The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Father worked on external things for the sake of the world… but it didn't work well

Hak Ja Han
November 5, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae at the New Yorker Hotel on HC 9.22

Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon and members of the True Family - November 4, 2012

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

"(To True Grandchildren) When you start your family, you need to lead a public life. You also should be financially independent. Where is Hyung Jin? (To Hyung Jin Nim) You should give good education to the 3rd gens so that they can be a plus to the church without being indebted to it.

In Korea, The World Unification Peace Academy*, which is for training young leaders, was established. Students will study theology for two years and then they must dedicate themselves as church leaders for three years. When they are as good as church leaders, they will continue that mission and they will be given other missions otherwise. It doesn't give any military training but its atmosphere is like West Point in the US, which gives a strict education and training so that students can have all the refinement as future leaders. We will choose students from those who have bachelor's degrees and the Academy will start next year.

3rd generations of the True Family must do the same and do more. You should lead a public life and must not be indebted to anybody. Do you understand? You as True Grandchildren should become role models. Hyung Jin, the international president, will educate you from now on. You should follow his direction well, OK? You should be able to be good models for our members.

Your grandfather (True Father), without being indebted to anybody throughout his life, established everything from one to ten. Children should have fully received his education and be loyal to him. Your grandmother (True Mother), being in charge now, will correct things from now on. Without establishing tradition, we will face chaos.

Firstly, you should study hard and stand on your own two feet. You should become persons who give aid to others first before receiving it first. I hope you will grow as leaders. Do you understand what I am saying? If you live here, you should witness to the people here and help with church activities.

The reason why I told all families to have Hoon Dok Hae by themselves is because parents were always in the front line in the past and came to the meeting leaving their children at their homes. As a result there had been problems in educating the 2nd gen. I would say the 2nd gen have grown only by themselves. But now we are in the era of 안착, 정착 (safe arrival, firm settlement), and so we should have internal stability, starting with an education for the 2nd gen in their homes.

When parents have a public mission, they do it after having Hoon Dok Hae with their children. But your grandfather (True Father) liked to have meetings and so we always got together but grandmother (True Mother) thinks that each family must be strong first educating the 2nd gens. That's why I said to have Hoon Dok Hae with one's family. (To the participants of the 1st gens), Parents of 1st gens, do you understand? ('Yes.') You should educate your children well. The parents' responsibility is huge.

I said this yesterday. It has been the history of 60 years since HSA-UWC was established. Father spent 20 years in Korea and 40 years in the US, but we have such little results here. It is the same in Korea. Father's goal doesn't match the reality we have here. Father worked on many external things for the sake of the world so that people would come to know us as quick as possible, but it didn't work well. Those who were responsible as church leaders should have made efforts 120%, but they couldn't match what Father expected. Father was alone and nobody could be in accord with him. To form a common base and then enter into interaction are important words in Divine Principle. Who was in accord with Father's request? Father is so sad after he went to the spirit world. He said, 'I trusted them, but I didn't know they only had such little results.' Rev. (Chang Shik) Yang, do you think American members are determined now after the meeting yesterday? ('Yes.') There shouldn't be any Blessed families who don't have an urgent feeling. You should think that you don't deserve meals if you can't save one person that day. You should be able to feel more grateful and joy when you save people than you eat.

I also said this. We couldn't attend to Father, who came as the Savior and the Messiah of the Second Coming. We couldn't even attend him as if he were the president of a big company, for example. It is really shameful. That's why I said we should repent, and furthermore, we should reestablish ourselves. We should restart with gratitude that Father didn't throw us away. Right after you open your eyes, be thankful toward Heaven and True Parents. When you live with a prayer and gratitude saying 'I made efforts on this day. But I am so sorry I couldn't save even one person. I will make twice efforts tomorrow so that I can report to you in joy,' nature and people will respond to you more. Do you know that?

Recently, sweet persimmons were sent from Japan. I heard that the person who had raised them had always read the Divine Principle to the persimmon tree and let it listen to holy songs. The persimmons were so juicy and delicious. As such, all creatures like to listen to the truth. The more you give to the nature, the more it returns to you, but why is it so difficult when it comes to the world of people?

We have to change the way we think and empty our minds. You should become happy people with overflowing feelings of gratitude, and then you could share your happiness with others. But instead, you had shared worries and frustrations, and how can we expect any results from doing that? Even fruits, which can't say a word, respond to your Jeong Seong.

Chang Shik Yang, what did I say yesterday (at Manhattan center)?" (Rev. Yang explained her message and also how leaders and members are determined to go forward with it.)

True Grandchildren sang 'Country Roads,' followed by Rev. Jenkins ("Glory [to True Parents] 참부모님"), Mrs. Lan Young Moon ("You raise me up"), Mrs McDevitt ("울산아가씨" [Ulsan lady]), her with two sisters ("가평아가씨" [Gapyeong lady]), and Rev. Yang ("고향무정" [Heartless Hometown]).


*World Unification Peace Academy (세계평화사관학교) or WUPA: A graduate school of theology established by Mother. Eligible applicants are those who were born after 1975 and have bachelor's degrees by February, 2013. The number to be admitted is 30 for Koreans and 20 for international members. All expenses such as tuition, dormitory fees, uniforms, and so on will be fully supported. Applications must be made by the end of November, 2012. 

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