The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

America's Greatest Holiday

Hak Ja Han
December 18, 2007
Washington DC
Hoon Dok Hae

We have a Christmas tree and red poinsettias here. The room is decorated with flowers, but what is it for? In America, representative Christian nation, this time of a year is considered a greatest holiday, time of greatest festivities, right? Thats why we have all these decorations, isnt it? But who's the main figure in all these events? Who is it?

It is the Messiah, the Savior, Lord at his Second Advent, the True Parent. Is it true or not? Even people who are not members of our church say that we live in the last days of human history. What happened in God's providential history? The Era before Coming of Heaven is passing away and the Era after Coming of Heaven is here. The new age is dawning.

As we read today in the speech, True Parents representing all humankind spent 34 years - the prime of their life - in America. It was a history of blood, sweat and tears. Father even had to go to prison in Danbury. Today I'd like to ask you a question, until when are you going to have a feast without a host? Guests have gathered for a celebration, but there is no host. What meaning does such a celebration have?

Have you thought about it? Now most of American blessed families are in their middle age. We spent here 34 years. Shouldn't you show some kind of results to God and True Parents? Until when are you going to lay all the burden on Parents' shoulders? Moreover what's the mission of the elder son nation?

Isn't it to bear the load of Parents in their stead? But don't stop at just reflecting and repenting. What do you think about and what do you gain from each of these rallies we held recently? What are the results? What are the fruits of your efforts?

You are elder son nation only in name. Now you need to act and offer to Heaven fruits of your labor. It is God's desire, desire of humankind and our desire to hold a big banquet together with True Parents. Is it not? We have a deadline of 2013. But can't we fulfill our goals even before that?

Today even the hoondok reader cried a lot. How do you feel when you see me alone at Hoon Dok Hae? It never happened before, not in my entire life. Now as we are reaping final results through this rally you have to think bigger.

You have to have greater resolve and greater actions. Few days ago Hyun-jin completed the Global Peace Festival in Philippines. Have you heard the report about it? What about having such event in America?

I know that such festival in USA is scheduled for the next year, but what do you think about it? Can you imagine what impact America can give to the world if it takes such position? If you just make a little more efforts, not only you but the whole spirit world will be mobilized.

What's the founding ideology of this nation? Isn't it In God We Trust? Many various peoples gathered together and founded a nation where they wanted to attend God. Every day as you read the speech we read today reflect on how much closer to God you have become that day.

Every day evaluate yourself and determine what accomplishments and how much glory you returned to God. In this age you can nurture and develop yourselves greatly. This is the ultimate blessing given to you by Heaven. By your action you can earn gratitude of both your ancestors and descendants.

If you think about it, you will understand that life in this age is somewhat fearful for blessed families. I mean you cannot live at your own whim. Every day of our life should have been giving joy and glory to God, but honestly so far we have been giving Him burden. We can't deny this.

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