The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Do you do all you could?

Hak Ja Han
June 16, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Hak Ja Han and Ye Jin Moon May 1, 2011

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt read Cheon Seong Gyeong.

Mother spoke:

Do you think that generally you did all you could? Did you make enough efforts to be registered in the Heavenly Kingdom on the condition that you've done all you could? (We did our best.)

Yesterday I listened to the testimonies of the pioneering age. So, I'd like to say that offering your devotion through prayer is good, but you must also move a lot and actually meet people.

It's not enough if only you, blessed families, attend church services and read Father's words. It's your responsibility to let other people -- your relatives or neighbors -- know the Word.

Think again from this point of view, how much effort did you make?

Church in the city of Kuri has 40-year history, and of course during these years various church leaders made efforts, but if you had really fulfilled your responsibility Kuri would have played a great role in God's providence. Isn't this true? This is the place in which Father invested special efforts and heart.

As you read Father's words every day, reflect on yourself, your mind and body, your family and ask yourself whether or not in the process of your life you created a unified environment you as blessed families can be proud of in front of Heaven.

Reflect upon yourself, but don't just stop at thinking. The time has come when your thinking must be expressed by actions and accomplishments. Isn't it so?

Among four seasons there is a time when everything in nature bears fruit, right? Now, we in the Unification Church must bear fruit. We must enable all humanity to get registered in the realm of royal family, and we ourselves should have all qualifications of royal family to stand tall and proud in front of Heaven as unified true families.

You received tremendous blessing and grace, but now you have to make it your own. Nobody is going to simply give it to you.

Particularly this nation of Korea should have a certain dignity as a central nation in the providential history, should it not? All citizens of this nation must possess qualities entitling them to the realm of royal family. But everything is not finished simply when you enter this realm.

Even the words that we read today outline the way for you to go. But you must find this way and walk it by yourselves; no one will show it to you.

What do you think? Uh? What do we have to do by 2013? (We must build the Peace Kingdom.) If we continue acting in our present fashion, in our present condition, we can only sustain ourselves, but not develop.

You should be concerned by how to fulfill your responsibility as blessed families and bring about actual accomplishments. Act upon these concerns day and night and bring results. If you just do a bit today and a bit tomorrow and go on living like this, you end up failing your responsibility as blessed families. Then, what is the point of living on earth together with True Parents in this urgent time?

Then it would have been even better if you weren't born. Are you going to end up like this? Don't you have to help your children? You must start from creating unity in your own families first and then expand this unity to surrounding families. You must hasten the time Heaven is waiting for and offer that day to God. That's what you must do as blessed families.

Do you understand? Especially, what are we talking about recently? Who must usher in the Realm of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim? Of course, Blessed families must do it, but who particularly should stand in the van?

Women should. Is it not so? Don't you have blessed wives' association in every church? We also have Women's Federation, but what are the results? What do you Reverend as a church leader think about these women? (They're very active.)

They are active alright, but do they bring any result? (They're doing their best.) Just doing one's best is not an end of it. You must be ready to die.

Are there women with such determination? There's a saying that goes like this, one cannot be a general alone. Can there be a master or king without subjects?

During 6,000 years God felt so much grief as He has been trying to embrace His sons and daughters suffering in the satanic realm. Now there are six billion people on earth.

Father came to know God's Will when he was 16 and has lived throughout his life with the determination he made at that time. He truly experienced God's broken heart and His circumstances. Father is a human being, he needs rest and certain discretion in regard to his own body, but he spent his whole life not thinking about this. He still doesn't sleep more than 3 hours.

We spent 34 years of our life in the United States. During this period Father would sleep a bit and then he would wake up and pray. Due to the time difference when it's a night in America, it's a day here in the East, so there are members here who pray for Father. Since he knows this he cannot sleep comfortably, he starts praying instead, so that all of his children's pleas to Heaven would be fulfilled.

If only members of the Unification Church worldwide became one in heart and will with True Parents, if only they had one tenth or one hundredth of devotion that the Parents have.

Our church was established 53 years ago; we've overcome half-century. Korea should have become the nation God and come to at any time

We have surpassed all indemnity and find ourselves in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk. At this time Heaven granted through the True Parents a blessing of tremendous changes.

But blessed families who are supposed to receive this blessing are so far away from Heaven's expectations. Think about this.

How can we unite at least our blessed families? How can they bring comfort and peace of mind to God instead of bringing Him worries?

Have you thought about it on the way here, to Cheon Jeong Peace Palace? Or did you come here simply because you are supposed to participate in Hoon Dok Hae at certain fixed hour or because today it's a turn of your region or your church to come here?

What do you do every day after Hoon Dok Hae? Why don't you feel anything and don't do anything? You were the first to join. You came to know God's Will. You are in the position of True Parents' children. So why can't you be one in heart with them?

When I heard today that people from Kuri church came, many old memories came to my mind.

Reverend, when did you receive the blessing? (With 6000 couples.) Do you have old members in your church? Anyone from among 36 couples? (We have members who belong to 72 couples Blessing group.) What are their names? (It's a family of Mr. Yeong-jin Jang.) If you're one of 72 couples, you must be old.

Do you all know that as blessed families you shouldn't leave a grief behind you? You must alleviate God's and True Parents' sorrow instead.

Make a determination today. There should be any families around you who don't know God's Will. Create a unified Kuri church district. If people don't accept you, continue investing into them. What is true love? It's about investing oneself. Offer your utmost sincerity.

Isn't there a Korean proverb saying that no tree will stand after you hit it 10 times with an ax? How much heart did you invest? Among those people some are prepared by Heaven to play an important role. Through them you should do what you couldn't do by yourselves.

You should go to the spirit world after building the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and living in it for a while. Only then you are destined for the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven. Is it not true? Be determined that first of all you will build God's Kingdom in Kuri, okay?

Simple determination is not enough. You need to be determined to give up even your life. In 2 years you will turn 60. So before you reach 60 years of age, be determined to restore Kuri even at the expense of your life. Thank you for your hard work. 

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