The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

In God and True Parents We Never Die -- Mother shares her heart

Hak Ja Han
February 1984

At the beginning of the leaders' conference, Father asked Mother to share her feelings and experiences about Heung Jin Nim.


Some people might wonder why this kind of awful tragedy hit the True Parents. You do not understand that you should not think in that kind of fashion. Mother and I went to Korea and accomplished an incredible, extraordinary event and victory.

Of course, I will give you a full explanation about that. I would like you to listen to Mother a little while, because Mother has had some spiritual experiences. All the spiritual persons in Korea and all over the world connect to Mother, so Mother is receiving many, many incredible spiritual messages.


This morning I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that, after hearing the tragic report, you have been dedicating yourselves in prayer and with special conditions and offerings. I am deeply grateful. I know Father will give you the full implications from the standpoint of Divine Principle, so I won't duplicate that area. I would like to give you a brief testimony -- the feelings that I have, plus some spiritual testimonies that I have received. At the present time I feel rather peaceful, tranquil.

Right after the science conference in Chicago, Father asked me, "I have a plan to go back to Korea now to do some important things. What would you think?" Father was seeking my advice. So I responded to Father saying, "I know that you have important work to do, but can you stay here through the end of 1983? Would you consider doing it in 1984?" I said that because I had some special feeling. Furthermore, I had a desire to spend the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year with all the family together.

Then Father explained that there is some unexplainable, yet very great, extraordinary providential meaning behind returning to Korea before the year 1983 is over. When Father said that, I had absolutely no further opinion. I said, "Your will be done. Do your will."

Father and I went back to Korea to prepare the national rallies for Victory Over Communism in the major cities of Korea. Father was advised by many mediums and spiritualists that this would be a very special time. Father must be careful. Father's security and surroundings must in particular be absolutely careful, as the mediums felt something extraordinary going on.

Again, to make a long story short, Father's life was at stake. Father's life was in danger. They openly warned me.

The rallies went smoothly and successfully without any major difficulties. When the final rally was conducted and Father and I drove back to Seoul, as soon as we stepped into the house I got a call from Mr. Kim in East Garden.

During the entire period of the campaign I felt so welcomed by the people of Korea. Father was absolutely welcomed as a hero. All this gave me ecstatic joy -- unquestionably -- but somewhere in the bottom of my heart there was a big shadow of responsibility and personal feeling that could not be overcome or eliminated.

When Father and I arrived in Seoul around 5:00 after driving all day from Kwongju, around four hours of driving, I was given a message that an important call from Mr. Kim in East Garden had come two hours ago. I asked, "What kind of message was it?" The person answering me said, "Well, Mr. Kim didn't give me any detail, but he said it is something very urgent. He must talk to you." The next day was Un Jin Nim's birthday celebration. I wanted to do something for Un Jin Nim and so I had to go to the shopping center. When I returned from the shopping center, Mr. Kim called hack and reported Heung Jin Nim's accident to us. He said, "Heung Jin Nim is now undergoing surgery in the hospital."

Last Conversation with Heung Jin Nim

A few days prior to the accident, I had a conversation with East Garden. At that time Heung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim, who were both there, spoke with me. I asked Heung Jin Nim, "What is your plan? What are you trying to do?" Heung Jin Nim said, "Mother, what do you want me to do? Anything you want me to do I will do." So I replied, "Well, you have been planning to repair some old car as a hobby. I think that it is a good time for you to do it and stay home. Why don't you do that?" Heung Jin Nim said, "Fine, Mother, 1 will do that. In the meantime, I will go to Barrytown. Someone is trying to give me a motorcycle. So 1 will take the motorcycle home and then I will definitely begin repairing the car. I will do just like you have told me, Mother."

Reflecting right now, that was my final conversation with Heung Jin Nim. So when his winter vacation had begun, the 22nd of December, Heung Jin Nim wanted to do what I asked him to do. That day he went to Barrytown with two friends to check on the motorcycle. On the way back, on Route 9, the tragic accident occurred. This precisely coincided with the hour, Korean time 11:10 a.m., that Father stood on the platform giving the final speech. The accident occurred at the same hour as the final rally in Kwongju, the very same moment.

You may have heard the report that the Kwongju rally was one of the most serious and rather dangerous rallies. Everybody expected something would happen during Father's rally in Kwongju.

Special Revelations from Spirit World

Right now I would like to report to you about those who in prayer receive special revelations from spirit world. You may not know this, but in Korea are some members within the Unification Church who have the ability to communicate with spirit world. There are others outside of the Unification Church who also have special revelations about Father. They know who Father is and pray for him. They are constantly receiving messages for Father and about his well-being.

Those outside mediums, or shall we say communicators, unanimously testify that in the Unification Church, at this time, it is most important to safeguard Father's life. For a member, there is nothing more important than to protect Father. Father's physical safety must be secure. You do all kinds of things, but they are nothing compared to our Father being alive, strong, and physically present. This alone will bring the great victory.

In short, what they are saying is this: of course, Unification Church members have a mission -- church mission, witnessing mission, and all kinds of missions -- but the most important mission of the Unification Church is to protect Father's life, so that Father's physical presence on earth will continue for a long, long time, because that will guarantee the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. There is nothing more important. That is the most supreme mission of the members of the Unification Church.

This is the message the outside communicators sent. They all said that in December 1983 a very dangerous time would come for Father. Everybody reported to me that Father must absolutely be careful, because December 1983 would be extraordinarily dangerous.

Thus, spiritual revelations unanimously confirmed that Heung Jin Nim became a sacrifice on behalf of Father. In order to save Father's life, Heung Jin Nim went on his behalf. Even the number of terrorists who were aiming at Father was 36. Spiritualists are saying that 36 satanic spiritual agents took the life of Heung Jin Nim. So when I reflect, I feel this is an absolute, final, incredible, extraordinary attack of all satanic forces. This is like the final showdown of satanic forces mustering their entire energy to get Father's life. They could not do it, so they claimed the most precious second son. So the circumstances of Heung Jin Nim's accident and surrounding events absolutely confirmed my feeling and conviction that his death was not just an ordinary death. He died for the most precious life on earth, that is, Father.

"I am Going on Behalf of Father"

When Heung Jin Nim was hit by the truck and in a coma, his spiritual body appeared to a medium in Korea. He said to that person, "I am now going in place of Father. Glory to Father. I am absolutely ecstatic to do this, because otherwise Father's life will be threatened. I am honored to fill and replace Father's life." That communicator spoke to Heung Jin Nim and said, "No, no, no. You can't go now. No, you can't do that. You have lots to do here on earth. You are going to do incredible things here on earth, then you will go later on, but not now." Then Heung Jin Nim said, "No, somebody must go on Father's behalf and that's me. I am going on behalf of Father. The only regret I have is that I have not served Father and Mother long enough and, particularly that I have not been blessed. That's the only thing."

By "blessing" he means that he could not have heavenly matrimony. No marriage has been given; in other words, Heung Jin Nim is a single person. "But that's the only regret I have, otherwise I am absolutely glorifying Father and Heavenly Father. I take this mission." This particular communicator testified all this. All other communicators, inside and outside the Church, were saying that Heung Jin Nim was not born for that kind of destiny. He was not born for that tragic end. He will be back. He will come back. Everybody else said it because, when we look at Heung Jin Nim's future, he was born for a most glorious, prestigious life.

I have many things to report to you, but I don't want to run into the next session here. However, I would like to give you one more testimony that occurred this morning before Father and I came here.

This morning I received a call from Korea from a person who, in prayer last night, heard a special voice from God asking her to call me, saying that Father and I are very calm and peaceful but our hearts have been broken, particularly mine. "Mother's heart has been shattered, so the following words will give her some comfort. So you go ahead, call Mother and speak to her." The voice of God explained the nature and characteristics of Heung Jin Nim.

"Heung Jin Nim is basically born to be a very masculine, manly, dignified man. He is truly a man of men. However, he also has a very soft heart -- a beautiful, soft considerate heart -- so that he is always trying to listen sensitively to Father's and Mother's wishes and trying to carry them out to the fullest extent." Then God's voice related each instance of obedience to this person, so that she can report back to Mother.

Finally the voice of God said, "Heung Jin Nim's death is the fullest role -- to be sacrificed on behalf of True Parents' family. He brought unification. Heung Jin Nim, as younger brother, did have love towards his elders." He's not an elder brother, you know, he has an elder brother and elder sisters. In other words, Heung Jin Nim fulfilled Abel's responsibility to love Cain. Heung Jin Nim is 17 in American age, 18 in Korean, but actually his size is absolutely adult. He's wearing suits that are 42 in size. You know that is really an adult size.

So God's voice confirmed the reason that Heung Jin Nim had grown up very quickly to be an adult.

Providentially speaking, Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago, could not fulfill the True Parent ideal. Now in this new day we have the 'Rue Parent ideal fulfilled. So under True Parents' ideal, Heung Jin Nim was in the position of Jesus fulfilling that ideal. That is the significance.

Today Heung Jin Nim will leave for his homeland, Korea. The ceremony will have a special name -- the Ceremony of Divine Ascension and Harmony. In the secular world people have funeral ceremonies; but we will call it the Ascension and Harmony Ceremony. This will be conducted on January 8th. Three days after that, January 10th, and during the following 40-day period, God will reveal some extraordinary resurrection process for the sake of the world. Some extraordinary power of God will be manifested.

Medically speaking, the kind of impact Heung Jin Nim received in the accident almost always kills the person instantly. But Heung Jin Nim again demonstrated his filial piety by prolonging his life ten more days, in which time Father and I had a chance to complete our entire mission in Korea. Nothing was cut short. We returned, but also Father and I completed the God's Day celebration, which is important.

On December 31st, I, of course, had hope that the final miracle might come, that God would preserve this son's life. But then my inmost heart thought, "At least tomorrow is God's Day. I hope he will live through God's Day." That particular wish is totally for whom? Heung Jin Nim stayed on, fighting hard, passing God's Day. When God's Day came, another special message reached me.

One communicator again heard the voice of God saying that, knowing my broken heart and the prayers of all the members of the Unification Church, God wanted to save Heung Jin Nim's life. However, if the choice was to give up Heung Jin Nim or to claim the life of Father, what choice would you take? That's why the voice of God was saying, "What would you do?" Your conclusion, my conclusion, are the same. The satanic requirement of taking Heung Jin Nim's life must be satisfied, so that there will not be a threat or danger to Father. That was the final message on God's Day.

"You are my Beloved Son!"

I knew at that time that we have come to a truly enormous sacrifice. At that point I was truly thankful for Heung Jin Nim. I said, "My son, you are the greatest, humble product of our love and I thank you, Heung Jin Nim. Go indeed."

When Heung Jin Nim was born as the second son, he went through incredible trauma for three days. Many people thought Heung Jin Nim could not make it at birth. He was going through the cross at his birth. But at his death I knew he was chosen to do a more sacred mission than anyone under the sun could think of -- dying for the sake of Father.

So I was so deeply, deeply grateful. I said to my son, "Heung Jin Nim, you are my beloved son. You lived out your life in filial piety, patriotism, and total purity."

So now it is a reality. Heung Jin Nim is in spirit world. He went up to spirit world as a most sacred sacrifice for us all. First of all, Heung Jin Nim's life expelled the danger coming to Father. Secondly, Heung Jin Nim's going up to spirit world brings the two worlds together -- spirit world and the physical world -- centered upon the True Parents' family, because I know that Heung Jin Nim will do his absolute best to fulfill Heavenly Father's and True Parents' wishes in spirit world, by mobilizing the entire forces. That will definitely bring down spirit world focused on True Parents.

Furthermore, it will bring incredible unity and harmony among the brothers and sisters of True Parents' family. It will bring incredible realization and inspiring impact to all the brothers, especially Hyo Jin Nim. It will bring everybody to do their job extraordinarily well and to commit themselves to the achievement of Father and True Parents' wishes and goals.

In conclusion, my final testimony to you is this: In Divine Principle, in True Parents, in God, we never die. Heung Jin Nim never did. He's more active than ever, in free form. He shall mobilize absolutely incredible power for the same goals in which you are living -- to serve True Parents and bring the victory to our The Parents here on earth.

So in this respect, I ask each one of you to recommit yourselves upon this occasion to be great sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and True Parents so that we shall accomplish the job Heung Jin Nim left undone here on earth very quickly.

Thank you very much. 

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