The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

True Parents' Blessing Testimony

Seng-ryun Ji (Wife of Gi-seok Lee)
October 2010

At the engagement, Mother was very cautious despite her young age. As she stepped forward on the path of God's providence, she exuded the dignity of the Mother of the universe, prepared for six thousand years by God through His providence of restoration. On that day, Mother sang a song that begins "When spring comes, the wild azaleas bloom over mountains and hills. Where the wild azaleas bloom, my heart blooms too..." Her voice was crystal clear and pure. Even now Father sometimes asks Mother to sing that song, and I believe it is because he too remembers the clear beauty of her voice on that occasion.

During the first few years after the Holy Wedding, in front of members, Mother always appeared serenely tranquil, mostly remaining silent. In all the church celebrations and meetings, she quietly sat beside or behind Father, keeping her silence in comfort and never revealing any changes in her emotions, be they joy, anger, sorrow or pleasure.

At that time, enveloping Mother was always an aura of silence and serenity, which seemed the epitome of the word "consistency." She had an introspective attitude, which made it seem as if she were closely examining every change made around her and amassing experience and intuition in her mind. There was a stateliness about her that prevented others from thoughtlessly interfering with her. 

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