The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Fallen History

Hak Ja Han
November 18, 2007
Dallas, TX
Hoon Dok Hae
Unofficial notes: Alexa Ward

During HDH, TM shared very deeply for more than one hour. There was no time to read the peace messages. Following is the content:

"Good morning everyone. How was it last night? Wasn't it great? The whole spiritual world was with us last night. Raise your hand if you have had a spiritual experience. Because Father paid so much indemnity and resolved so much in the spiritual world, there are so many good spirits who are supporting us.

Because of fallen history, there is a lot of confusion. Those who sought a spiritual path had to go such a difficult way. We know clearly that we have a portion of responsibility. We can experience that with our physical bodies. When we become sick, it takes time to get well again. That is why, after the fall of Adam and Eve, God worked diligently for the restoration of mankind.

We know God's providence of preparing the Israelites to send Jesus. God did not send Jesus just for the sake of the Israelites. God sent Jesus to bring all of humanity back. Because the chosen people did not fulfill their responsibility, we know what happened. How big a price was paid.

We know how much the Israelites paid a price after Jesus went to the spiritual world. We know six million Jews were killed. How can such things happen? God constantly tried to educate mankind. We understand providential history. If something is wrong it is best if we address it head on. Many people of faith did not understand the course of restoration and indemnity.

At the critical junction, there have been providential people. Restoration was accomplished or extended based on their understanding. If we are part of the same family, then our hearts resonate with one another. If we are sons and daughters, even if we do not hear even one word, we can resonate with the parents' concerns.

We understand the path of a filial son, patriot, and divine son and daughter. We strive to fulfill that role and resonate with that responsibility. Depending on what we do, what I do, will make the difference. We do not have to concern ourselves with what someone else is doing.

There are many children in a family. Whoever in the family wants to support the parents encourages them. Recently I traveled with Shin Joon Nim. I brought him to America. But Father took him this time. Shin Joon Nim offered a lot of comfort and support to us.

Now that he has learned language, he understands that he has his own mother and father and brothers and sisters. When you look at his passport he has a baby face. But when you look at the pages, there is no more room.

Now the grandson is calling Father and Mother, King Father and King Mother. The reason why I am sharing this private story is because even a three or four year old knows his responsibility. What about everyone in the room? Do you know your responsibility? Mother is asking you to read the peace messages everyday and embody the content.

Before I met Father I had a dream. In that dream I had to go through such an indescribable tunnel of darkness that I had to overcome. In that dream I was alone. No one could help me. Not only by myself but I had to carry a very young child and a very heavy pack.

Finally I went through. As soon as I came out, there was beautiful landscape and land that was filled with seed. In God's providence the role of Mother and Eve is not an easy course. In one sense that dream symbolized that course. Mother had to bring the children along and carry the burden. I saw Father's bright smile in the dream.

You all know the reality of the spiritual world. One more story about the Korean War. It was a time when the south was completely overrun by the north, except for the tip. Through the UN troops landing and marching forward, Father was liberated from Hungnam prison. Where we stand is the border between good and evil, heaven and hell.

At the time the intensity and devotion of Christianity was very strong. Many spiritualists received revelation that Pyongyang would be a great spiritual center. That is why Father traveled to the north. The UN forces were to march from Pusan to the north.

Daego City was a fervent Christian city. Christians in Daego persecuted Father. They did not understand God's providence. You Americans did not experience war on your own soil. You do not understand the savagery of war. The scars of war are one hundred times more devastating than natural disasters. Everything is scarce and precious in times of war.

In such a time there was a monk who was spiritually open. This monk met Dae Mo Nim, Mother's mother. He told DMN that this daughter was so special, not to be compared with ten sons. He described that this child would have to dominate three forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force). The monk foretold that this child would be married early and to a much older man.

We know very well that Father went everywhere and pioneered the oceans. TP travel so many times in the airplane and Father launched a special project that represents the sky. A half century has passed. Did the predictions come to pass?

We know that this is the true path. I want to emphasize the word "true." True means the fruit and manifestation of what we represent. Our ancestors want to come down to cooperate and support us. How frustrated they must be.

Even one person can change and transform the world. You are one person. Through you your family can be changed; your community can be changed; your nation can be changed. Providentially speaking, Korea and America have an inseparable relationship."

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