The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Special assembly on Chuseok

Hak Ja Han
September 30, 2012
Cheon Jeong Gung

Hak Ja Han, Yeon Jin (Katherine -- Kat) Moon and Jeung Jin (Victoria) Moon - September 15, 2012

(This is my partial unofficial translation of content posted in Korean on the Cheon-hwa Dang blog, which is considered a reliable source for information. The content appears to be a partial transcript or notes of True Mother's words. It should not be treated as a full or accurate transcript. I have left out the portion where she makes detailed personnel assignments that will not mean anything to people outside Korea. -- Timothy Elder)

True Mother:

(Some 200 leaders gathered in the Hoon Dok Room in Cheon Jeong Gung at 1 pm on September 30, 2010, 8.15 on the Heavenly Calendar for an assembly presided by True Mother, who gave the words and special instructions you see below. We share the main content of her words with all members with the hope that the church innovation led by True Mother will be accompanied by Heavenly Fortune and tremendous success.)

How can we go back to the early Unification Church that was alive with spirit and truth? Can we become a church where the words of the Principle are taught without ceasing, a church crowded with young people wanting to hear God's word and receive the Blessing? President Hyo Won Eu taught the words of the Principle 16 hours a day. We have to return to that time, when he risked his life to convey God's word despite the difficulties arising from his physical disability.

I am not able to sleep, because I am trying to think how we can create a church increasing with new members, a church filled with vitality. The works that Father initiated are no vast, but my heart aches to think of how we were not able to preserve these in a way that is in keeping with his desire. (Mother sheds tears). I have struggled very much over how we are going to continue these.

I was going to wait longer before making this announcement, but we cannot waste even a day. The son whom I had sent to the United States has returned, so I will make the announcement without further delay. I can no longer suppress my desire to create a Unification Church similar to when President Hyo Won Eu lectured with passion, and so I must make this announcement. The image of President Eu lecturing, even when there wasn't enough food for him to eat, is stuck to my brain and I cannot sleep. The 36 Couples and 72 Couples are the root of our church. They are the ancestors of Blessed Families. I am grateful to them for having remained even through those difficulties. I want to repay my debt to them before they go to the spirit world.

I want to return to the time when President Hyo Won Eu lectured with all his soul, all his life and all his Shim Jung. Will you really do that? (Response: "Yes. We will.") I want to recreate that era when worshiping on Sunday was not the end, where we conveyed God's word through our lives 24 hours a day, where we yearned to see shikku again, where the words of the Principle were taught without ceasing, where we brought people to the church because we were desperate to have as many people as possible hear the words of the Principle. Because I want to do this, I cannot sleep. I cannot eat, and when I try to sleep I cannot go to sleep. I thought I might take sleeping pills, but I was told not to, so I didn't.

But the terrible thing now is that there aren't enough people to do the work. There are no young people. Everyone is in their 60s and 70s. Where did all the young people go? What were you doing all this time? (Mother sheds tears again.) I will step down as Chairman of the Board of Sun Moon Education Foundation. I will devote my full time to the work of the church. Witnessing to new members is important, but it is heart-breaking that we have not been able to offer the second and third generations to Heaven. Twenty thousand second generation have all been washed away into the secular world. Only 100 second generation are available to work now. That's all the second generation who are in public positions now. This is something truly shameful.

So I received Father's understanding. This, too, was something I was going to announce later, but I will do it now. I will sell the helicopter that Father rode in. I told Father I would sell it and use the money to bring the second generation situation under control. If I don't use it, no one will, but if it is left unused it will break down. So I will sell it. But to think of selling the helicopter that Father loved so much... (Mother sheds again and weeps.) I will sell this helicopter and use the money to educate leaders. Once I made this decision, my mind felt more at ease. It hurt my heart that we could not preserve it forever and must sell it. It is the responsibility of all of us.

It puts my mind at ease, though, because we need to let people know about Father, we need to witness, we need to bring the second and third generation situation under control, the Unification Family needs to show incredible growth.

Beginning on the 25th [of the eighth month on the heavenly calendar], I had Bo Hi Pak conduct events at the Cheon Bok Gung to commemorate Father for the purpose of telling people about Father and testifying to him. It is important to make Father known. I am going to reduce the many projects that had been initiated until now. We will focus our energies only on witnessing. My two sons created a miracle at the Cheon Bok Gung. I intend to fill it with love, Shim Jung and the Holy Spirit. So now the Unification Church will return to the pioneering spirit.

Each regional leader will take over as senior pastor in the main church in the region. You will lecture the Divine Principle every day and have revival meetings. Lecture with the Shim Jung of President Hyo Won Eu when he lectured at the risk of his life. Itinerant Workers will tour the country with the Church President. These tours will not be only for the sake of the Word. Listen to the situations of each church as you tour and figure out how the church can become a place where the Principle is taught without ceasing. Go the churches in each region and listen to the situations in the field. You must make yourselves so busy your feet will catch fire. 

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