The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

On the Date Dae Mo Nim Ascended

Hak Ja Han
November 21, 2009

These are True Mother's remarks on November 21, the twentieth anniversary of the ascension of her mother, Soon-ae Hong, on whom Father bestowed the posthumous title of Dae-mo nim. Mother spoke at the Choong Eui Ae Gwan (Hall of Loyalty, Righteousness and Love), a museum and prayer room created to honor her mother's earthly life.

Are all the people here old members? You all look so young. [Many are Chung Pyung employees.] So I suppose there are some who never saw Dae-mo nim while she was living. Most of you haven't seen her, have you? Dae-mo nim's father was named Yu-il Hong , and when I first met True Father, he looked very like my grandfather. Even though there was quite an age difference between True Father and me, I was at ease when I first met with him. I didn't find him frightening at all. For a Korean woman, Dae-mo nim had a fairly prominent nose. As you can see in that photograph, her facial features are very clear-cut. If she had been born a man, she would have been handsome; as it is, her younger brother' took after her and he was very good-looking.

We've spent this short time seriously, so would it be better for us to just say a silent prayer and then go home?

[True Mother, please speak to us.] What do you mean, True Mother speak..? [Please speak about Dae-mo nim.] Dr. Seuk has already said a lot about her.

As he mentioned in his memorial address just now, in the 1910s the Korean people were more inclined to live together as a large family in one household. That was in the days before Father began his mission work, which he did at the age of sixteen.

My own family in the generation of Dae-mo nim's mother -- my grandmother Won-mo Cho -- was a much more modern family. They were a devout Christian family and at that time thought honoring our ancestors was satanic behavior. They felt this very strongly. As they engaged in their spiritual work they believed that our only ancestor is God and that their mission was to receive the returning Lord. She was someone whose eyes never strayed from this.

For this reason, though most of the other families believe in Confucianism, while I was growing up I didn't know about such things as participating in rites to honor our ancestors. And my mother was very strict, so I never went to a cinema, let alone watched a movie; I never experienced playing card games like Hwafu. Simply put, I grew up by myself.

In the early days of the Unification Church, mothers also left their children at home by themselves to go out witnessing, didn't they? There were even cases where the mothers with a strong faith desired to go witnessing but couldn't do so on account of their babies, so they left them in the care of an orphanage while they went out. I understand the heart of our members and their children better than anyone else does

What Dae-mo nim is worried about in the spirit world is whether the blessed families can regain their original resolve. As you know, she began her work hoping that those families would return to being families that will be remembered by Heaven forever.

I learned much about the world after I met Father. It is not easy to follow the path of the faith to the end with an unchanging heart. As long as the satanic world remains rooted in this world, you will have to live your life, doing your best for your descendants, as the church regional leader and the church president have already explained.

If there are some who yearn to emulate Dae-mo nim's lifestyle, you need to know that she is carrying out her work with a fervent hope that you, who have met True Parents in this age and created blessed families, will become eligible to leave your names behind in history. Do you know that? [Yes.]

Yesterday, I heard many reports on the spiritual activities going on from the continental directors, and I have no doubts that the work being done at Chung Pyung is saving the world. Isn't that so?

A very faithful member in Thailand found she had breast cancer. She attended a forty-day workshop at Chung Pyung and she was cured of the cancer. Not long after that, she was in a car accident and was paralyzed. After a while, she came to know more about the heart of God and consoled Him, in the process she shed many tears while in her hospital bed. Then, miraculously, she made a full recovery.

Perhaps Hoon-mo knows about her, as this sister has come to attend a forty-day workshop at Chung Pyung twice. Under such circumstances, she went through that spiritual experience and received grace.

She has two older sisters, and they used to persecute her, asking her why she had to suffer so much when she was devoutly faithful to the Unification Church. Then one day, her second elder sister discovered she had breast cancer, and knowing that her younger sister had recovered from it, she came to Chung Pyung and attended a forty-day workshop, and she, in turn, also recovered.

Such spiritual miracles are happening in many places. In order to reach the level in which you can console Heaven with the heart of God, you should realize how much you need to set good conditions of devoted effort with a pure heart and give your best. This testimony shows that if you do so, the spirit world will not just sit still and do nothing. 

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