The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Message to Continental leaders and 120 Japanese Leaders

Hak Ja Han
October 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- December 25, 2011

(1) Who has to be reborn with the Holy Spirit and Truth first? That is my own self. Everything will start from the place where mind and body are united. Unity of mind and body will start from a heart of gratitude. You have to be grateful for everything. You have to be grateful to live according to the providence, you have to be grateful that you are healthy. You have to be grateful that you are alive. A heart of gratitude is my spiritual nutrition. This is God's Love. Actually you didn't practice this.

(2) Why can't we do witnessing? I thought a lot about that. Outside people dream about Mega churches. Bad people couldn't last that well. Christianity grew and developed with only the Bible. Afterwards, it divided into many denominations. Even Christianity could grow with only the Bible though we have the Divine Principle which can solve the fundamental problems? We have to repent about this point. Our arrogant attitude that we know the truth, became an obstacle to development.

(3) Heaven will choose the one who is pure. During this 40-day period, True Father is arranging all the matters in the spirit world to make a new start. Like when we move house, we have to buy some necessary things and rearrange everything. True Father also does like that. He is making a new start in the spirit world. True Father didn't go to paradise like Jesus but he has completed, perfected and concluded everything.

(4) Jesus told us that he would come back and gave key to heaven to Peter. True Father got married and united with True Mother, this is different from Jesus. True Father works as the substantial God. Until now the spirit world was much more influenced by evil. God was in the minority and lonely. True Father liberated the lonely God.

(5) Now True Father stays together with me for 40 days, True Father went back and forth between heaven and earth, he went through all the process of creation. True Father worked for 60 yrs. To choose Korea as the fatherland but none of you could fulfill your responsibility. Especially those who were trusted by True Father couldn't fulfill their responsibility. They didn't attend True Father with a heart of gratitude. That's why you couldn't live with a heart of multiplication. You have been living with too much self-centeredness. True Father was so shocked to see this reality when he went to the spirit world. True Father came to know this reality when he went to the spirit world. True Father told me that he is grateful to me for making such a strong determination.

(6) Now we have only one chance. This opportunity will never come back again. You have to spend your time with the heart of prisoner who is waiting on death row. You have to show it by practicing 24 hrs. 48 hrs.. If you take a rest, you cannot save anybody.

(7) Up to now. Dae Mo Nim couldn't work easily. Dae Mo Nim's work is only possible when True Father works together with her. From now on, True Father will work through Chung Pyung and me. You have to feel this as a reality.

(8) Now Japan is slowing down very much. Rev. Song who is the President of the Japanese Unification Movement has to re-educate Japanese leaders. There is only one way we can go. When you go to the spirit world without fulfilling your mission, you won't be recognized by True Father and you will become the object of lamentation for your descendants and they will accuse you. If I don't spend this period as a patriot, the spirit world will curse me forever.

(9) When you go to the spirit world 20-30 years later, what kind of result will you bring? Depending on my result, the spirit world will react differently. I restructured the system of the Korean Headquarters and Korean church. I did my best to restructure the system. I will guide you directly. Through the internet system, I will check everything. I am trying to make the local churches bigger. I don't want to make Headquarters bigger. Local churches as hand and feet should be healthy.

(10) I will encourage and handle the regional directors of Korea directly. I don't need any person who tries to keep their own position. You have to be active. The Church has to breathe in order to live. As long as you are alive, you will develop definitely. Do you want to meet this golden opportunity from heaven by just sitting down and watching?

(11) We have to get many church members in order to restore one nation. Even to bring the Foundation of Substance for Foundation Day, if you know the way, you may not have any difficulty. When you form a common base with heaven, God will work through you.

(12) On the first Sunday of every month, we will hold Sunday Service with members from all over Korea at the Peace World Center. How much sincerity do you have to raise up each member? I already gave you the direction how to do that. If I have the opportunity, I would like to do this way in Japan, too. The way for Sunday Service should be same all over the world.

(13) Like the Bible in Christianity, we have to arrange True Father's speeches in one book. We will offer this at Foundation Day to True Father. We will make a very beautiful book of True Father speeches. You can take this book wherever you go. In this book, there will be True Father's prayer, guidance for church ceremonies, etc., all these contents will be put into one book.

(14) With this one book, everybody can have confidence. We will arrange True Father's speeches to make that kind of a book. We will work with one system forever. When we do this, there won't be another branch with this one book, God can work directly. Do you think by uniting with True Father, there will be no miracle?

(15) You have to take advantage of Chung Pyung. This is the only way to survive. From now on those who talk negatively about Chung Pyung, I will call them "Dude". You should not see Chung Pyung from human viewpoint. When True Father planned the Chung Pyung work for one generation, he told many things and let us hurry. In this place, we will build a museum about Father's life course. How much did you help Chung Pyung? Did you make Chung Pyung by yourself? From now on, all the activities and way of thinking have to have consistency with True Parents. Then you can have infinite development.

(16) The problem is you. You have to live a heart of appreciation toward heaven. You have to appreciate everything.

(17) I have to trust all of you again. There is no choice, I have to trust you. This is the only way for me to work. From now on, we will do the Holy Day Celebrations only 4 times a year. God's Day, True Parents Birthday and Parents' Day will be done at one time. Centering on the Day of All Things, Children's Day, we will gather to celebrate. Children's day this year, you can do in your continent and in your church. This means you have to do your best through practicing in order to bring better result.

(18) You have to practice more than giving words. You have to bring a lot of result. Now I want to hear the report that each nation has been restored in front of heaven. Unification Church should be the national religion.

(19) Now I am incorporating the "Scholarship Foundation" and " Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation".

(20) To those who graduate from university this year, we will give scholarships for Cheong Shim Graduation School to educate them. They will study for 2 years and then I will let them do field work for 3 years. Then 3 years later. They can choose the way which is fit according to their ability. I will make that school as a heavenly soldier school more famous than West Point. Up to now, Unification Church couldn't raise leaders. I felt so sorry and ashamed in front of heaven. The whole world has to participate in this.

(21) This time I will offer new Holy Wine. Before Foundation Day, you have to purify your mind and body. You have to come back here with repentance. 

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