The Words Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Cambodia Report And HDH With True Mother

Thomas Walsh
June 4-5, 2006
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

June 4, TM/HJN departed New Delhi at 7 AM bound for Phnom Pehn, Kingdom of Cambodia, arriving there at 1 PM and the main program was scheduled for 4:00 PM. H.E. Son Soubert welcome TM and HJN at the airport.

Cambodia, like much of the Indo-China region of Southeast Asia, has often been a pawn of the larger powers. Standing between both China to the North and India to the West, the Region has been shaped by the cultures of both China and India. Even today, these two powers are significant.

Arriving at the hotel the driveway was lined on either side by young CARP STF members, about 400 strong.

The main program hall at the Inter-Continental was filled to capacity, with standing room in the back, about 1000, including both many Ambassadors for Peace and many young people. Some Ambassadors for Peace and members also came from Thailand. The Cambodian VIPs included Cabinet Ministers, members of both the upper and lower houses of their parliament, professors, university administrators, religious leaders, and business leaders.

The Cambodian people are gentle and warm, and throughout the program they were very attentive and responsive. There was a high spirit and a clear affinity between speakers and audience.

Both TM and HJN presented their speeches with great ease, freely, confidently, joyfully. seemingly feeling very at east, at home with the audience.

Hoon Dok Hae with True Mother, June 5

Jin Man Kwak Translates

There are many young people here. You need to study hard in school, but most important is for you to keep your purity. Do you understand? First and foremost keep you purity. Also in your community, society and on campus, always live for the sake of others. The speech that TM is presenting is so important for humanity, with the essential content needed to save this world. Actually, TF is the owner of these words, and even though he knows these words inside and out, he always reads it every day, both at HDH, and during the Event, he also reads it two times even before he comes out for 5 AM HDH.

Now is 2006, 6th year of Cheon Il Guk. Father has announced that he has until 2013 to complete all things that he was called to fulfill on this earth. Until 2013 Father wants to embrace all humanity and help them understand this truth. In order for all 6.5 billion people come to understand and practice this truth, we must be the mediators. We must take this message to heart, and live and practice this truth. As you know, Father is 87 years. We have 7 years to go until 2013. Father will be 94. Is that old or young? Don't you wish Father was 10 years younger? When a feast is taking place, the one who prepared the great feast must be present. A festival that God has planned for humanity is going to take place, but how sad God will be if the owner Himself is not there. So, as Fathers speech explains, we are here living at the same time as the True Parents. How tragic if people go to the spirit world and yet do now know True Parents.

As we come to understand Gods will, then we develop a heart that is so desperate.

When I see so many bright faces, I feel a lot of hope for this nation. If you set the deep root, and nurture the branches and leaves, then the fruit will come, and this nation will have great hope.

Many of you have come from Thailand. I have heard that your language is very similar. Under one common God, we are all brothers and sisters. So, in front of God there are no national barriers. As we break down barriers we can bring great joy to God. If you are the young people here, please think of exchange marriage. That is the shortcut to the establishment of one world under God.

You young people should study Korean language. If you become old your hearing fades away and you have hearing loss. How old is God? Is God old or young? At the advent of TP, which tongue or language will come to Gods ear the easiest or quickest? The language of TP is the one that God will hear and be attracted to the most. Through language, expressions of heart are communicated. If you study Korean you will shorten the distance between God and you.

The Korean alphabet is very simple and very scientific, and allows a great range of expressions, and sounds, even animal sounds.

You young people have so many advantages, especially in terms of learning new things and languages. So please learn Korean. Can you do that?

There are 150-200 young people here, so there is no problem to shake Cambodia.

Hyun Jin Nim:

[stands and surveys the crowd] So this side is Cambodia and this side is Thailand? Hmmm. Thailand raise your hand.

Anyway, yesterday was a tremendous victory. However, I was a little disappointed that I didn't feel enough CARP spirit and young people spirit. If you feel the spirit, you need to express it. To change the world, you need to transform people's hearts. The message TP is bringing cannot be understood simply through your head. You also must understand through your heart. Because of the Fall of Adam and Ave, the true love of God has not been understood. Hearts have not been moved. So you must show that passion and heart, not only to Cambodia, but Thailand and all Southeast Asia. You need to move the hearts, and help people understand this is a special time to make an extended family of True Parents and to move the hearts of all people You need to be the owners of this message and its content and heart. Can you be the owners of this message.

If Father comes to Cambodia in 6 months, can you bring 10,000? [silence] How many CARP members? 200. How do you bring 10,000? Each of you should restore 500 people. Can you do this? [YES!!!] You are crazy. But we may be crazy. Satan cannot control the realm of human aspiration and hope. God is looking even for one person to carry out his providence. Can you as CARP members bring 500 members? [YES] Well maybe we can bring about a restored nation.

HJN sings, There's a light burning brighter somewhere..

TM gives the national leader some money to take all the CARP members our for a nice dinner and nice time together to celebrate, along with the Thai members who had come to Cambodia to help.

[Also: TM had dinner with several of the 8 Thai members. for doing missionary activity. TM invited them to come to Korea for the opening of the Original Palace, and she gave the money to each buy a new suit or dress.]

Mansei led by Dr. Kim.

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