The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

America Can Fulfill - It's In Your Hands

Hak Ja Han
May 29, 2007
Ahn Shi Il
Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Jim Gavin gave a great report on the testimonies from the night before. Especially that of one Congressman – who testified to Mother Moon and the Moon Family as carrying on the work for Peace. - Also the Korean War Veterans showed incredible support and love for True Parents. About 10 or more years ago – True Parents supported the Korean War Memorial for Minnesota and the Veterans never forgot it. Their hearts do not change.

True Mother:

Thank you for your hard work.

Mother really hopes that all the guests truly connect with God and True Parents and become blessed families. This time in history is very important. The spirit world is ready to help us like never before. Anyone that you meet that is truly prepared by God will respond when you have this kind of spiritual power behind you. On the foundation of your heart and sacrifice to save people you can completely win people and develop the foundation rapidly. At the time when Father was first ministering in our movement the spirit world was so active and involved because they knew how desperate Father was. When the spirit world is so active, people are sent to us and many times they already know you are coming. Spirit world caused a woman who was shopping in the early day to end up at our church and join!! This is the jubilee time and the size of the miracle that you can bring about depends on how much you fulfill your portion of responsibility. This is a special time in history and there has been no such time in the past and there will be not time in the future that will come like this.

This is the end of the long Marathon race – you as blessed families lived your life in preparation for this glorious march to 2007 and now are at the final stage and goal line. If someone hesitates at this point in the marathon or considers their fatigue at this time they will lose. You are at the cross road - you are at the critical junction. Do not hesitate and now you must leap forward as a new person who in this Jubilee year has been forgiven of all sin and debt. You are free and have enormous ancestral power if you become confident and trust in God and the fact that He chose you.

Please elevate this nation of America to come to another level. Mother is expecting you as the American members to raise this nation. In the providential history, when someone fails their mission, Heavenly Father doesn’t use that person or nation again. America has not fulfilled its responsibility yet. Only because True Parents have set the conditions to protect America, this nation still has a chance to fulfill. The American members must fulfill their responsibility and then this nation will become the true Elder Son Nation. It can be fulfilled by the American movement at this time. This is the responsibility of the American members – it is in your hands. Will you do it? (YES!!). That wasn’t strong enough (Mother smiling) Will you do it? (YES - the hotel shook with the sound and Mother smiled).

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