The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Children's Day 1984

Hak Ja Han Moon
October 24, 1984

In Korea we have an old saying that sons and daughters always feel regret when the parents are not there or have passed away. When the parents are still present the children do not appreciate their value and love. But when the parents are gone they desperately try to make up for the lack of filial piety they showed toward their parents.

In the fallen world there is no terminology such as True Parents, Parents Day, or Children's Day. Because of the fall all these wonderful heavenly blessings were lost. Only because of the presence of the True Parents are we able to celebrate Children's Day; only because of their advent are we able to talk about the True Parents and attend and love them.

When we think of these most historical, magnificent accomplishments we are deeply moved by occasions like the one we celebrate today.

We know we are the people chosen from all the multitudes of humanity to know and serve the True Parents. I am sure we are going through a great deal of repentance, for shame has stained our church's history.

When God handpicks someone it is for the sake of the world; the world providence and world dispensation is in God's mind.

We have learned about the many failures and setbacks in providential history. That should provide ample lessons to all of us. But today when we look back at ourselves, we can see we are in a way duplicating the history of the past.

We have heard frequently from Father that unless you have a solid foundation, you will be sorry. Over and over Father has told us this.

Father's life has always centered upon the well-being of humanity and the entire world. Father is thinking of nothing but the restoration of the world. In this he walked a very lonely path because he did not have enough support or foundation. But under those circumstances he was always forgiving, embracing, and loving. That has been the path of our True Father.

"My Theme Is Unity"

So during this time of Father's incarceration and suffering, the only truly reciprocal response on the part of the children would be to bring unity among all the members of our church. Of course it is very important to have unity between mind and body on the individual level. But as brothers and sisters, as children of God, although uniting among ourselves is not easy it absolutely must be done.

The unification of the world is a gigantic task, but it begins on a small scale. This small scale is the trinity -- this is why we have a trinity system. When these three persons are unselfishly united among themselves a total unity is formed -- that is the beginning point of world unity.

When we look at the significance our contributions have brought to the world, there's no good reason we cannot unite, no reason we cannot become one. Just a little bit of effort and a little bit of self-analysis and a little bit of self-giving will bring total unity of the trinities.

Today I speak to you representing the True Parents, and my central theme is unity. I urge unity among brothers and sisters, particularly within the trinity system, which is the beginning point of all unity. I urge you to look forward to the day when we will celebrate the holy days of our church in the presence of both True Parents. Let us never repeat this type of ceremony again in our history.

Fulfilling Il Jeung Prayer

You know we have the Il Jeung prayer condition. I hope all of you are fulfilling the Il Jeung prayer. I would like to ask you to establish from this Children's Day a 40-day prayer condition in which the trinities get together, pray, and become united. We make this condition so that God may amply bless us, so that miraculous blessing can come to us in the next 40 days.

The blessed couples in this area will come to Belvedere and pray at the Holy Ground. And if all three trinity members cannot be present then at least one should represent the trinity.

Our prayer condition so far has been under Rev. Won Pil Kim's supervision, and for a special reason we have been doing it in the World Mission Center. Now I wish to bring it back to Belvedere and East Garden. Have a prayer list of the people who come to attend that ceremony. There's a security problem as well, so everything has to be planned and organized in advance.

I feel that the people who have gathered together in this room are united. The restoration of America can be very easy and should be done quickly. The key to this is unity among the people in this room.

Although I show some tears in this ceremony, I want you to know that my feeling is one of peacefulness and gratitude. I want to live all my life in the spirit of gratitude. That is the foundation of my life.

Letters From Members

Recently there was an extraordinary leadership seminar -- the CAUSA-USA Seminar which was held Oct. 15-19 in the World Mission Center. Father and I received testimonial letters from the members who attended it. In those testimonies many older members said that even though they have been in the church for nine, ten, or fifteen years, this time is like the first time they came to know the heart of our True Parents, the true heart of our Father. Father and I were deeply moved by the members' beautiful repentance, rededication, and commitment. These were the expressions of people who first came to know the heavenly heart. Behind all the external bustle of activities, there is always the suffering heart of God, which is embodied in the True Parents. And now members, and particularly leaders, are coming to understand and grasp this heart.

Father calls me at least twice every day. I also go to meet him every other day in Danbury. There's only one thought in Father's mind: How can I accomplish God's dispensational will?

Jeung Jin Nim and Father

I'd like to talk about the children. As you know, this is school time, so most of the East Garden children are going to school. Even the older one of the two youngest daughters is going to pre-kindergarten class. So the only one who always goes with me to Danbury is Jeung Jin Nim. And as you know, she is very cute and lovely and behaves very beautifully. She always says: "I want to go to Danbury." She comes out and volunteers to go to Danbury every morning. And when we go to Danbury she always brings a lot of joy to Father, kissing and embracing him. Then on the way out she always shouts out: "Daddy, I love you!" a number of times, so that everybody can hear. She cries it out with such a genuine heart.

Even this morning as I was getting ready for the ceremony, after I got dressed, Jeung Jin Nim came in to my meditation place and quietly asked me, "Where is Daddy? We want to have Daddy here!" She kept asking, so I said: "You know Daddy is in Danbury." Then she understood and she did not ask any more. The reason I am telling you this is not just because I want to tell Jeung Jin Nim's story, but because of Father's reaction to it.

Jeung Jin Nim is always so loving and acts so beautifully that no parent could help but love her; but foremost in Father's mind is dispensational activities, our achievements, and how the leaders are doing -- God's will. Father is primarily concerned about the work of our church, so he wants to spend most of his time listening to the reports and pays very little attention to Jeung Jin Nim. Only after Father sees that activities are going well does he spend a very little time with Jeung Jin Nim -- just saying good-bye to her. Father's immediate concern is not the well-being of his own children, but the dispensational will and the state of the world and humanity. He has lived his entire life in that fashion.

We Are Adults

I want you to have pride this morning. This is our True Father, your Father. We ought to make effort to imitate Father a little bit more every day. If you do that there will be no reason you cannot unite; no reason you cannot accomplish important work and bring about great miracles. If we truly understand our Father there is no room for our complaints. There's no room for selfish pursuit of any kind in front of this kind of Father.

In my prayer this morning I said that we are all mature, we are not children any longer in the sight of God; we are adults. Father has been pouring out all his energy to nurture us, discipline us, teach us, and help us grow -- and now we are grown up. When we have been trained by such a Father for so long we can act as conscientious men and women; we will be truly responsible to fulfill Father's will as adults. That is the role of sons and daughters of filial piety. 

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