The Words Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Talk At Missionary Training Workshop At Barrytown

Hak Ja Han
April 21, 1975

Today is the 50th day since the birth of Kwon Jin, and I don't know whether or not he is conscious of our preparing to leave him. The other time I left him; he was restless and did not sleep well the previous night. The same thing occurred last night.

I want you to understand that after giving birth to the eighth child, I feel a little feeble.

Birth control is prevailing in this country, and each time I have a baby, I am warned against having too many children. This time when I was in the hospital, they asked me to bring my husband with me, because they wanted to talk to him about birth control!

Whenever I look at the face of a baby, I feel cleansed. There is a Korean saying, 'The parents cannot help but be pure through children.' Whenever the baby cries more than usual or gets sick, I always look back and reflect on what I have done wrong. When I feel that way, I always sense God's presence and sympathy toward me.

Whenever you witness to people in your land, you must have a parental heart towards them. You must really love them from the position of parents.

As you may know, Father really loves you. Today he rose while it was still dark and said, 'I must go to Barrytown. I must go to Barrytown.' We are leaving [for Korea] and we have many things to straighten out, but he pressed me to come and here we are. We love you so much. Father loves you so much. Be confident. Please never forget that your Parents are with you.

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