The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

Report From Kobe - True Mother's Speaking Tour in Japan

Hak Ja Han
August 22, 2007
Translated by Hisayo Pelton
Edited by Margaret Herbers

On the day of Mother's event in Kobe the weather was glorious. More than 500 VIP's attended. We felt that with each event Mother's speech is becoming more and more powerful and she is more comfortable. All this fascinates the participants who are reading along.

When reading the latter half of the speech, which announces the unification of spirit world, Mother made the historical declaration that Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the Messiah. The audience stirred and then broke into big applause. At the end everyone gave a standing ovation.

The participants looked serious even after the excerpts of the messages from spirit world were read, and there was much discussion. The entertainers in the program and the VIP's who presented Mother with a bouquet, and others representing the audience all greeted her and gave a mansei in a commitment to do greater work.

One very influential Buddhist leader attended, even though he had only received an invitation in the mail, with no personal follow-up. There are numerous such testimonies that show this is a great time of Heavenly visitation. Overall the event was full of spiritual blessing.

About 500 members gathered for the victory event. Before and after, Mother showered us with words. In Alaska more than 100 members were gathered. We prepared music and instruments, costumed singers performed, and their songs inspired Father to dance along! At the end Mother sang along with Father in Alaska. Afterward Father told Mother, "Tomorrow is Osaka. Do well, Omma. We can meet each other after tomorrow."

Mother's words at HDH on Aug. 22:

You should not think that the reading this morning [about unification of North and South Korea] is not related to Japan. Korea and Japan should be one body. As Father says, unification of North and South is only possible when three nations unite together. Now Korean missionaries from all over the world have been mobilized for community work in Korea. My tour in the US starts Sept. 16, but all the Korean regional leaders from the US are tirelessly working in Korea until only one week prior to that tour.

If we had done this kind of grassroots campaign 10 years ago, what would have happened? From the persecution period to the Coronation Ceremony, if we accomplished the tong bang kyo-pa together with the other things, how much the providence would have advanced!

Have the participants who heard my speeches opened their hearts [even a little]? Quite a few of these people had a strong spiritual experience, or experienced that spirit world is trying to work with them. There are 70 million families who have received the blessing in the spirit world. Seeing how inspired the 500 people in the audience were, it is impossible not to recognize this as spiritual phenomena.

In Korea as well as the US, such things are happening, especially to ministers. How busy the spirit world is! You all have to feel you are responsible to give new life to your families and tribes. I have declared about the Messiah. Regardless how excellent you are externally, you have come from the fallen blood lineage. Therefore, I clearly declared that without True Parents you cannot go to heaven. Please be confident -- if you try, you can make it.

You brothers used to play with slingshots when you were young, right? Although I never tried it, I think it is a fun game. When you pull the rubber band all the way back, and the shot goes where you aimed, how proud would you be? Such a small toy could even shoot down a bird. So everyone, you need to do your best even for the smallest things. Witnessing to people requires tremendous effort and sincerity. Brothers and sisters, we have nothing else but victory. Let's work very hard.

Reflections from participants:

The Buddhist leader who came on his own:

In order to bring religious unity, this kind of movement is necessary. I came here without informing my Buddhist associates. Although my attendance was announced in front of the other 500 VIPs from different fields, I am very honored to receive the appointment of Ambassador of Peace by Dr. Moon. I would like to study more about the messages from the spirit world.

Representative from the South Korean Association in Japan [formerly he affiliated with the association of North Koreans, but after visiting North Korea he lost hope and joined the South Korean Association instead. He has been a firm atheist and anti-UC]

I really thank you for inviting me to this excellent event. I admire the idea of the founders. When I met Mrs. Moon I felt as if an electric shock ran through me. I am really curious about the messages from the spirit world. I somehow thought that eventually I would join the Unification movement, and the day has come today. I really thank Dr. and Mrs. Moon.

College professor:

I am a scientist, and what I heard today is new to me. Therefore, I cannot render any decision whether this is the truth or not. I would like to think about it more. Particularly about the spirit world, as a scientist I am very curious to explore this.

Prefecture Council member:

I have attended many Unification movement events and heard the teaching, but I just regarded it as another religious philosophy. However, when Mrs. Moon declared the Messiah, Savior and True Parents, and I heard the messages from spirit world, I was stunned and unable to comment. If this declaration is the truth, this is really something! I cannot deny this content. If I try to affirm, I have to live up to this content and consider what I am supposed to do from now on. I have to re-read those messages from spirit world. I was privileged to offer a bouquet to Mrs. Moon.

Award-winning violinist:

I am Chinese, and from the time of Mao Tse-tung's Cultural Revolution I was taught that religion is superstition. Since coming to Japan to study, I have met many religious leaders and began to think religion was not all bad. However, I had no idea which one was good! Today while reading the text of the speech I came to realize that this is the best. I really admire the founder, Dr. and Mrs. Moon. I almost never thought about the spirit world. When I heard about the presence of 70 million blessed families in spirit world, I was very moved. Both communism and democracy failed. I was deeply touched by the fact that the only way left for us in this time is the philosophy of "living for the sake of others," and "Godism based on true love."

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