The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

I really want to say something nice to you, but I cannot

Hak Ja Han
November 4, 2012
Manhattan Center, New York

Hak Ja Han -- November 4, 2012

How have you been doing? Are you okay? Please be seated.

How long was it when you saw me the last time? Anyone who came to the Seonghwa ceremony in Korea, please raise your hand. Not so many people. You watched Father's Seonghwa ceremony, and what did you feel?

Lately New York and New Jersey suffered a lot from Hurricane Sandy. I am aware of that, and while I was traveling, I witnessed it, and also I know it was not easy for you to come here today.

I really want to say something nice to you, but I cannot. Do you know why? We know the Divine Principle and we learned the meaning of indemnity. God prepared people for each age, and if they cannot fulfill their responsibility, then people will have to pay indemnity. Without paying indemnity, they cannot really make progress. You know that, right? You know that, right?

"You Are Chosen People"

What do you think I am going to say at this point? Do you think there is some kind of indemnity, some kind of judgment? If you cannot realize that, then you will have to pay greater indemnity. Do you know that? So what should you do? It's not a matter of just working hard. That's not good enough. You are chosen people. You are chosen family members and you are from the chosen nation, America.

However, in front of God, in front of heaven, in front of humanity, you are very much indebted. In your lifetime, you cannot pay it back. Even if you pay through many generations in the future, still you may not be able to pay everything back. Do you know why? When God chose the Israelites, do you know how much suffering God went through? God finally sent Jesus, his begotten son. He was born, yet what did the people of Israel and Judaism do? They let Jesus die on the cross.

The history of Christianity is 2,000 years and what happened to the people of Israel? They could not avoid indemnity. You need to understand this. I already said, in God's providence, whether it is a people or individuals or a nation, if they fail to fulfill their responsibility, then they will have to pay indemnity. You need to understand that. If so, today what is the situation in America?

"America as the Elder Son Nation"

Ever since Father founded the Unification Church, he always worked for God. His life has always been public. Out of 60 years, Father spent 40 years here in America. I'm not exaggerating it at all. Our Fatherland is Korea. However, Father invested a longer time here in America. Why? Because Father loved all humanity and Father gave incredible blessing to America as the elder son nation. His responsibility is to bring all siblings to True Parents. You should think of it day and night. Have you ever thought about that?

At this time, True Parents, the Messiah, the Savior, came here to America. We have a small number of Blessed Family members. Why don't all people know about the Lord of the Second Coming? Whose responsibility is this? If you cannot fulfill your responsibility here on earth, what will happen when you go to the spirit world? There are more than six billion people here on earth. At some point in time they will have to go to spirit world. What will happen?

There are already many spirits in the spirit world, and at that time they will accuse you, and you cannot stand before them. You will have to run away before them. Have you ever thought about it? That's the reason why Father worked day and night without resting at all, all his life. Even myself, I lived with Father. I have never slept more than three hours while I was living with Father. That's why I am always tired. I am a human being too. Yet now our Father went to spirit world and he is beyond time and space, and he will be working harder, right? He will have no time at all to sleep.

I'm saying this today not only for you but for future generations, for your posterity, especially descendants; I want to open up a path for them. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, then your descendants will have to carry a heavier burden. They will suffer more. That's what you need to understand. I'm not trying to give you a hard time. That is a fact. A Need for a "Turning Point"

Hyung Jin's couple came to visit Father in Hannamdong [True Parents' residence in Seoul, Korea], and one day Father said, "Okay, Hyung Jin, if I am drowning and your wife is drowning, who are you going to save?"

"Oh, of course, I have to save you first." That's what Hyung Jin said. Then Father laughed. Then Hyung Jin talked to his wife about it. "The reason I said that is because if I don't save True Father first then I will live in hell forever." That's what Hyung Jin said.

What about you? Do you think you fulfilled your responsibility or not? If you didn't, then what should you do? You have to risk your lives and then you have to invest yourself 100 percent. However, the way you have been living will not work. You need to come up with some kind of turning point.

You watched the video of the Seonghwa ceremony. Whether it is Father or me, we are totally united. There is a preparation time period for us to be totally one. Think about it. Suppose you purchased a house. What do you do once you move in? First, you need to turn on the lights, right? Then you would buy some furniture, and you prepare for the house to be livable, right? Then you can start enjoying life there. The 40-day time period was very important for both Father and me.

Father really trusted you, yet despite Father's trust and love for you, the result is very, very disappointing. Father said, "Maybe I should not have done that." That's why I said, "Okay, let me bring our church members back to the beginning time of our church." Then Father said, "Omma, thank you." That's what Father said.

Our church members in the old days still have the heart of devotion and sincerity. But there was an incredible gap between generations, between the older generation and the younger generation, and Blessed Central Family members, especially senior family members, did not think of the future of this nation. Since you really did not take care of your children better, educate them better, Heaven is really agonizing over it.

Father worked so hard all of his life. He raised all people and Father wanted all family members to really restore their tribes and people in society. If they really fulfilled it, then when Father passed away, we could have sent him off in a much better way. All 6.5 billion people would have noticed what happened. They would have decided what kind of path they had to go. However, we were not prepared for that.

A Pledge to Take Responsibility

I feel we committed incredible sins, and we are very much indebted to heaven. So during this time, I want to see you pledging yourself that you will take responsibility. First, you need to really repent. You must be humble first. Do not ever talk about what you want. There are so many things that we really did not do right. We did not bring good results, and you must be speechless. Even if you have a mouth, you are not qualified to open it. If so, who can you really accuse? You yourselves are the problem more than anything, don't you think so?

You should wear humble clothes and be really wailing for 365 days. Still, that would not be sufficient because you are such a sinner. You really want to be loved, but you do not want to share love. We could not really make progress. For 40 years, our Father worked so hard, yet our Unification Church members could not fulfill their responsibility. If we had an incredible 100 million people as members, then the situation in America will change, don't you think? So while I was struggling in America, once again I asked for forgiveness from Heaven.

Mothers should be stronger in educating their children. That's why I talked to my daughters-in-law, and I said, "You should become even stronger than your own husband."

The Israelites suffered a lot. They paid incredible indemnity, yet to this day they are doing quite well. Why? Because of their mothers. Did you know that? The same should be true of Unification Church families. You women should be able to do things well and raise your husband's right. Do you know that? So mothers should not be only loving, tender and sweet. Mothers should be able to spank also. Do you welcome it? If you welcome it then applaud out loud. The Necessity for Repentance and Devotion

Representing the entire world, you need to really repent. Although Father worked so hard here for 40 years, there is nothing you have returned, and you are so unworthy in many ways. Yet True Parents still have compassion over us. We will fulfill our responsibility this time. You Unificationists, I want you to become that kind of person, please. Will you follow my words? This is the last time that I can trust you. There cannot be another chance. This is your last chance.

Until the end of my life – I don't know how long it will be, maybe 20 years, 30 years – I will do my very best. Every day I'm going to gather some reports from people throughout the world. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Since I'm going to work that hard, I want you also to work hard as well. Once again, I am pleading with you.

When you go to the spirit world, if Father can say, "Oh, here you are. I'm glad to see you," that's the kind of people we should become. You should become such children of God and True Parents. That's what I wish from you. I think I spoke quite a bit and I'm not going to speak any longer. We need to really express our devotion and love to our Heavenly Father and our True Father.

I suggest to our family members that we can express our love to God and True Father. We can sing for him.

Songs were offered from Various Groups including True Children, Daughters in-law, Korean, Japanese and then American Leaders. 

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