The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Report from Osaka - True Mother's Speaking Tour in Japan

Hak Ja Han
August 23, 2002
Translated by Hisayo Pelton
Edited by Margaret Herbers

What is noteworthy about the Osaka event was there were many more participants from the South Korean Association in Japan, as well as more women leaders than at other events. About 600 VIPs attended. In his opening remarks the IIFWP Chairman, Mr. Oyamada, introduced Dr. and Mrs. Moon as the True Parents, and thus Messiah, who have resolved the tangled issues of the ages. The audience welcomed True Mother with a standing ovation.

This time Mother spoke about the declaration including some essence of Principle, besides the messages from the spirit world: Creation, Fall, and Advent of the Messiah. The new Ambassadors of Peace who received an appointment letter directly from True Mother included an executive of the South Korean association, a Shinto priest, and a president emeritus from a private university. One of the most touching moments was when the president of the South Korean women's society offered a delicate traditional bow to Mother in Korean traditional dress.

In the entertainment portion of the program one famous designer of traditional Japanese stage costumes gave a warm greeting. She had a dream a week before the event. In her spare time she tames wild birds. In her dream one blue bird flew in with a flock of white sparrows. She had no idea how to interpret the dream, but when she received a ticket for Mother's event she was surprised -- the ticket was blue. She was convinced she would have to participate. Twenty-one years ago she had made a special costume, investing more than three years of effort and sincerity, but could not find anyone worthy of having it. When she saw True Mother, she realized the costume was meant for her.

Shortly before Mother joined us for the victory celebration, Father spoke to us. President Oyamada reported the highlights of the event and we celebrated True Parents' victory. From Alaska leaders of CARP in many countries and blessed children performed. From Osaka songs were offered by Korean and Japanese leaders. A choir of local members and missionary sisters sang "Oh, Happy Day," which made True Parents very happy. When one Korean leader's wife offered her greeting, Father asked her, "I sent you to Japan so that Japan can fulfill its mission. Have you completed?" At the end Father and Mother sang two songs each, and we ended with three cheers of Mansei.

True Mother at HDH Aug. 23

Who will be responsible to care for the participants who came this time? You cannot feel simple satisfaction with just completing a good event. If you only think in your head but don't take action, there will be no development. As I said yesterday, God and True Parents can no longer be responsible for you. If you don't feel the intensity of the current providence, that's wrong. Not caring for these participants would be like getting pregnant but then having a miscarriage.

Have you been trying to restore your families and tribes? Have you found any VIP's among your family members? Until now, even doing your very best was like putting a thread through the tiny eye of a needle. However, this time is completely different: we have 70 million blessed central families in the spirit world. The ancestors and evil spirits you have liberated from hell are now blessed and strongly want to work with you. Focus on your aim. When you say the Family Pledge do you sincerely and seriously re-commit yourselves every day? Or do you say the Family Pledge while in your pajamas?

This era is beyond indemnity. This is the harvest time. No one else can do this but you, yourself. You need to overcome your circumstances and win. Leaders, you cannot be indecisive. Practice and act. Are you confident to bless all 600 participants who came yesterday? You must do it by the end of this year.

We read in HDH about the unification of North and South Korea. This is absolutely inter-connected with Japan. Are you fully aware of this critical time period? We have gathered all the missionaries from all over the world and have to complete the tong bong kyo-pa by the end of this year.

As parents you have to fulfill your responsibility toward your children. You have to create an ideal world where your descendants can live worry-free. You must educate your blessed children well so they won't be blemished by the satanic world. As God did for Adam and Eve, Father has prepared the entire ideal world, even spirit world. You cannot squander this time. Please work hard.

Reflections from participants:

From the head of the South Korean association in Japan:

 It was so wonderful. I strongly believe Rev. Moon is the one who will bring unification of North and South. I am very grateful for True Parents' work. Please extend your guidance to us from now on, too. We will do our best to follow Rev. and Mrs. Moon. Mrs. Moon's message today was so inspiring. I marveled to see so many VIP's gathered here. I sincerely wish for your victory.

From the president of the Association for South Korean literature (a devoted Christian for 15 years)

Dr. Moon's message still lingers in my heart. Our world is suffering from poverty, sickness, and warfare, on the individual level to society as a whole. I was very moved that Dr. Moon gave us a precise answer to each of those issues. I now know the Messiah has come to earth. There are many righteous leaders, but Rev. Moon was severely persecuted by Japan, communist leaders, and the Untied States, but he forgave them and overcame. There is no one superior to him. It is absolute proof. I am convinced that when everyone in the world accepts the True Parents, all problems will be solved.

A married couple (both husband and wife have leadership roles):

We are privileged to be a part of the Unification movement at this time. Reflecting on my life as I listened to Mrs. Moon explain how couples are supposed to be for each other, I felt ashamed because we don't have much time to talk to each other. Gratitude and admiration for my wife quickly filled my heart. We are very glad that we could start anew today. Thank you very much.

A graduate of the South Korean Association high school in Japan:

I have been very spiritually open since I was small and received many revelations I didn't understand. I was afraid that I would die without solving those mysteries. But after being touched by Mrs. Moon's spirit, I cannot stop crying. I saw this event in my dream. I am so very grateful to be able to meet Mrs. Moon. My life has started. I am grateful.

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