The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

We should establish the church which is alive and breathing

Hak Ja Han
October 13, 2012
Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung (in Geomundo) and the Cheong Hae Garden (in Yeosu)
HC 8.28

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Mother's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

True Mother, with True Parents' helicopter, visited the west coast of Korea before selling it for the sake of the education of the 2nd generation.

True Mother's message at the Ocean Cheon Jeong Palace

"My eyes became sensitive and so I need to use sunglasses. I am sorry. During the 40-day period of 상식 (上食 / Sang Shik: meals offered to True Father), it has been difficult to come here. Since I said I would sell the helicopter, I won't have it soon, and to come here by a boat is not easy. I went to bed worrying about it, and it was Saturday night but it was actually already Sunday. (그날이 토요일, 그리고 일요일이 이렇게 연결됐어). Next day, which was Monday, when I was offering 상식(上食 / Sang Shik: meals offered to True Father), I was told (by Father) "If you are OK to go to Geomundo, I will receive 상식 (上食 / Sang Shik: meals offered to True Father) there." What it means is that Father's thinking is Mother's thinking, and Mother's thinking is Father's thinking. During the 40-day, I felt I must come here and I was worried that I couldn't do so. But Father let me come here.

To the church leader there: How many members do you have now?

Church leader: We have about seven members now.

Mother: About seven. (Mother sighed.) This is an important place, and you have to educate people here. In order to educate them in a short period, there must be always fire in the church. It shouldn't go out. For that sake, all of you make a strong determination.

You shouldn't lose your honor that you live in this era when you could attend True Father. It all depends on you, and you should become a person whom Father wants to recognize in the spirit world, shouldn't you? In order to do so, what should you do?

Church leader: 'We need to continue witnessing and educating.'

Mother: We shouldn't take a rest. I said we should establish the church which is alive and breathing. When there is life, it must move. Only something dead remains still.

This is the place that Father loved, and if you are determined to restore all the people in Geomundo within one month and make utmost efforts, you don't think Father will help you? Father, who transcends time and space, will do huge work through you when he is moved by your utmost Jeong Seong. Have you been unable to have such thoughts?

Now nobody can tell what will happen in the international situation. Nobody can tell what China is thinking now. You have to protect this place by yourself. You need to have 'Strong Korea' lecture here and you should gather people of this island. So don't sleep and stay always awake, and make the church where fire is always lit. Then Father, who is going around the world, would be tugged to Geomundo because of your Jeong Seong, wouldn't he? What I mean is that this shouldn't become a place Father just passes by.

Think of a situation where I am not here in this period while Father went to the spirit world. What do you think? Your responsibility as people who have lived and breathed together with True Parents is tremendously huge. In the eyes of your descendants, your grade will naturally be marked, for example, 'You are a patriot,' 'You accomplished your responsibility,' 'You became a person who Heaven remembers,' or 'You are the person who just passed by.' Nobody can help you on this regard. It is each of your responsibility. So will you make your utmost efforts or not?

Church leader: 'I will.'

Then Mother, sitting on Father's chair, offered 상식 (上食 / Sang Shik: meals offered to True Father) to Father, asking the church leader there what each item on the table is. Mother symbolically touched all of them and ate a little bit and said, "Father, please enjoy." Then she moved to her chair, which is the opposite to his, and ate. After the meal, she visited the kitchen, True Parents' room, Shin Jun Nim's room, and so on. Later, she flew to the Cheong Hae Garden, Yeosu.

True Mother's message at the Cheong Hae Garden

As of now, we have held many workshops here. What was the purpose of having Ocean training workshop? Now we Unification Church must be reborn with God's spirit and truth. The time is now, while downsizing external works, we should have internal stability. Japanese sisters have worked so hard for the providence in the world, but from now on we should have results to show saying "It is this." I will make that happen for you. It is an urgent matter to prepare to eternally keep the foundation Father established.

I will put everything in order from one to ten and we should make Father's words alive without dropping them on the ground. I came from Geomundo and this place also needs to be restructured. I consider the 2nd gen important. I should educate 2nd gens in order not to make your efforts end in vain. What should you leave behind? You, who, as the Blessed families, lived in the same era with True Parents. What will it be? Your honor? Your money? What will it be? You should leave a solid foundation for later generations, otherwise, the world centering on God won't come soon. Its center must be Korea and Japan. You must be reborn with the principle. Do you understand?

I said that our church must be alive and breathing, where the lecture of the principle continues unceasingly. Give lectures to three people at the church every day, and eventually we need to make new Blessed families. The sooner the better. I am 70 years old, aren't I? If I live 30 years more, I will be 100. How will I look like then? You are younger and so you can have more hope, but I have much less time. Do you understand?

Take the ownership and do activities which are alive and breathing. Then the spirit world will help you 100%. What is the wish in the spirit world? What is our wish? It is the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and heaven, that is Cheon Il Guk. How exciting, rejoicing and graceful is it to realize it during our life time? If you live really feeling it, how can you just sit calm? How are can you be OK without making any efforts? Our goal won't disappear on the Foundation Day. We have to Bless all humanity and make the people of Cheon Il Guk. In order to do so, what should you do?

(Mother wiped her tears.)

The spirit world won't help those who live just doing what they are told to do without making any difference between yesterday and today. Do you understand? You must be able to feel the true meaning of 사생결단 전력투구 (死生決斷 全力投球: Give one's all risking one's life).

Be a person who makes a report to Heaven every day and moves with Heaven all the time. Now, you must work hard as if 24 hours a day weren't enough. You need to work in place of the spirit world and so, think of one day as 28 hours. You should be reborn with the truth (말씀 The Word). Without considering any condition, you purely wanted to come and see Parents and wanted to listen to the Parents with a thankful mind. You didn't think of yourself as 'If I make this much effort, I will get this much,' or 'If I do this, I will become a leader.' In early days in the church, there wasn't such a thing. We have to go back to that time. I think we must establish the Unification Church where true love overflows. 

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