not benefit us or anyone else. In Father's life it has always been that way. There have been many opportunities for Father to avoid difficult circumstances and take an easier way, but he has never avoided any troublesome situations. He always faced them in light of the Principle.

We have to learn the lesson of that old tree on the hill which sets the tradition and is never swayed. In the same way, we as senior couples must stand in place like that old tree. Even if young people do not understand what we went through, we must stand tall and set the example.

Respect for Those Who Served and Endured

When it comes to the application of our family tradition, the first couples blessed were the 36 couples. No matter how old we are spiritually, we must show respect to the 36 blessed couples. This does not mean that the 36 blessed couples have reached the perfection stage in the eyes of God and True Parents. The 36 couples have served True Parents the longest and went through persecution with them in the most difficult of times. As we work with them we will gradually learn what tradition they are setting around True Parents in serving their family.

We must realize, admit, and remember the lesson of the ancient tree. If we have ever found ourselves accusing Korean leaders or the senior Japanese leaders for their leadership or capabilities, we must understand that is not our tradition. I have felt so sad when I received such reports.

That doesn't mean the 36 blessed couples or the Japanese leaders are perfect. They are the same as all of us who are striving to create the fatherland. We are all in the same situation, working for the same goal. If we go around criticizing brothers and sisters, that is very dangerous, and eventually such behavior will damage your own spiritual life.

You must be humble to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be humble in terms of embracing brothers and sisters. You should embrace them even if they have some flaw.

Live for others! That is Father's motto and that sums up everything. If you practice the principle of being humble when dealing with others, people will come to you -- in fact, they will flock to you! If you emphasize your pride and position, they will leave you and not respect you.

If there is anything you want to discuss with me or say to me, please speak with Mrs. Eu [Gil Ja Sa]. She will help, not hinder your life. She is senior in terms of her life of faith and being a blessed couple. If you open your heart and really discuss things with her, she can help a lot.

We all have much to learn. American women have a tendency to talk a lot. If you try to resemble me more, I don't think you will lose anything. 

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