The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

God will never lose under any circumstances

Hak Ja Han
October 1984

According to my understanding, God will never lose under any circumstances. Through the rallies you understand the reaction of the Christian ministers all over the country: During that time, we gained, God gained; our movement gained incredible benefit. What an achievement. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak came this morning and reported to me about how difficult it is, for; example, to try to change the concept of faith of one minister who has believed in his theology for 40 years or his entire life, and transform the old tradition into new one.

For instance, when the East Garden garage burned down, we began rebuilding it into a usable structure. If it had been designed and built up from, scratch we would have finished it a long time ago.

Restoring an old structure, an old foundation, and trying to build on top of it. That takes an incredible amount of time, energy and money -- two or three times as much is needed to finish the job. That is how difficult restoration is.

I am speaking to you about this today to remind you that we must know the heart of Heavenly Father, who has suffered for 6000 Biblical years. He is trying to restore the fallen generation. You can well imagine how difficult that is. Restoring one house is difficult; restoring one person of faith is more difficult. How much more of a burden it is, then, to restore this generation after 6000 years of fallen history. Furthermore, Father came to assume that responsibility, and for his 60 years has given his life, blood and sweat to restore humankind on behalf of our Heavenly Father.

You can well imagine what a virtually impossible task it is. In my 24 years of life with Father, ever since the Holy Wedding, I have encountered and experienced numerous critical and urgent occasions on which emergency was declared. Many times I thought that everything was lost. All effort seemed to have ended up without result So many times I was faced with despair, doubt and hopelessness. But every time such a situation occurred, Heavenly Father poured upon us great blessing and extraordinary victory. During all these times, Father's steadfastness and strong faith and determination were extraordinary and incredible.

He never shed tears under such difficult circumstances; he never weakened himself. He never became discouraged. Nothing under the sun can deter the spirit of Father. I observed that spirit all this time. 

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