The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

The purpose of Ocean Training Workshops

Hak Ja Han
October 13, 2012
Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu on HC 8.28

To date, we have held many ocean workshops here. What was the purpose of having ocean training workshops? Our Unification Church must now be reborn with God's spirit and truth. This is the time, while reorganizing external activities, we should maintain internal stability. Japanese women have worked so hard for the global providence, but from now on we should have results to show that "we accomplished this." I will make that happen for you. Eternally maintaining the foundation Father established is a matter of urgency. I will put everything, one by one, in order, from one to ten, and we should keep Father's teachings alive, without letting them drop to the ground.

I came from Geomun Island and this place also needs to be organized again. I consider our second generation important. In order to ensure that in the end your efforts have not been in vain, I should educate those in the second generation. What should you leave behind, you blessed members who are living in the same era as True Parents? What will it be? Will it be your honor? Your money? What should it be? If we don't leave a solid foundation for later generations, when will the world center on God? Korea and Japan must be the world's center. When you spin a top, it keeps spinning, doesn't it? That is what Japan and Korea must do.

You must be reborn through the Principle. Do you understand what I mean? I said that our church must be alive and breathing, and must be somewhere that Divine Principle lectures continue without end. Give lectures to three people at the church every day, teach the Principle, share the teachings. Eventually we need to give birth to new Blessed Families. The sooner the better. It is urgent to the hour.

I am seventy years old. Isn't that so? If I live another thirty years in good health, I will be a hundred years old. How will I look then? Think about that. You are younger, so you can have more hope, but I feel a great sense of urgency. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes)

Take ownership and do activities that are alive and "breathing." Then the spirit world will assist you 100 percent. What is the wish of those in the spirit world? What is our wish? It is the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Isn't it? Cheon II Guk. How exciting, elating and divine would it be to realize that in our lifetime? If we go through life feeling that, how could we sit calmly and placidly? We are bound to exert ourselves.

Our goal won't disappear with the passing of Foundation Day. We have to bless all of humankind and create Cheon II Guk citizens. In order to do that, what should you do? (Mother wipes away tears.) Those in the spirit world won't help people who do only what they are told to do, who only live from one day to the next without making any distinction between them. Do you understand? You must be able to feel the true meaning of risking one's life and giving one's all.

I am asking you to become people who report to Heaven every day and who move with Heaven all the time. Now, you must work hard as if twenty-four hours aren't enough hours in a day. You need to work in place of the spirit world, so think of one day as forty-eight hours. You should be reborn in God's word. Without considering any condition, you purely wanted to come and see me and wanted to listen to me with a thankful mind. You didn't think to yourself, If I make this much effort, I will get this much back, or if I do this, I will become a leader.

That type of mind-set didn't exist in the early days of the church. We have to go back to that time. We must build a movement in which true love overflows. 

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