The Words Hak Ja Han
(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother's Address to Filipino Members

Hak Ja Han
September 26, 2006
Manila, Philippines
Notes: Joseph Cernardo

Dear Filipino Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to share our True Mother's Address to Filipinos last Sept. 26, Manila Hotel. This is a portion that I have taken through my video cam when I attended the UPF in my hometown Dagupan, Pangasinan, and Hoon Dook Hae in Manila Hotel.

Philippines The Leading Nation

Yesterday you have a bombardment of True love in 12 different locations in the Philippines, imagine how many people can be restored and gain new life in yesterday's reading, so God give opportunity to spread the seed of True Love all over this country, so Philippine has opportunity to stand before God to become a leading nation in just one day. In that Hoon Dook Hae I mentioned about the New Zealand, Oceania, so don't forget you have a strong rival.

Philippines The Daughter Nation

In Asia, the Philippines must fulfill the responsibility of a daughter, the daughter has the special role and responsibility from Parents. I hope that you can become a daughter of a big heart who can embrace all nations in Asia and even to the world and bring them all to God.

In Asia there is a big continent right? Not only China, also Russia and India all belong to Asia, if you think that the Philippines would take care of God's Providence of creating Ideal Peaceful World on earth without any support from any other nation, if Philippine will do it then more blessing from Heaven will come to this nation.

The island nations have very free environment, freer than continental nations, that means just like fish in the water can travel anywhere without visa. You must have the heart to travel anywhere to realize God's Will on earth.

True Parents Hope For Philippines

So I'm telling you, the Philippines have great hope because you have Heart and Physical Body which can travel freely all over the world to realize God's will, there is a great hope for this country.

You have more than 7,000 islands and is not connected so there is difficulty in terms of transportation, but we can make the Bridge of True Love anywhere, everywhere so you must have that kind of Heart to work hard, do your best so that this country can become a leading nation for God's Providence, Can you do that? (Yes!) can you do that? (Yes!). Therefore we are really happy people. You have True Parents who always pray for you, support you, and prepare your way, you must realize this right? (Yes!). You must become a witness to 6.5 billion people that we have True Parents.

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