The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Testimony To True Mother In 1960

Eui-bing Kang (wife of David S.C. Kim)
October 2010

I first saw True Mother when she was sixteen. At that time Grandmother Hong was living in Noryangjin in retirement, and True Mother was staying at her uncle's house in downtown Seoul and going to school there. During the weekends, dressed in her school uniform and carrying her school bag, she came to see Grandmother Hong. She went back to the city at the end of the weekend.

Though she was only sixteen at the time, surprisingly she was almost fully grown. She was as beautiful as a flower in full blossom and gave off a sweet fragrance. She possessed maturity in every way, with an intelligence to match. I felt that she was a little bit cool, but with a neat personality. Yet, I had forgotten the revelations received in North Korea from God and the fact that when she had come to see Father in the Cheongpadong church and bowed to him, he had said three times, "The true daughter of God has been born in Korea!"

God shouts down at us, "Listen! I have sent you my only daughter; how can you not realize it?" Grieved at our ignorance, God waited yet again.

At the time, Mrs. Yeong-choon Oh was exerting herself night and day to find the woman who would become the bride of the Second Coming of the Lord. No matter where she looked, she couldn't find a prepared woman of suitable age who met the standard of beauty, both internally and externally. No wonder! God had arranged in advance for His only daughter to grow up under protection, away from the eyes of the secular world, where she might mature into an innocent and sweet girl. God was biding His time. Human beings, however, did not realize this and passed her by. I too did not realize who she was even when I saw her with my own eyes.

A few years before the marriage supper of the Lamb, in one Sunday sermon, Father lamented about God's sorrow, and he was so intense that his body seemed on the verge of collapse. He asked us, "Do you know what has caused God sorrow for six thousand years?" His body was covered in sweat.

Mother preparing food in the kitchen a few days after her wedding

God had lost His true daughter when she was about seventeen years old, and for six thousand years He had been grieving. His sorrows hadn't been appeased because He had not yet found His true daughter of that age, seventeen. True Father spoke about God's anguish with an overflowing heart, and at that moment it seemed almost as if God had come down and possessed True Father's body. A young girl, aged seventeen, pure and wise and beautiful with internal and external virtues! He must have been talking about God's will. Hearing those words, I thought to myself, "His true daughter aged seventeen... Would that mean spiritually only or both spiritually and physically?" My thoughts and interpretations became increasingly convoluted, and yet I did not remember the seventeen-year-old girl I'd met, who is now our True Mother!

The people who have read Mrs. Oh's testimony will know how fervently she searched for the woman destined to become the bride of the Second Coming of the Lord. All her thoughts were on finding the bride. One day, an old man working with Mrs. Oh told her, "Mrs. Oh, I've heard that Father's bride should be seventeen years old." Mrs. Oh told me this story later, and she said that as soon as the words were out of his mouth, she thought to herself, "Ah, why didn't I think of it before? Soon-ae has a daughter, Hak-ja!" All day long she had to restrain herself from shouting True Mother's name aloud.

Around midnight, she returned to the house in Noryangjin and went straight to Grandmother Hong's room.

"Soon-ae, are you sleeping?" she asked.

"No, come in." Grandmother Hong and Mrs. Oh were close friends and addressed each other in a friendly manner.

"How old is your daughter?"

"Why are you asking me about my daughter's age in the middle of the night?"

"I just need to know."

"She is seventeen."

"And when is her birthday?"

"The sixth day of the first month of 1943, according to the lunar calendar."

By this, Mrs. Oh had achieved something according to God's will, and her heart overflowed with gratitude and joy. The next day, she summoned Mother and got busy making preparations for her to receive the seal of Heaven as the true bride. God had sent His only daughter from northern Korea and had foreordained that when the time came, He would accomplish His will. And His will was fulfilled in the small Unification Church in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul....

From that point on, the revelations given by God in northern Korea were realized through the enthronement of the substantial True Parents on the seats of glory. What a glorious day it was! Although I am inadequate in many ways, I was lucky enough to be present at this solemn occasion for the sole reason that I had been born in this era. 

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