The Words Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Hoon Dok Hae at the Rizal Ballroom with True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim

Julius Malicdem
May 29, 2006 5:00 am

Around 4,000 members and guests in attendance.

Immediately after entering the hall, TM and HJN lighted and cut the victory celebration cake, while the audience sang, "Happy Victory to you…"

Dr. Michael Zablan was the emcee. Atty. Celso Talaba read the first reading, the speech entitled, "God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World".

Then, True Mother spoke in Korean after the first speech (translated by Jin Man Kwak).

How many of you understand Korean?. You are Blessed Central Families. You need to learn your True Parents' language. [There are at least 4000 gathered, 85% under 30.] How many second generation are there in the Philippines? Michael Zablan, do you have a plan to educate second generation in Korean language? Also, all Blessed Family members please study Korean [applause}. All over the world, we should do Hoon Dok Hae in Korean. During the tour in Japan, at HDH, we read the first speech in Japanese and the second speech in Korean. Also, in Japan the speech was printed not only in Japanese, but also Korean. Do you know what is happening in Korea in June. The entrance to the Original Palace. True Parents want to create one global family, centering on one universal language. Philippines is close to Korea, so don't you want to be close in heart and mind with the True Parents?
Japan is in a providential position as the Mother nation. Philippines is in a daughter position. You want to be a filial daughter? (Yes!!!)
Father wants to bring together all island nations around the world. Thus he started the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace (FINWP). Island nations are so important and especially, the Philippines.

[TM speaking so forcefully and strongly.]

Island nations are linked by the ocean, and that ocean connection binds you together.
As you know True Father loves the ocean. Yesterday, True Father watched this event via internet, but he also went fishing at Yeosoo, and even today Father will go out fishing in Yeosoo.
TM called TF yesterday and TF gave a great congratulations and compliment for the Philippines. [Applause] Do not be proud to receive that compliment; rather you must feel more responsibility.
In the ocean, all the fish can go all over the world, with no visas. In a sense, fish are freer than we are.
Two days ago was the 44th Day of All Things.
This 180 world tour is a Special Grace to engraft the whole of humanity back to God's bosom. Can you as the sons and daughters of God, be less than the fish in the ocean in relation to one another and in their freedom to move about beyond barriers.
When I see so many young, energetic members here and see your determination to build God's kingdom, I ask, "why should any of you have fear about the future?"
These speeches being presented are a textbook and the basis to live our lives and accomplish so much.
You attended the speech last night. What did you feel? Should last night's event just end as a single meeting? TP have planted a seed and now it must grow and be harvested. You must all understand that you are not just individuals. Rather, standing behind you are all ancestors and saints and sages, walking with you, working with you, every second of the day. All that is required is your determination and commitment to accomplish the goals, vision, and dream of our True Parents.
I am giving you a command. Reach out to your relatives and neighbors and link them to God's lineage through the Blessing.
TM, as she tours the world, USA, Japan, now Philippines, I see so much change. It is a different time. Even those who were once in opposition are coming alive. If you put your life on the line, no one can resist you. TM is giving you this command and blessing, to establish a deep root here in the Philippines.
Following the tradition we started in Japan, TM want to read the second speech this morning in Korean. Is there translation prepared? [No, very sorry.] OK, we will read in English, but you must promise to study Korean. I want Michael Zablan to come forward, and receive a special gift to develop Korean language education.
The second speech should be read by a sister.

[Sister Ann Montejo-Arevalo read the second speech]

How can we not be overwhelmed by all we have received and feel so called to substantiate the ideal we learn in this speech? Now is the time when the amount of your effort will bear fruit. How happy and joyful you should be, receiving this incredible grace, as we move to providential victory. Mother is giving the marching order that you do not just keep your joy and happiness to yourself, but take it out to the world! Can you do that? YES!!!
As you know, according to the principle, "mother and son" cooperation is essential as a basis to make the offering to the Father. So now, we must really settle and really offer the final settlement to True Father and True Parents.
Yesterday TM and HJN were on the stage declaring these great words of Blessing. Was it wonderful?

[TM stands up with HJN and gives him the microphone. All welcome HJN.]

[Enormous applause and cheering, shaking the hotel.]

Hyun Jin Nim:

Ahhhhh. The power and energy of young people in the Philippines. Mike Zablan reported to me that 50% of Philippines population are youth, Under 25. We are in an age when the ideals of the ages, can be realized. True olive trees can be established. You blessed families are the true olive trees, centering on TP and the True Family. You are extended members of this family...You are the owners of this lineage. Amen or No men? [AMEN!!!] This is an island. Think how we can make a spiritual earthquake. Today we will go to Indonesia. They were hit so hard by a Tsunami and then an earthquake. We can bring a heavenly earthquake and tsunami. Of all of you who want to become this heavenly earthquake. If you are ready to restore the Philippines, as heaven's first fully restored nation, stand and raise your hands! [loud applause]

TM asks HJN to sing. [He sings an Elvis Presley gospel song "If I Can Dream" with full passion and heart...everyone rises to their feet. The energy is so powerful.]

HJN asks CARP members to sing. The energy goes higher. Everyone is dancing.

Dr. Christopher Kim leads cheers of mansei.

After breakfast, TM and HJN left the hotel for the airport at around 8:00am. Hundreds of members who stayed after the HDH crowded to hotel lobby and entrance to have a final glimpse and wave goodbye to TM and HJN.

By Julius Malicdem

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