The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Our goal in attending God is ultimately to complete Cheon II Guk

Hak Ja Han
November 11, 2012
First joint Sunday Service
Cheongshim Peace World Center

From a portrait of Father and Mother exhibited at the Cheonbok Festival Art Exhibition

I am happy to see you all. [Applause] Please be seated. We have already been here for some time this morning. You have taken part in Hoon Dok Hae and heard a good sermon. You also watched a video clip and listened to a good report. Do you still need me to speak? [Yes!]

I think everybody does this, but when we get a new pencil or fountain pen, even as adults we tend to write something. From my childhood, strangely enough I liked to write the word tongil [unity]. When I think back, I think the word tongil has strengthened me over a long time.

Our goal in attending God is ultimately to complete Cheon II Guk. This must first begin from oneself, from the individual. According to Father, the kingdom of heaven can be established when two people become one. This is heaven, as he said. How can a person unite mind and body to become a totally unified person and pursue such a life? I think this is the most basic issue we need to work on in our life of faith. That's why I have said: Before you criticize things that are wrong, you should start with the words "I offer thanks in front of Heaven." Those people who can say thank you honestly and without reserve are the ones who have been following that path, aren't they? [Yes.] [Applause]

If you can stand on a foundation of oneness on the individual and familial levels, in the church, in your tribe, in your country and the world, one unified world centering on God will automatically be realized. Isn't that so? [Applause] Those who are determined to live such a life, please clap your hands. [Applause] If you live with such a mind-set, Heaven will always be with you with the tasks you seek to do, and blessings will pour down.

Thank you. 

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