The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Fortieth Day Memorial Service (for the Seunghwa of Sun Myung Moon) at the Garden of Original Homeland (본향원)

Hak Ja Han
October 25, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung on HC 9.11

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

The ceremony took place 40 days after True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony and 53 days after his Seonghwa. Rev. Seuk was the MC that day and approximately 500 Korean and Japanese leaders participated.

After Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and Mrs. Yeon Hwa Moon lit the candle, they all sang the Cheon Il Guk anthem and recited the Family Pledge. After Rev. Yeon Suk Song from Japan offered prayer, True Mother laid flowers and a cup of holy wine on True Father's grave, and made a half bow. Then, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's couple, as the representative of all Unification families, offered the flowers and holy wine and they did a full bow to True Father's grave. Then, Kook Jin Nim offered flowers and holy wine, and then offered a full bow joined by other True Children including his wife. Then, Shin Jun Nim offered a flower, followed by other True Grandchildren, and after Shin Jun Nim offered holy wine, he, along with the other True Grandchildren, offered a full bow.

Then, wives of the five sages offered flowers, holy wine and a bow, followed by 36 couples (8 husbands) and the continental directors. Then all other participants, who represented all the Blessed families in the spirit world and on earth, offered a half bow.

Rev. Seuk said it was time for True Father to receive (흠향하다) the foods on the altar and asked all the participants to offer a silent prayer. After that, Dr. Peter Kim read Father's words from the Cheon Seong Gyeong with the title "Where are we going now?"

"What is the purpose of our life? We need to reexamine this question. Since the motive of 'my' birth is not from 'me,' it is sure that the purpose of 'my' life isn't concluded only in 'myself.' Who doesn't want to be in happy environments or luxurious atmospheres? 'I' want to be proud of 'myself,' and want to live as 'I' wish. But we cannot live our life as we wish. It is an existence called 'I' that live in such a crossroad.

The fact that the autumn arrived means winter is coming soon. In winter, only those who have life can survive. Those who don't have life within themselves cannot help but withdraw from here. That's why before winter comes, one must be injected with new life. A new life must have new love, new viewpoint of life, the world, and the universe. Otherwise, nobody can go through winter. Once one has the energy of new life that enables them to survive winter, though they would face many hardships, the more they advance, the more they can feel that spring is coming soon. Spring will come and the Unification church will take such a path.

Though we live on this earth, we know there is the spirit world. This secular world and the spirit world are not two different worlds but they are connected as one. Where are we going to live and where are we heading for? We are living our physical life now but we are heading for the eternal world.

People live as teens, in their 20's and 30's, going through years of youth and prime time of their lives. Then they finally reach their old age and are finished with their life on earth. Then where do humans go? To the spirit world, which is like the ocean. Everybody, without fail, has to take that path. Like the ocean which has all kinds of different fish in different currents, there are plenty of different families in the spirit world.

When I was in North Korea (after WWII), there was a rich family. When people were fleeing from there (during the Korean War), I saw they tied their expensive dogs to the house and said "Be safe and we hope we will be back." We Unificationists shouldn't do that. We should be able to have all animals and creatures we love as owners on earth in the Kingdom of heaven where we are supposed to go. It is amazing that the principle, clarifying all the issues on earth and the spirit world, presents us a clear vision and a unified path to go. In that path, the more we go, the more we are energized without having problems in going up to the next stage. It is because the driving force of love always responds to our daily life. We are born from love, live with love, die with love and go to the world of love going back to God who is the origin. That's why we need to have God's way of thinking.

Do you think the spirit world changes? Human minds always change but the spirit world never changes. If there is God, does He change? No He doesn't. If there is a nation that God governs, it will never change either. People there, without feeling any complaints, exist and live in sympathy with the law, where no revolution is necessary.

The spirit world is your hometown. Your original homeland is the spirit world. This physical world is the homeland of your bodies and the spirit world is the homeland of your spirit. Since we will breathe in love in the spirit world, we can freely breathe there only after we breathe in love on earth. It is the spirit world where love is like the air there. If your spirit self goes to the spirit world without having prepared to breathe in love on earth, you cannot breathe freely in the spirit world. You must practice original love on earth, and when your all cells substantiate such love, everything will go well in the spirit world. Therefore, on earth, you should be finished with adjusting yourself to the standard that you can eternally live in your homeland. You shouldn't live as you wish like those who don't know anything. Knowing the spirit world and adjusting yourself to it, you can go to God when you pass away and connect yourself to the Kingdom of Heaven. You should know it is impossible to do so otherwise."

Mr. Jeong No Yun, president of UPF Korea led three Mansei, and then all offered a half bow to True Parents, which concluded the meeting that day. 

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