The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Main Directions of the Church Based On True Mother's Speeches

Compiled by Winny Cayme-Kim
October 4, 2012

Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- September 15, 2012

1. from September 30, 2012 (Chuseok Assembly)

How can we go back to the early Unification Church that was alive with spirit and truth?

Can we become a church where the words of the Principle are taught without ceasing, a church crowded with young people wanting to hear God's word and receive the Blessing?

President Hyo Won Eu taught the words of the Principle 16 hours a day. We have to return to that time, when he risked his life to convey God's word despite the difficulties arising from his physical disability.

How we can create a church increasing with new members, a church filled with vitality.

I can no longer suppress my desire to create a Unification Church similar to when President Hyo Won Eu lectured with passion

I want to return to the time when President Hyo Won Eu lectured with all his soul, all his life and all his Shim Jung.

I want to recreate that era when worshiping on Sunday was not the end, where we conveyed God's word through our lives 24 hours a day, where we yearned to see shikku again, where the words of the Principle were taught without ceasing, where we brought people to the church because we were desperate to have as many people as possible hear the words of the Principle.

But the terrible thing now is that there aren't enough people to do the work. There are no young people. Everyone is in their 60s and 70s. Where did all the young people go? What were you doing all this time? (Mother sheds tears again.) I will step down as Chairman of the Board of Sun Moon Education Foundation. I will devote my full time to the work of the church. Witnessing to new members is important, but it is heartbreaking that we have not been able to offer the second and third generations to Heaven. Twenty thousand second generation have all been washed away into the secular world. Only 100 second generation are available to work now. That's all the second generation who are in public positions now. This is something truly shameful.

I will sell this helicopter and use the money to educate leaders.

We need to let people know about Father, we need to witness, we need to bring the second and third generation situation under control, the Unification Family needs to show incredible growth.

Beginning on the 25th [of the eighth month on the heavenly calendar], I had Bo Hi Pak conduct events at the Cheon Bok Gung to commemorate Father for the purpose of telling people about Father and testifying to him.

It is important to make Father known.

I am going to reduce the many projects that had been initiated until now.

We will focus our energies only on witnessing.

My two sons created a miracle at the Cheon Bok Gung.

I intend to fill it with love, Shim Jung and the holy spirit. So now the Unification Church will return to the pioneering spirit.

You (regional leaders) will lecture the Divine Principle every day and have revival meetings.

Lecture with the Shim Jung of President Eu Hyo Won when he lectured at the risk of his life.

Itinerant Workers will tour the country with the Church President.

These tours will not be only for the sake of the Word.

Listen to the situations of each church as you tour and figure out how the church can become a place where the Principle is taught without ceasing.

Go to the churches in each region and listen to the situations in the field.

You must make yourselves so busy your feet will catch fire.

2. From September 23, 2012 (on the 21st day after True Father ascended)

I promised Father that I would work to fulfill all that he had desired to do for humanity until my last day on earth.

I need to reorganize Korea's presently complicated situation, and I intend to establish the tradition of marching forward centering on the holy spirit and the truth in our Unification Church.

With the goal of nurturing our church to become a spontaneous one,

I hope you will understand that everything that is carried out in Korea from this day onward will be centered on True Mother.

Our first goal is to do our absolute best and fight at the risk of our lives to firmly establish Cheon Il Guk by Foundation Day.

I hope you will not forget that the responsibility to bring this nation and all its citizens to receive the Blessing from True Parents lies with you.

Only by working a hundred times or a thousand times harder than before can you repay the love and grace you have received from True Father.

We will now make our Unification Church a living and breathing church, as it was in the early days.

We will develop it into a spontaneous, creative and dynamic church, unrestricted by numbers or systems.

We will make it into a church centered on the Principle and on love, which will be like a nest with the warmth of a mother's embrace that will make us wish to go there and always remain there.

As in the beginning time, we will make it so that the sound of Divine Principle lectures is constantly heard in our churches.

From September 17, 2012 Assembly of Worldwide Membership

Our Future Path

According to heavenly law, True Father will now make the spirit world his base and, while freely traveling between the spirit world and the physical world, he will carry out the providence to expand Cheon Il Guk. True Father will come down to the physical world as the substantial being of the God of Night and shall preside over the providence in a state of oneness of heart, body, harmony and mind with True Mother, who shall continue to preside over the providence on earth as the substantial being of the God of Day. Through the victory of Foundation Day, he will be with you in building the original Garden of Eden on earth. There is no stopping Heaven's providence.

At this new transition point in this historic providence, I want to make clear that I shall inherit True Father's victorious foundation and stand in the forefront to lead the providence on earth.

In so doing, I would like to convey the following to everyone:

First, we must absolutely value the tradition established by True Parents as much as we value our own lives, and pass this down to our descendants, the future generations.

True Parents established

1. the tradition of love and heart,

2. the Word and principles,

3. the rules and regulations of our tradition,

4. and the tradition of the culture of heart.

The Hoon Dok Hae tradition of reading the Word, which is the crystallization of True Parents' course in the providence of restoration through indemnity, should become the central practice in each family as well as in the churches and any gathering centered on Heaven.

Please never forget True Parents' tradition, by which the order and tradition of our organization is based on a complete unanimity that forms a unified body with the True Family centered on True Parents, and the Abel figure at the center.

Second, we must complete the ideal of the blessed family with which Heaven has blessed us. The family is the cradle of true love, true life and true lineage, and the basis upon which is realized the purpose God envisaged at the time of the Creation. Based on the eight verses of the Family Pledge, you should uphold the tradition of the absolutely good lineage with absolute faith.

1. Our vision for peace evokes pure love, happy families and a peaceful world.

2. Children should be raised and nurtured with love and through the Word within a tradition of conjugal oneness through parents who attend Heaven with absolute love.

3. Through Hoon Dok Hae, you should foster the firm establishment of the Cheon Il Guk order in your families, and fulfill the ideal of the Blessing, in which the tradition of heart can take root both vertically and horizontally under the standard of noon-time settlement.

Third, you have all received the blessing of being tribal messiahs. Thus, you must work to fulfill that mission and responsibility until the time that Cheon Il Guk is completed on earth.

Tribal messiahship is the greatest of all blessings given to you by True Parents, because fallen people could not be appointed tribal messiahs were it not for the foundation of victory in the providence of restoration through indemnity.

That is why True Parents have consistently emphasized the tribal messiah mission during their lifelong governance of the providence.

The physical and spiritual completion of Cheon Il Guk on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their mission, passing on to each clan the Word, participation in the Blessing Ceremony and a lifestyle of living for the sake of others.

Your clans would thereby establish the sovereignty of goodness and realize a world of peace, one great human family. When a victorious foundation is established in each clan, the Abel UN will automatically be safely established on that foundation and the sovereignty of goodness will be completed.

Fourth, all of us must create a community based on the culture of heart characterized by harmony and unity, with True Parents and the True Family at the center.

Each of you, without exception, found the path of God's will because

1. you were chosen by Heaven,

2. because of the merits of your ancestors

3. and because of your own character.

You faced immeasurable persecution in order to follow True Parents until entering this realm of victory today. That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart centered on one Parent.

Division and conflict continue to afflict the world but the Unification Family can become brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, national borders, and any other barrier. If you can show an exemplary life of giving and live for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true.

Especially as we are in this time of great transition in the providence, I ask that you bear this in mind and engrave in your hearts that we must become one with True Parents.

True Father, in the spirit world, is always with us. He exists without corporeal form, but he will never leave our sides even for a moment. What do you think he desires from us at this time? It is to march forward without pausing.

God's providence must continue until all people are centered on True Parents and a culture of heart overflowing with love and peace takes root, establishing a new order.

Moreover, on the basis of the victory of Foundation Day, we should further advance to offer great glory to Heaven and to True Parents and to instill great hope in the world, to continue throughout history.

I shall be faithful to True Father's life and tradition.

He set the example for us and led by example his entire life, doing his absolute best to achieve victory in the providence.

The requests I have conveyed to you today are True Father's last words as he was departing for the spirit world. 

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