The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Testimony the Day after Returning From Japan

Hak Ja Han
March 13, 2012
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace (2.21 HC)

I visited Japan when the nation was in difficulty, both internally and externally. Externally, they had undergone a tsunami and earthquakes, and they also had problems with the nuclear reactors and people were worried. Internally, our Japanese members have also had problems. Our church in Japan dates back over fifty years, doesn't it? [Fifty-two years]

There have been many changes in the global providence in accordance with True Father's work. Among those who have worked at the forefront from the beginning, one church leader, one of the first to receive the blessing, is now over seventy years old. [Gentaro Kaiikuri] He has cancer in three places in his body, as Rev. Song told you earlier. Because of that, he can hardly move around. Yet he works at the risk of his life, with the resolution to continue working until his dying moment.

His son, who is now a church leader himself, has been raised well. His wife takes such good care of her father-in-law that it is beautiful to behold. Her father-in-law sits in a wheelchair, and she takes him anywhere he wants to go and waits on him hand and foot. I thought she was just wonderful.

Wherever I go, I try to see as much of our members as possible, but there are so many places to visit and so many meetings to hold. I heard later that the members asked if I could come to see them every six months. If that seemed too often, they asked me to come to see them at least once a year. I said that that was up to Father, not me, and laughed, but I felt that I had done well to visit them this time.

The message was wonderful, too. At a timely moment, we were reawakening Japan. God was blessing them by giving them this last opportunity to do their best in the providence. I keenly felt that when we offer devotions to God, they help us in the long run, one way or another.

The faith of those members is also very beautiful. I've visited Hokkaido several times; among our members there, is one musical family. When I saw them five years ago, I thought they were quite young, but they have grown up.

The wife sang "Wish to Go" at the party afterward, and she sang it very well. Five years ago, I was told that she had been abducted and confined and had escaped at the risk of her life. As you can see, Japan has many internal and external issues. Even under such dire circumstances, our members are keeping true to their faith and doing their very best. As I looked at them, I wanted to do everything I could for them [Mother holds back a sob], but I had to leave them and come back, Father. [Applause] 

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