The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Our Unification Church originated from divine spirit and the truth

Hak Ja Han
October 1, 2012
Speech to American Leaders called to Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, on HC 8.16

A True God's Day photograph of Father and Mother from this year. Mother testifies to experiencing Father's presence very closely in the present time.

While Father was still in the hospital, I told the regional presidents that at this point, "For us there is no stopping." Now that Father has ascended, we need to remember that our Unification Church originated from divine spirit and the truth. Though years have passed, the reality is that we have not seen our church membership increase or our members mature based on our hearts of love emanating from our Shim Jeong.

In the beginning, when Father was carrying out his ministry, once members came to the church, they never wanted to leave. They wanted to stay with Father, even if it meant staying up all night. If there was anything Father wanted done, those members wanted to do it for him, voluntarily and willingly. The life of faith our members led at the time was like that. So, though ours was a small church, it was overflowing with love, and we united and overcame the most difficult of times.

Many blessed couples in the Korean church have unforgettable stories. Married women who had joined the church before their husbands did went through many difficulties when their husbands were unsupportive. Moreover, we were all in a position where we had to go out to pioneer; everyone had to go, regardless of age or sex. Women who had families had to do pioneer witnessing as well; to do that, some even left their children in orphanages.'- The early days of our church were like that.

Thus, Korean church members had to make many sacrifices in advancing the blessing providence from the 36 couples to the 430 couples. (I believe Mr. Kuboki, the former president of the Japanese church, was blessed among the 430 couples; he represented his nation.) Thanks to such early efforts, we now have conditionally blessed up to 400 million couples worldwide, as you well know.

True blessed families that are united centered on True Parents should write Unification Church history. The president of our church in those early days, Rev. Eu, gave lectures all day long, even though he suffered from physical disabilities. Even healthy people find it difficult to give lectures for an hour or two, let alone all day long. Besides, he was undernourished because we were so poor at the time.

The people found and established through that process became the thirty-six couples. This is why we treasure the thirty- six couples, because the root of our collective Shim Jeong is in them. Therefore, all of us, including members in Korea, Japan and the United States, need to return to that beginning time when we were passionate and our church constantly overflowed with true love. We must begin anew. Accordingly, we will have Divine Principle taught continuously in our churches and have workshops continuously.

Father has passed away. How long do you think I will live? Twenty years? Thirty years?

You should pull yourselves together mentally and physically, and do whatever it takes to unite and fulfill what you were unable to do for the Parents -- what you were unable to do though you only received love until now, even if it means making effort, spending sleepless nights. Even then that would not suffice. At this time, you had to see Father ascend earlier than you expected. I'm sure you are feeling deep pain over this. How much have you reflected on this?

As those of you who came to the ceremony may have seen, we sent Father off with a splendid ceremony. I still feel, though, that we could have done more. We should have sent him off on a pan-national, a global scale. As it was, what would we have done if the construction of the Peace Center in Chung Pyung had not been completed?

Therefore, from now on, we need to do our best, which means to witness. This is still a satanic world, so you need to implant the Divine Principle in people's hearts, and nurture them to grow until they are ready to receive the blessing.

I spoke of two things at the leaders' meeting. First, the revival of the church. Second, that I will provide money for scholarships to develop leaders among the first- and second-generation members of our church from all parts of the world. For this reason, though it is my heart's desire to preserve everything True Father used as mementos, I am going to sell the helicopter so that I can take part in cultivating leaders among our second generation worldwide.

This is proof that Father was concerned about the future and that he loved all the world's peoples. I am going to use the money I raise from selling it, and add some more of my own, to carry out this important task. You may also donate whatever amount you wish to this initiative, even if it is just ten dollars. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I am going to spend this money with that purpose in mind.

We have the True Parents and the truth. Do you understand? That is why our future is bright. I will revive all of our churches. Our church in Korea needs to live and breathe. Therefore, through our actions and practices, blessed families need to set an example for others, and bring our neighbors and clans to follow us. The same is true for those in Japan. The leaders -- those in charge -- and the blessed families in Japan should also lead lives of this type.

I have already mentioned to you that you should begin each day by holding Hoon Dok Hae with your families. This was because I feel the urgency of educating our children, second-generation members. Until now, you couldn't find time to spend with your children because you were carrying out church work. Henceforth, however, you should begin your day together having Hoon Dok Hae with your children. Please begin your day in this way.

We need to educate and nurture our second-generation members. No matter what position you are in, you need to think of the generations to come. Moreover, the leaders need to design the future. You need to reflect on how much a sense of urgency and vigor you have toward looking for someone who can take over your responsibility. If you haven't achieved this, you should do your best to do so from now on, risking your lives if necessary. Do you understand what I am saying? (Yes)

Before Father passed away, he made plans and told me about them as we rode here in our car, saying things like, "Mother, I wish for something to be done here. I wish for these people to be nurtured in this way. I wish for this and that to be done here." Now, I know that he had been asking me to do these things because he was preparing to depart this world. Every time he came down here, he always had something to say about what needs to be done.

You might think me greedy if I hope to live thirty more years, so within twenty years I should accomplish all that Father has left incomplete and all that he desired to achieve. The truth is, however, that I am overburdened as things stand. Our most urgent task is to establish the true order and tradition, both internally and externally. Also, as soon as possible, we need to show ourselves and the rest of the world that the Unification Church is still going strong, growing and developing, so that those in the wider world can come to us of their own free will.

It is important for you to try hard in witnessing, but we also need these people to come to us of their volition, based on our providential achievements, guided by the thought in their hearts, Oh! This is my ultimate destination!

We also need to bring them to receive the blessing. This is called for in this era, right after True Father' ascension, which is why we cannot delay any longer. I will continue on. At this time, don't you feel the need for us to witness to as many people as possible? We do.)... I know that you have tried to show True Father's glory and prestige to the world, but if you had witnessed to more people and restored the nation, they would have come even if we had told them not to. We need to effectuate that.

What is truly important is the number of people we can call our members, those who know the Divine Principle, not just the number of people that come to Sunday Service. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes)

We need to continue giving Divine Principle lectures in our churches. People need to be reborn through the teachings. When such individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations can practice true love, that is where Cheon II Guk is. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth. When this happens, each and every individual will find peace in his or her own heart.

I had a dream in the early days, right after Father and I married. In the dream, I was holding a child's hand, carrying a package and walking along on a dangerous cliff-edge path. I couldn't see what was in front of me, but I succeeded in following this path without falling over the edge of the cliff. At the end of the path, I reached a bright light. I believe that time is now.

Let us all work hard so that on Foundation Day many people will come flocking here, like the tide coming in, whether they are eminent members of society or ordinary people. Let's make it a day on which large groups of people come flowing in like clouds.

This is why we need many capable people. This nation needs to become God's homeland and True Parents' nation as quickly as possible. I will begin by strengthening our internal structure, by developing leaders that can fully devote themselves to guiding members and managing churches.

I believe Father is also telling us, for the last time, You need to accomplish all this, and when you have done so and succeeded in your tasks, come back to me and I will embrace you.

Once again, I ask you to try to become people that True Parents and especially True Father will remember. 

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