The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Prepare your minds for Foundation Day

Hak Ja Han
December 12, 2012
HC 10.29
To members of the Korean second generation and their parents

Father and Mother a year ago during a ceremony held during the True God's Day and True Father's 93rd Birthday celebrations on 1.1 by the heavenly calendar (January 23, 2012)

What do you think Foundation Day is? How are you preparing your minds for Foundation Day? Two thousand years ago, Israelites, the people chosen by Heaven, were in an environment where they had to live while holding on to God and only God. Weren't they? After all, they were living under the oppression of the Roman Empire. They knew that they were the people chosen especially by Heaven, and they believed that all heaven and earth would be turned upside down when the Messiah came. They must have thought that the Israelites would become strong enough when this happened to overpower even the Roman Empire in one night. Isn't that so? Haven't you learned this through the Divine Principle? But what really happened? In the end, Heaven answered their prayers and sent down the Messiah, but they were unable to receive him.

What was the result of that? The Israelites had to wander around for two thousand years, even though they were the chosen people.

Consider for a moment God's creation of the universe. He began creating the world on the first day, into the second day, and so on, thinking all the while about His ideal nation. For whom did He do that? It was for Adam and Eve, His son and daughter. He was creating the environment for them, who would grow up to become His body as the True Parents. You need to understand this. Please say it: "Creation of the environment." [Creation of the environment!]

The creation of the environment is not something that can be done easily. When you create something in line with your own character, you have to go through labor pains and devote yourself to the task. It is not as easy as saying you want to make something and saying, "Rose! You will look like this," and then suddenly having a fully-formed rose. Am I right? [Yes]

Even though Heaven showed such devotion, what happened after that? God had a dream, but why did human beings, who were created with so much care, fall? Though you have listened to Divine Principle lectures tens or hundreds of times, it is a pity that those teachings do not hit home for you and you cannot translate them into action. The creation of the environment was not just something in God's creation of the universe. It was also in the process of the providence of restoration.

You stand at the center of the Unification Church. You need to look back on yourselves and figure out where you should go from here of your own accord, without my having to explain everything to you.

Everyone, have you come to a realization about the work at Chung Pyung? [Yes!] This is the creation of the environment for you and for the spirit world. Do you disagree with that? [No] I've already told you that I knew about the history of the providence of restoration even at a young age. The creation of the environment had already been carried out during my past, so I was able to understand it on my own, even though no one had explained it to me. I was never educated by anyone. Then, I met True Father, and I resolved to complete the providence of restoration during my lifetime, because regardless of what difficulties I might have to face, if I could not accomplish it, my descendants would have to carry on with the work. I did my best to create the environment for the next generation. When you fail to fulfill your responsibility, you need to pay indemnity. That is inevitable. That is why 1 told you not to be arrogant but to live with a grateful heart. When you can find it in your heart to be truly grateful in front of Heaven and your brothers and sisters, you can find peace. You can become free. You can break free from your chains. Perhaps you and your parents haven't known of this wonderful truth. Do you catch the sense of what I am saying? [Yes]

Throughout the course of the six-thousand-year history from the time of the Fall until the Second Advent of the Lord, the spirit world has been in darkness. It couldn't be any other way; after the Fall, people lived and died just as they were, without changing their lineage. Therefore, they had no choice but to stay in the darkness of the spirit world.

Let us consider the work being done at Chung Pyung for a moment. Who made creating the good spirit world possible? It is said that the good spirit world came into being recently through the Second Coming of the Lord, but people actually work to make it happen. Without the right environment in place, those people cannot carry out their work. If True Father had passed away without the preparations and environment already being made, he would have had to do everything by himself, from beginning to end. Even though he came to earth as the king of kings and the savior, when the prepared foundation of Christianity failed to receive him, what happened to True Father? He was forced to start out from hell. You need to be aware of this.

As second-generation members, you are standing at the center of the Unification Church. You need to clearly understand your roots and create your environment well. Simply put, the creation of the environment refers to witnessing. Do you understand? [Yes.'

You have heard that the spirit world is a place where people breathe love, haven't you? If you were to go there without having fulfilled your responsibility on earth, the environment where you could live and breathe air in the eternal world would be correspondingly smaller. We all desire to build a large house and to live in comfort, don't we? Even now, though some second-generation members work for the church, others work in a more comfortable environment. Isn't that true?

Regardless of your occupation, you need to witness. That is the only way you will not be accused. As long as you have cause to be accused, no matter how much you have been honored in the world and how strictly you lived for the providence, without straying even once, when you go to the spirit world you will not be free. You should realize this. That is why you need to be continuously spurred on.

We still need to think about the 7 billion people in the world. Our range is still very small. When we think about this nation and the world, we cannot avoid the realization that we need to stake our lives and devote ourselves completely. Do you understand? [Yes.]

In that case, what do you need to do? The Gangdong regional leader told me that he cannot sleep when he fails to bring people. Is this true for you as well? For some people, their work comes first. You need to work, I know. Be that as it may, to be remembered by your descendants and by True Father in the eternal world, and to be able to enjoy your freedom in that world, you need to witness. That is the only path that leads you to blessings.

This is why I am of the opinion that the Korean church headquarters generally and our second-generation members need to receive new training. I cannot create everything for you. Now True Father has completed and accomplished the providence of restoration through indemnity. He has opened Cheon II Guk. It is up to us to create the environment for Cheon Il Guk. Turning heaven and earth upside down cannot be done overnight. Our conditions and efforts, the results of our witnessing, will show how many of our brothers and sisters, our clans, our nations and our neighbors we have embraced with love. They are the fruits of witnessing. I am dismayed to think that Christians, who were to be the foundation, and who had waited for so long for the Lord to return, do not even know that he has come and gone. Christianity is following in the footsteps of the Israelites. How about the Unification Church? In a way, you are fortunate people who have been blessed. This fortune did not come your way easily, and you need to return it to God, because if you pass into the spirit world without having done so, your own sons and daughters -- your own descendants -- will need to indemnify that. Have you ever considered this? Will you do your best now? [Yes!]

Foundation Day is now seventy-two days away. Will you create an atmosphere that can move this nation? [Yes!! To bring this about, I made an announcement yesterday to the effect that I will henceforth concentrate my support on the Citizen's Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea and the International Federation for Victory Over Communism. Is Kim Bong-tae, the former CARP president, here? Back then, we visited many college campuses, middle schools and high schools to give Victory Over Communism lectures. We also held conventions for North and South Korean students together.

Today's generation does not know what caused the Korean War to break out. Therefore, we cannot just sit still and do nothing. Father blessed this nation as God's homeland before he passed away. Is it right for God's homeland to be divided in this way? You people who are living in this era cannot avoid your responsibility. There is no way for you and your parents to evade it, because you have been taught, educated and guided by True Father personally. The unification of South Korea and North Korea is an urgent issue at hand. We need to arm ourselves, not with right-wing or left-wing ideology, but with head-wing ideology, and embrace others with true love. The only organization that can translate that into action is the Unification Church. Other churches preach about love, but they are closed-minded. Their love is only for themselves, not for everyone. Isn't that the case? [Yes]

We need to show them. When will we show them? When the time comes for me to go to the spirit world, what will you do? You should know why I lose sleep at night.

Shin Joon asked me one day, "Grandmother! When did you meet Grandfather?" So I told him what day we met. Then I asked him, "Do you know how old Grandmother is?" He answered, "Aren't you seventy-one years old?" He made me realize again how important the environment is. He is only nine years old, but he speaks in a manly way. One day when it was snowing he said to me, "Grandmother, I have made a snowman twice in my life, the first time when I was five," and then he went on to explain how he had made the snowman. He had wanted to make his third snowman, but the snow that was then falling would not stick together; it just crumbled, so he had not been able to make one. Downstairs, those who knew how to make a snowman had tried packing the snow using water, and they had succeeded. He told me he didn't know how to do that, so he had not been able to make one.

Some time ago, we found a video of when Father had taken Shin Joon to Alaska when he was about two years old and they had gone salmon-fishing. We watched it together. From such a young age, the boy did his best to help his Great Father and Great Mother. For example, when I toured Japan and I didn't take him because he was so little, he would do this thing where he would say "Mmmmm" and send me his energy. No one taught him to do that. In an atmosphere like that, he naturally learns things like that in his inner heart. I'm saying that we should create that kind of environment. Are you against doing that? [No]

In that case, what do we need to do? We have reached the conclusion that the action we have taken and methods we have employed until now have been inadequate. Haven't we? What will you do? Forget eating and sleeping and think about one life. You are all blessed members and you must all have children so you will know how marvelous it is and how much you anticipate the birth of a single life. You can feel Heaven's blessings in that moment. Now, you have been blessed with an opportunity to give birth to a new life every day, or even more than one depending on the effort you make. Will you sit still and be idle? The number of people you have witnessed to and the number of lives you have saved will decide whether you receive a champion's award or not. It is up to you to do it. I hope you will not try to shirk your duty. Regardless of what position or office you hold, our goal is the same: to make everyone in the world a citizen of Cheon 11 Guk. This is the blessing and the purpose we were born for. Is that clear to you?

Don't place so much importance on your position. It's more important that you act. If you cannot overcome crises in these areas, you cannot achieve any development. Particularly you second-generation members, do you understand? [Yes]

Foundation Day is not the day when heaven and earth are broken, but the day on which Cheon II Guk begins. We have our own responsibilities until then. You should not rest until the last person in the world is made a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. We cannot say that we have accomplished everything. This is only the beginning. How can we bear fruit if we have not even begun? We need to sow in order to reap. You need to clearly understand this. To do that, you need to do your best and show God and the world what you can do. What you can, achieve from now on will depend on the effort you make. Let's broaden our scope as much as possible. [Applause]

Make good use of Chung Pyung, which offers much help in witnessing. Okay? [Yes]

If you promise to do that, clap loudly and pledge yourselves to True Father. [Applause] 

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