The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

All the people of the world sent Father off

Hak Ja Han
October 27, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas, on HC 9.13

Whether we knew it or not, it is clear that all the people of the world, with one heart and one intention, sent Father off. In fact, your responsibilities are very important. Everything depends on whether you fulfill your obligations or not. We don't know how many years later it will be, but eventually we will all go to the spirit world.

Father, who is now in the spirit world, trusted that we were doing our work on earth, even though he knew that some could not be trusted. Therefore, you need to do your best during this period, so that when you enter the spirit world, Father will remember you and say, Ah! At least you tried; and now you've come.

What should you do to make this possible? Father gave us our goals before he passed away. Foundation Day is not the end. We need to do our best until we have liberated all humankind and brought the world's 6.5 billion people into God's presence. This is why Father urged you for a very long time to fulfill your mission as tribal messiahs.

The reality, however, is that you have been unable to witness even to those people around you. How pitiful that is! At present, America is internally struggling. The American members need to reflect on themselves and repent....

The American people in this day and age are living in the same era as the Lord's Second Coming, and if they say, "We didn't know," for the most part, you are responsible for their ignorance. It will not end with just accusations. You will not find even one place to hide in in the eternal world, nowhere. Do you understand this point? Father believed in you. Why, then, did your witnessing not succeed? Why were you unable to restore your tribes? The more I think about it, the more fully I realize that you did not receive much help from Heaven. You did not reach the standard of becoming God's object partner. You should repent for that....

Because Father knew that he had a stubborn streak to his character, he began his work with his mind centered first on Heaven in all respects, going through a long period of devoting himself in prayer as if offering penance, saying, Before wishing for dominion over the universe, let me gain perfect dominion over myself!

On the other hand, what have you done? When you were promoted to a slightly higher position, you thought of it as success -- you men in particular. In this regard at least, women have sinned less than men. Father spoke harshly to women, telling them they must pay indemnity for Eve's fall, but now the era of indemnification is over and this is no longer necessary. We are now in the realm of equal status, equal rights and equal participation, aren't we? (Yes) It is true that women need to take the lead at this point, which is why I brought all my daughters-in-law with me....

Many men are here in Las Vegas. Is it easier for men to unite or for women to unite? (It is easier for women to unite.) The men here should think to themselves that they are mourning at Father's grave side for three years and try to unite. Is there anything you cannot achieve with True Parents?...

One Bible verse states, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." I believe we need to place great importance on this. It suggests that depending on whether we fulfill our responsibilities on earth, the stage for Father's work in the spirit world will widen. Thus, the earthly plane is very important. That was why God created the heavens and the earth, and why He created Adam and Eve on earth. He spoke of the kingdom of heaven being on earth first.

Father alone cannot achieve the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Though God is the God of light, until now the spirit world has remained in darkness, because the evil spirit world has grown strong. Did you know that? Most spiritual mediums form connections to the middle spirit world. If you go up a mountain there are mountain spirits, for example. When they pray they can only form a connection to that level of the spirit world; they cannot connect to a higher plane. If I continue talking about this, it will interfere with today's program! I believe that I should have hope in all of you, so will you help? (Yes) Will you men help? (Yes.) You should work, with women leading the way.

The only way we can save America is for women to take the lead. After close observation, I've come to see that politics cannot be trusted. It is full of men who live day to day. When they think something is righteous, why can't they go about it like a man? They look petty, small-minded and ludicrous to my eye. They have bigger bodies and greater strength than women do. Yet, how can they be so narrow-minded...?

Since we are living in that kind of era now, men should not think themselves superior and should make unity. Only when they are united can they exert their full power. Who is interpreting into English? (It is Moon-shik Kim.) Men, pay attention! (Yes!)

When Father first came to America, he said, "America is sick, so I have come as a doctor. America is in flames, so I have come as a fireman." At present, America is in flames and is about to fall off a cliff. Not one nation in the world respects America. That is why America has adopted the no-visa policy. In the past, America was arrogant. The truth is that, now, America is more unstable than any other country. The former Soviet Union is looking to the future and doing everything it can to become one with Europe and keep China in check. In fact, a minister in Putin's administration attended our most recent UPF assembly.

I see that it all depends on how you do. Those who say, "It won't be; it can't be," won't be able to achieve anything. Those who translate their words into action can accomplish what they set out to do. This observation is based on the reports I've received. Do you understand? (Yes.) I hope Father continues to love America, because, if he does, it will give me a reason to come here more often. The fact is that when I leave this time, I don't know when I will come again. It all depends on how you do. I hope you will not think this is a small thing but actually return to the mind-set prevalent at time our church began. You should strive to create an environment in which the sound of Divine Principle lectures never ceases in our churches.

To give Divine Principle lectures, you first need to have the right attitude. Okay? No matter how difficult your environment is, you are standing in Father's place conveying Heaven's word. You should therefore think, "I believe I should first have dominion over myself." When you think like that, you will automatically change your clothes and dress more smartly, wash yourself when you find yourself dirty, and invest all your sincerity. That's natural. Giving birth to something living cannot be done by merely killing time and hosting programs. The same is true for women giving birth. Just because the time has come does not mean a woman will have her baby at that moment. I could explain this better if men had experienced the pain of labor even once. If so, men would become so much more humble.

You should not be self-centered. You need to put yourself aside; to do so, you first need to unite your mind and body and thus begin working and acting on what you say. This is how you can achieve freedom and peace. If I am happy, and those around me are happy, that is freedom, isn't it? The problem is your own self. The kingdom of heaven is where such people live together. All you need to do is to translate Father's teachings into action and lead your lives accordingly. Stop giving excuses and stop making up theories for not doing that. First take dominion over your own selves.

That is why I am doing so many things now. It is all for you and your future generations. How could you possibly deal with the Christians of today? Not knowing that the Lord has come again, those old-fashioned Christians hang on to their worn-out Bibles and offer prayers and devotions asking the Lord to come on the clouds. If they come to understand the providence, how much will they repent and lament? "The Lord came and went while I was still alive!" How devastated would they be by that thought? This fact would dumbfound them more than the fact that they waited two thousand years for nothing. I will create a book that will make them throw away their Bibles, a book that will make them feel that Father is eter-nally alive.

Yesterday, I heard a brief report to the effect that members in South America held a bazaar to raise money to come here, and they prayed, ''Please let us earn just $1,000." They were able to come because they made $1,070. As you can see,

Heaven helps you with even the smallest things based on your thoughts and efforts; these members came here with joy, gratitude and hope in their hearts.

Know this! Our future is not dismal but bright! Open your eyes in the morning feeling nothing but gratitude. Go to sleep at night with a grateful heart, saying, "I did this and that today. I was able to do all this thanks to our Heavenly Father's protection. Thank you. Tomorrow, I will make even more effort to return all that I have received to God." If you do that, you can't help being happy.

Many of you have come from America, Japan, Korea and other places to attend the Women's Federation assembly. Let us begin our work from this point. (Yes.)

Then let us shout loudly three times. Heavenly Father, thank you! (Heavenly Father, thank you!) True Parents, thank you! (True Parents, thank you!) All of us, thank you! (All of us, thank you!) 

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