The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

The Revolutionary Era of civilization has started

Hak Ja Han
May 2, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Fukuoka, Japan
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han April 10, 2011

Summary of Mother's words:

Now the revolutionary era of the new civilization has started. You know that yesterday we celebrated 53rd anniversary of the foundation of our church, don't you? To think once again of the path True Parents have walked let us start by reading from "The Way of God's Will." You all know this book, don't you?

(One of the Messages of Peace is read in Japanese.)

The spirit world was mobilized during recent rallies. There is one phrase in the speech about "all blessed ancestors coming down and working on earth," right? I could really feel that. In Korea, in South Gyeongsang province, around the town of Yeonggwang, there is a burial ground of one famous person from Han clan. His birthplace is actually in Cheongju, but he served at a government post in Gyeongsang province and was buried there. Maybe because of this there happened the story I'm going to tell you about. One of our members told me this story.

The night before our rally in that province he saw in a dream many ancestors wearing white robes coming down from the spirit world to sanctify the hall where the rally was supposed to be held. And the chief of those people was from the Han clan. That's why that rally finished very nicely.

Unlike some of previous occasions, spiritual and physical worlds really united and made that rally a success. People who were there were of a very good inner quality and many of them were high-ranking. To prepare that rally not only blessed families gathered together, but also Peace Ambassadors, all people who were somehow related to us. For example, many Korean VIPs went through our educational programs in Japan, right? So, it seemed like they felt a determination to somehow help us on the frontline: some of them made donations for the rally, some of them hired buses for us, some of them brought many people to the rally. The event lasted for almost 3 hours, and reflections of people from the audience were amazing. I don't worry about Japan, I believe you can do even better job.

Father emphasizes that the age of the Pacific Rim is a women's age, does he not? Doesn't it mean that Japan's mission becomes even greater? Isn't Japan an Eve nation, a mother nation? There is a Korean saying that goes like this, "If a hen cackles, a house crumbles," meaning that a woman must keep her mouth shut. But this proverb is old, not in the 21st century the time has come for hens to cackle. That's what Father is saying. He says that women should be fully mobilized and take the lead. Father also says that when rooster crows, a nation collapses. Please remember this and support women a lot. Do you understand?

Maybe that's why Korean men are making strenuous efforts. We have Peace Corps and Peace Police now, right? Women have to take lead in these organizations, isn't it correct? They are working very hard. So, should Japan be inferior? Should it lag behind? Japan should be in the vanguard, it should be better than Korean, should it not?

But everything doesn't finish with these rallies. You have to convey the contents of True Parents speech to all your relatives, to every little county and village somewhere in mountains. You must conduct Holy Fire ceremonies, Holy Wine ceremonies and Blessing ceremonies.

In this way we need to change the lineage of all 6.5 billion people living on earth. We must free people from satanic fetters. Can you do it? This is your last task. I sincerely wish that you and all nation of Japan to fulfill your responsibility and stand tall and proud in front of the world as an Eve nation which has completed its mission. Do you have such a determination? 

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