The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Hoon Dok Hae Prayer

Hak Ja Han
March 4, 2009

This prayer was offered by Father’s direction on March 4, 2009 at Cheon Jeong Won Hoon Dok Hwe, where only a small group of people (including Ji Ye Nim, Kook Jin Nim’s wife, and Yeon A Nim, Hyung Jin Nim’s wife), attended. Mother prayed slowly with deep heart, shedding tears all throughout.

Father, the origin of the universe and the source of true love, You created human beings, investing all of your heart, mind and soul, for the realization of the profound and intricate ideal of creation. Yet they were not able to participate in fulfilling your great, vast and amazing dream. Who could ever fathom your heart, Father, and comfort you, as you were watching Adam and Eve plummeting to hell on earth as a result of the Fall?

Father, we humankind truly do not even deserve to call you Father, but you still have been patient with us, waiting throughout your providence. How long, how long have you been enduring human history filled with pain and sorrow, until you were proclaimed throughout the world as the King of all kings in the era after the arrival of Heaven when your ideal can be realized on earth?

Father, truly thankfully, you bequeathed incredible blessings and benefits to all Blessed central families living today, based on the victorious foundation of True Parents. Although we are still lacking in many ways, a workshop is being held, through which they can re-determine themselves to be born anew and be more filial and loyal to you day by day. Father, I am grateful for this.

Please remember that there are True Parents who are committed to bring the day when you can have dominion over the nation and the world, and when such a world will quickly unfold on earth. Father, I wish and pray for the day when we can return glories to you, and actually live a life in which to speed up even a day for the realization of your Will. Thus, please guide us to live this day as a day in which you will be able to forgive all of our inadequacies, and bless us, lifting up your hands.

Father, my wish is that all of your worries and anxieties will dissipate, and only the days when you had originally desired to manifest to your fullest content will remain. For this, I earnestly and earnestly wish and pray.

I wish that the ideal of love be fully realized with joy and glory, and that today can be a day when everything will be only lovely and joyous.

Father, may you personally and directly govern us, guide us and love us. By so doing, let there be no gap, nor any barriers in me, in my life, and in our lives.

Father, today as well, I wish and pray that you and you along lead and guide us in everything we are doing. I report all this in the name of True Parents. 

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