The Words of Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)

True Mother's Words At Hoon Dok Hae

Hak Ja Han
August 21, 2002
Translated by Hisayo Pelton
Edited by Margaret Herbers

Up to yesterday I've done 95 speeches during my tours in Japan, haven't I? I've planted many, many seeds. The time has come to harvest the fruit. In other words, we should educate those VIPs who attended [the speech] this time so that we can complete restoring our own families and tribes.

I observed that those newly appointed Ambassadors of Peace this time are not young. If they die before they can complete their responsibility, will they be accused? If they receive just words and an appointment but go to the spirit world without doing any work, what would happen to them?

When you cannot fulfill your responsibility and go to the spirit world, will you have anyone on earth to whom you can cry out to do your work instead? We read the messages from the spirit world [conveyed through Dr. Sang Hun Lee] during the tour, so we know that after you go to the spirit world without accomplishing your responsibility, it is not easy to send messages to earth.

Do you know about the testimony from Taejon, Korea, about Jesus working with a Buddhist? Why would Jesus, the founder of Christianity, appear to a Buddhist and work with him? 2000 years ago Jesus came with the mission of True Parents. What was his feeling at being unable to accomplish his mission on earth and being nailed to the cross?

In order to send Jesus to earth, God raised up the Israelites and toiled to make painful conditions. Jesus was clearly aware of his own mission and yet was unable to conquer the environment which made him choose the cross at last. How did he feel? We who know God's will must understand the heart of Jesus who has been making the greatest effort to fulfill his mission as a spirit person after his physical body was lost.

For 2000 years Jesus went a difficult path. Christians died for their faith even in the midst of incredible persecution and torture. That can never be compared to your life of faith. Imagine God's heart and Jesus' heart, who knew what was happening and persevered for 2000 years. Therefore, how much do they appreciate True Parents? 2000 years ago, praying in your own name as a blessed central family was just unthinkable. In other words, we are living in the time when infinite blessing can be granted.

True Parents have pioneered the foundation of victory by going through persecution and pain. Your hardships and True Parents' hardships cannot even be compared. Can you proudly report before God that you've done your best in order to fulfill God's will?

As we say in the Family Pledge, are you striving for the way of filial child, patriot, saint, and divine sons and daughters? Even if you offer kyongbae one thousand times a day it is not enough to express your gratitude to God.

You are so happy to see True Father on the transmission from Alaska. Do you know that he is awake all night praying for the victory of the Japan tour as he watches each event? When we finish the victory banquet it will be 3 or 4 a.m. in Alaska, and then Hoon Dok Hae begins soon after. True Father is the kind of person who never sleeps in the daytime, even if he has not slept all night. Until the Japan tour finishes, Father's life is like this.

In this instance you cannot quite catch up with True Parents' sincerity. Because True Parents are the parents of all humankind, if, on one hand, one person returns joy, but someone else dies from illness, True Parents cannot feel joy.

From the providential point of view, Japan is the mother county. To fulfill the mission of Mother nation, you all have to understand what are the True Parents' worries and try solving them. That is the mother's heart. Please, everyone, have that kind of heart and do your utmost.

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