The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Coming to Geomun Island has been difficult

Hak Ja Han
October 13, 2012
The Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung on HC 8.28

Hak Ja Han with members at the Manhattan Center in New York on 9.21 (November 4), where she spoke at the conclusion of her tour across the country.

"My eyes became sensitive to light, so I need to use sunglasses. I'm sorry. During the forty-day period of preparing meals (for True Father) coming here has been difficult. Since I intend to sell the helicopter, I won't have it soon. Coming here by boat is not easy. I am unsure that I will be able to come again this year. I went to bed worrying about that.

When I was offering the meal, I was told, If it is okay with you to go to Geomun Island, I will have a meal there." That means that Father's thinking is my thinking, and my thinking is Father's thinking. During the forty days, I felt I must come here and I was worried that I couldn't. Yet, Father said he wanted us to come here, so here I am.

(To Sun-hee Davis, the church leader there) How many members do you have now? "We have about seven members now." About seven. (Mother sighs.)

This is an important place, and you have to educate people here. In order to teach them quickly, fire must always be burning in the church. It shouldn't go out. To that end, all of you must gather your resolve.

You shouldn't lose sight of the honor of having lived in this era when you could attend True Father. It all depends on you. Shouldn't you become a person Father wants to recognize in the spirit world? In order to do that, what should you do? (We need to continue witnessing and teaching.) We shouldn't rest. I said we should establish a church that is alive and breathing. When life exists, movement must occur. Only something dead remains still.

Father loved this place. If you were determined to restore all the people on Geomun Island within a month and made supreme effort, don't you think Father would help you? Father, who transcends time and space, would do great work through you if he were moved by the greatness of your sincerity and effort. Haven't you been thinking like that?

The international situation is very hard to gauge. It is hard to fathom what China has in mind. You have to protect this place yourselves. You need to have Strong Korea lectures here. You should bring everyone on this island together. Don't sleep at night, stay awake; make this into a church where a fire is constantly burning. Wouldn't Father, who is going around the world, be pulled to Geomun Island because of your sincere effort? I'm saying that this shouldn't become a place Father bypasses as he goes elsewhere.

Think of the situation if I had not been here when Father went to the spirit world. What do you think? As people who have lived with True Parents and breathed the same ail; your responsibility is very great. In the eyes of your descendants, you will naturally be graded; it might be determined for example, that you were a loyal patriot; you accomplished your responsibility, you became a person whom Heaven remembers, or you are someone who just walked past. Nobody can help you in this; it's up to each of you. So will you exert your maximum effort, or not? (We will.) 

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