The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Twentieth Anniversary of Women's Federation for World Peace

Hak Ja Han
March 4, 2012

Speech in Daejeon, Korea

I believe that, based on the public laws and principles of the universe, our WFWP members should engage themselves in the task of forming sound families in accordance with the heavenly way and properly establishing their societies and nations with a special sense of mission.

However, I would like to emphasize once again that the movement we should prioritize before anything else is the true family movement of true love, of living for the sake of others, carried out in conjunction with education in proper values.

Women should also become the standard-bearers of the peace movement. Even in the essential businesses of this Federation, various activities for the unification of South and North Korea are stated clearly. Women should play a leading role in bringing about the unification of South and North Korea and world peace through the education of ideology and the practice of true love.

War and conflict arise from selfish motives of desiring to take others' land, possessions, or the like by force. On the other hand, peace arises from investing oneself for others, that is, giving true love.

In the final stage, the "era of heavenly affairs," in which we should follow the path of living for the sake of others, the cold war has ended and new hopes for peace and social justice are spreading out across the entire globe at an amazing rate.

Those leaders who turn their faces away from the new realities of the world or who fail to see them will be swept away by the changes coming upon us like a tsunami. I believe the time has now come for us to step forward boldly and receive new opportunities and values.

Leaders receive from True Mother color photographs of True Parents at their 1960 Holy Wedding.

Beloved WFWP members! And my fellow women leaders!

Women are not there to help or to be protected by men; rather, they are independent individuals who, as the representative of the other side of God's nature, are meant to make men more complete and manly.

Centered on the ideal of true love, women are the precious objects of men's love. In terms of value, men and women are absolutely equal.

Thus, men and women, who are united as one through original true love under God's ideal of true love, have been created to become completely equal beings in terms of value, centered on true love, by sharing not only the same rank and the right of participation but even their possessions with one another.

Therefore, men and women do not need to confront or contend with each other, for they don't need to imitate the characteristics, dispositions or roles of the other or to covet them and take them by force. Instead, by giving what they have to the other with true love and completing the other, they can become united as a bigger whole and share one another.

In the twenty-first century, women should play a major role in world history by serving as one of the wheels of the tractor pulling forward the construction of a peaceful world together with the men. Going beyond the century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building the century of love and the peace culture, and their role will be more important than ever before.

Twentieth Anniversary of Women's Federation for World Peace celebrations have included two separate conventions in Korea three weeks tour of Korea and a major event in Tokyo that drew many leaders from Japanese society. Mother remained in Japan for a week, from March 5 to 12, speaking each day to large audiences of our members in major cities.

This report, translated from Korean, was written by the senior director of the World Mission Headquarters, Sung-il Cho.

True Parents presided over the twentieth anniversary celebration of the founding of the Women's Federation for World Peace on March 41 in the city of Daejeon, South Korea. (See page 15) The following day, True Mother left for Japan to celebrate WFWP's anniversary in Tokyo with societal leaders and then to speak to members on a six-city tour. She left Cheon Jeong Peace Palace after Hoon Dok Hae. Accompanying her were Kook Jin Nim, his wife Ji Ye Nim; Yeon Ah Nim (Choi), the vice-president of WFWP International; Hoon Mo Nim, Dr. Lan Young Moon, the president of WFWP International; and others. Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim joined them in Japan. Father remained behind, setting conditions for the success of True Mother's tour.

Soon after her arrival, Mother met with key leaders over a meal and then traveled to the hotel in central Tokyo where the WFWP event was held. It began at 11:30 AM with a video highlighting WFWP's work in Japan and overseas, such as service projects, sisterhood ceremonies and conferences promoting Middle East peace. WFWP has 110 projects ongoing in more than fifty nations.

Following the video, the widow of the first president of our Japanese church, Mrs. Tetsuko Kuboki, who is the president of WFWP Japan, took the stage. She described their organization as being guided by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon under God's direct supervision. As a key aspect of the Japanese contribution, she spoke of the more than sixteen hundred Japanese women that had gone out to the world to serve with courage as volunteers in 1994. She added that after twenty years as an organization, they were beginning to see daughters join their mothers in WFWP activities. After this introduction, a woman university president offered her congratulations, as did a member of the House of Councilors.

The thousand people on hand had lunch together, during which Mr. Benson Ogutu, the Kenyan ambassador to Japan and one of nineteen ambassadors at the event, toasted WFWP's continued success. At about 1:45, amid thunderous applause, True Mother, looking wonderful in red, took the stage and delivered her anniversary speech, "The Role of Women in the Fra after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of WFWP." Her message lasted a little more than thirty minutes.

Afterward, a welcoming banquet was held for True Mother at a different location for about three hundred Japanese leaders. When Rev. Yeong-seob Song, chairman of the National Federation of Blessed Families, spoke about how much True Father desires to come to Japan, tears welled in the eyes of many who were there. When the moderator was about to proceed, True Mother suddenly took the microphone and said, "I am not here alone. True Father is here, too." She asked someone to bring her handbag, from which she withdrew a black leather wallet. She explained that it was Father's and that he had given it to her that morning before she left Korea. He told her that in this way he was going with her. True Mother divided the cash in True Father's wallet into three equal amounts and explained that it would be donated to the national headquarters, to Japan's central region and to the last destination of her visit, thus conveying True Father's deep love to Japan.

True Mother then took out a W50,000 bill and spoke about the woman pictured on it. She told the audience that Saimdang Shin was renowned as a good mother. "As the mother nation," she said, "please develop to be more respected as a mother than she was, so that you can experience 100 percent or even 120 percent of True Father's love." After listening to True Mother, various groups, choirs and individuals sang. Everyone ended together singing the Korean song, "Saranghae." They shouted, "Father, we love you," to express their yearning for True Parents.

Second day: UPF Rally, Tokyo metropolitan area

Three hundred and fifty members attended Hoon Dok Hae with True Mother, who encouraged members to be united with True Father and to help people become children to True Parents while True Parents are still alive. She told them to live with determination and to witness to someone every day. She warned them that not much time remains before D-day.

The Hope of Peace and Security in Japan, the World UPF Rally, began at eleven o'clock in the midst of around five thousand members from the greater Tokyo area. Five thousand others watched it through video broadcast. It began with prayers by leaders in Shintoism, Christianity and Buddhism for the victims of the March 11 earthquake in northeastern Japan. After these leaders prayed, a prayer of True Father's from March 7, 1976 was read.

Chairman Gentaro Kajikuri, the ailing leader of the church in Japan, mentioned in his welcoming address that Korea, Japan and Abel-type countries including America have recently weakened. He called the complacent unconcern over the threat of attack from Cain-type countries the same mind-set within Abel that made murder possible in humankind's first family.

Kook Jin Nim then took the stage to emphasize that we should build a strong Japan and Korea. Participating members greeted his presentation with many fervent cheers. Beginning last year, local national security rallies based on his "Strong Korea and Japan" material have been held in about a hundred locations throughout Japan.

Following the Tongil Group chairman's presentation, True Mother made her entrance and spoke to the audience for more than three quarters of an hour. In addition to her prepared message, she told them that as an Eve country Japan should have followed Heaven's will and fulfilled her mission, but Japan has prevented True Father from entering the country and has tried to suppress our activities.

Following Mother's speech, Chairman Song came onstage and expressed deep gratitude to True Father who was watching the rally live through the internet. He thanked True Mother for speaking and ended the event with four cheers of mansei. True Mother then flew to her next destination.

Third day: Hiroshima

Among testimonies read at Hoon Dok Hae about the Tokyo event was one from a woman who wrote, "The moment I saw True Mother in the rally, my heart trembled and tears came out. Wanting to see True Mother's face closely, I look at her the whole time through binoculars." True Mother burst into laughter when she heard this.

Mr. Gyeong Tak Nam, who is in charge of church members in the area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, told Mother, "Even in that hellish environment, when I saw that our members did not give in to reality, I felt that True Parents have raised us to be strong."

In speaking of Father being with them, Mother added that even Father's ID card was still in his wallet. Regarding Saimdang Shin, she said that she was a devoted daughter who raised a great son, Yul Gok Lee, a famous Confucian scholar. Mother told the members that like Mrs. Shin, they can give birth to great people through witnessing. Witnessing she said, "is our hope and happiness."

Mother spoke that day in Hiroshima to an audience of more than 3,000 people. During the speech, a video clip was shown of imperial penguins. The female lays the eggs in extreme Antarctic temperatures. The male keeps the eggs warm for two months without eating or resting. At least one observer said that the penguins sacrifice helped him sense True Parents' love toward humankind.

Fourth day: Kumamoto and Fukuoka on Kyushu Island

Hoon Dok Hae took place in Fukuoka, and Mother gave her speech to members in Kumamoto, an hour and a half away by car. Both are on the island of Kyushu, which is at the southwest end of the Japanese archipelago. Notable from the morning Hoon Dok Hae -- which followed the observance of Ahn Shi and attracted six hundred members -- were testimonies about spiritual experiences from the Hiroshima tour stop. A member testified to seeing Father sitting next to Mother onstage. When the member saw him, she cried. She closed her eyes, opened them and Father was still there. Another woman, who has been doing Hoon Dok Hae every day since she was blessed several years ago, testified that her husband and children have been unwilling to go to church. Her husband attended Mother's speech and later said that he saw an aura around True Mother.

From this experience, he said that he believes that they are in fact the True Parents of mankind and he understands why his wife has been trying so hard.

True Mother gave one-third of the cash in Father's wallet to churches in the southern area of Japan at this Hoon Dok Hae. About Saimdang Shin, she added that while traveling from Seoul toward his home, Mrs. Shin's husband had been tempted by a woman in an inn. This woman had received a revelation that having sex with him would produce a prominent son. By maintaining his purity, he did indeed have a prominent son, but through his wife, Saim-dang Shin. "Men also need to guard their purity.... How important do you think women like Saimdang Shin are?" True Mother asked. "The story shows us how important the role of a mother is; in other words, blessed families are precious."

The audience in Kumamoto numbered 3,700 members, including some in wheelchairs, who longed to see True Parents. After her speech had concluded, two people were in an anteroom waiting for True Mother. These were not members. They had never heard Divine Principle. In response to a revelation to fold cranes for world peace and the salvation of mankind, they had each made a thousand origami cranes. When they had nearly completed the task, another revelation came telling them to present the cranes to True Parents. When Mother heard this testimony, she told them, "You have been guided by Heavenly Father to meet me. From now on, you should take responsibility for the revelation you received and strive to complete it. In order to do so, you should study the Divine Principle. The Blessing Ceremony is very important in our church. After studying the Principle, you should receive the blessing."

Fifth day: Kansai Area 6

At Hoon Dok Hae, Mr. Kimura, one of the crane makers, testified. He is from Seichi-no-ie, a new age religion founded by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi (1893-1985). Mr. Kimura concluded his detailed testimony by saying that after hearing Mother emphasize the Blessing Ceremony and Divine Principle, he felt profound gratitude.

Japanese members have distributed 2.8 million copies of Father's autobiography. A woman who has personally distributed 7,000 copies told True Mother that she wants to glorify True Parents until the last moment of her life.

That day's speech to members occurred in Kyoto and drew 3,200 members. Around 1,000 members watched the event in three overflow rooms on monitors. When True Mother heard this, she went to each room before going to the main hall and encouraged the members there.

After the Kyoto event, True Mother and her entourage drove to Nagoya. On the way, at an expressway rest stop, True Mother bought udon noodles for everyone. The members had a wonderful time, sharing their affection for one another during the meal.

Sixth day: Nagoya

At Hoon Dok Hae on this morning, it was reported that the members in Kyoto had collectively done 400,000 full bows as preparation for True Mother's visit there. Relating the story of Father's wallet, Mother added that as they left Cheon Jeong Gung Father had said, "Hurry; and bring back my wallet." She said that Father needs his wallet but wanted to convey his love to Japanese members. When speaking about Saim Dang Shin, Mother compared the great King Sejong being on only the W10,000 bill to Mrs. Shin, whose face adorns a bill worth five times as much. Laughing, she said, "Though we call Korea the Adam nation, I don't think they can count us mothers out!"

A great deal of singing went on that morning. Many groups sang and danced. After a powerful song by a youth group, Mother said, "With that much vigor Nagoya should be restored by tomorrow." She then told the Korean men working as church leaders in Japan to sing "Men of the Wilderness" and not to be outdone by the youth group. True Mother sang "Nogojiri" saying, "Father loves this song. It's about farmers starting off their morning full of hope, working all day to create a new heaven and new earth, and then going back home in good spirits." To conclude the Hoon Dok Hae at seven o'clock, Mother led everyone in singing "I Love You."

A plaque of appreciation is presented to True Mother in Nagoya

At ten o'clock Mother's speech to 4,300 members in Nagoya began. After a video on True Parents' lives and initial greetings, Chairman Gentaro Kajikuri shouted, "In the Unification Church we serve a true God. Through a movement of peace, let's build a church that leads all of humanity into heaven!"

To loud cheers and applause, True Mother took the stage. As she testified about God and about True Father's life, she became overwhelmed with emotion from time to time and had to wipe tears away with her handkerchief. With each pause, the watching crowd experienced a part of God and True Parents' deep heart. Many were drawn to tears. True Mother said, "I'm crying because being in Nagoya, I feel as if I've returned to my hometown." Slowly, as though to savor the significance of the moment, with her handkerchief in hand, she carried on with her speech.

After speaking, True Mother presented colored photographs of True Parents at their Holy Wedding to some members and a souvenir with this year's motto imprinted on it to Chairman Kajikuri and one other leader.

Seventh day: Sapporo on Hokkaido Island

Father, on Geomun Island, watches True Mother giving her speech in Kumamoto on March 8 with members of the True Family, church leaders, staff members and local church members

This was a year to the day since the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami laid waste to parts of northern Japan. At Hoon Dok Hae, True Mother comforted the 750 members from districts in Hokkaido directly affected by these natural calamities. She emphasized Japan's providential role as the Eve nation. She also told the audience that True Father has been participating in the tour by internet broadcast and was now on Korea's Geomun Island setting conditions in support of True Mother's tour. A district leader reported to True Mother that all the members had set conditions for her visit and highlighted a few exceptional cases. Three members fasted for seven days and distributed 430 copies of Father's autobiography as their preparation. An eighty-three-year-old Korean-Japanese that had suffered from discrimination growing up in Japan read Father's autobiography three times as preparation for True Mother's visit. After watching a documentary on True Parents' lives and listening to True Mother speak, he said that he felt their suffering and shed tears for what they have gone through.

Around 3,200 members came to Mother's speech in the city of Sapporo. On this, the final stop on her tour, True Mother spoke as if she wished to convey the importance of our mission with every word. She said, "One year remains, a predestined time in which we should give everything with the heart of the living as if death were drawing near." Members cried throughout her speech and applauded frequently. True Mother also said, "We are happy people because we are in a position where we can realize God's dream."

Other incidents on Hokkaido

In September 1991, True Mother traveled to Japan on what was described as the beginning of her global public mission with a speaking tour of Japan at the invitation of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, the precursor to WFWP. During that visit, she spoke in nine cities and created a holy ground in Showa Shinzan on the island of Hokkaido. "Shinzan" means "new mountain." Showa is the name given to the era (1926– 1989) of the emperor who reigned during the time that this new mountain came into existence. Showa Shinzan is near volcanic Mount Usu. It has been said that Mount Usu "gave birth" to Showa Shinzan. Its birth took place in the same year as True Mother's. In 1943, in a flat wheat field, to the accompaniment of seismic activity -- the ground shook and steam escaped from the depths of the earth -- Showa Shinzan rose and over the course of two years reached a height of 270 meters. Similarly, True Mother is a unique creation, a woman who came from the earth to join the man who comes from Heaven. Thank God for True Parents' emergence, which has given hope to us all. 

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