The Words Hak Ja Han
(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother's Guidance

Hak Ja Han
May 23 - 24, 2000
The Hague, the Netherlands
Translation: Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes: Wim Koetsier

After lunch, May 23

In South America, professors came and brought their students to attend True Mother's (TMís) speech. The purpose of TMís speaking tour is to give a message, not only for members, but especially to outside people. This event is to be used as a springboard to educate outside people. Utilize TMís foundation. What is the Will of God, the final hope and desire of True Parents (TP)? To establish the Kingdom of God on Earth and eradicate the root of Satanís lineage. TP come to embrace all humanity.

TP have laid a strong foundation world wide with many different organizations. TP go around to bring Godís message. We need to (re)connect people of the different organizations and mobilize through them many people. Catholics and protestants still have a theology based on the mentality of the 15th / 16th century. TPís movement is from 21st century. The ideology of TP is to fulfill Godís Will and to embrace all humanity.

We have to embrace the people still living with a mentality based on 15 / 16th century mentality. It is like people who are used to have horses, suddenly come in the time of cars. Likewise with truth. Suddenly there is 21st century truth: DP like a fast car. Once the people realize this, they will be excited. In Korea and Japan thousands of people came to the speech. Most came from established churches and movements. Among them were important people like judges, congressmen, etc. They were very inspired.

The European continent is falling behind. What are we going to show as a result? What can we leave behind for our children? We need to leave something behind. True Father (TF) started from the bottom of hell. What about us? TP are going a suffering course. Now thousands of ancestors are willing to help us. This is a different time period. We have to be motivated to give the Word to the people, to save their souls. If in a nation like The Netherlands can only bring 400 people, this is shameful. Contact every possible field of people to bring them to the event. Please go out after lunch to get more people.

During HDH, May 24

TMís speech was read again in the morning. After this she gave the following guidance.

What do you feel after hearing TPís speech? Donít you feel the suffering of God and TP, the path of indemnity that had to be taken? Godís Providence always has to continue. For instance, when Great Britain was at her peak, God showed England to lead the world, but she did not understand her mission. Likewise is the situation of France. If you visit this country, you can see in the museums many beautiful things from all over the world. In a way these things are stolen from the colonies. On the contrary, what is the Will of God? Living for the sake of others.

After World War II, God wanted to see Christianity to unite with TP. Christianity failed to do this. Therefore TF had to walk 40 years the course of the wilderness. In Godís Providence we see many champions, who were chosen by God. When they failed, God did not choose them again. God gave the opportunity to the U.S. to save humanity. If the U.S. had followed Godís Will, communism would not have emerged. The U.S. failed to be united with the LSA. TF had to start again from scratch, from the bottom of hell.

There is a difference between the past and the present. TF came with a physical body. He can act on earth and he could choose the U.S. back to Godís Will. For this he took the burden and indemnity on his shoulder on behalf of the U.S. The present speech takes only 30 / 40 minutes to read. Still it shows the path God and TP have been walking.

TP clearly understand Godís suffering. Donít we feel that kind of suffering? TP have undergone this for our sake. Many Christians were in tears in the U.S. and South America. What about us? TM has not seen us in tears of appreciation. Is our heart far away? Donít we have a feeling for Godís and TPís suffering? Is our heart dry? Or could not we express our heart? Is our attitude to do Godís will on a side track?

When we hear that TF has been shedding blood, sweat and tears last 30 years, donít we feel the same pain in our hearts? As is stated in the speech, not a single day, TF was in comfort. We just enjoyed our life, seeking a comfortable life.

Do you want to be successful? Or do you want to fail? The hope of God and TP is the liberation of God. Godís desire is to embrace us as His own children. As a son or daughter of the parents, if you see your parents suffering, can you close your eyes? God is not far away from our daily life. Is our attitude to keep distance from God?

Let us do our best to feel Godís heart. TF is now 80 years old. In 10 years he will be 90. TF is still very active. Our hope is unification of the fatherland. God could not embrace humanity. God could not find one restored nation. Blessed couples in The Netherlands, do absolute your best to restore the people of this nation. The spirit world is with us. Donít you feel the difference of the year 2000? Through the CPL experience hundred of millions of our ancestors are liberated and blessed. The spirits are now free to move and know Godís Will. They will come down. If we do not go the proper way, the spirits feel frustrated. In this physical world, the best is to bring spiritual children. This determines our boundary in the spirit world. If we restore a nation, our boundary is nearly unlimited. Having many spiritual children helps us in the case we made mistakes. The spiritual children can ask forgiveness for us.

Our general attitude to Godís Will should be to be desperate. Our time is limited. Last night we saw TFís smiling face. Do we feel good about this? If he would be here, we would feel even greater. If TF is in the spirit world, we might regret that we did not help enough to restore the world more quickly.

Within 3 years we need to have a showdown in our nation. Memorize all households in our nation. We have to be busy. If we do our responsibility, we will be remembered eternally. We live in a special historical time: in the same period as TP and we received the Blessing from them directly. How are we going to be remembered? Struggling a lot, but no result? It is a different time now. We are not alone. Good ancestors are ready to help. It is up to us to make the determination and conditions to mobilize this help.

Please do not neglect the contacts that were here. Contact the people who won a pure love ring and give them more education. It is like the Blessing ring. Through this we recognize someone as belonging to the same group. The people with the pure love ring belong to the pure love race group.

TM urged us to do HDH and to study in depth especially the volumes 10, 11 and 12. Understand the reality of the spirit world!. Also study the book about unification of North and South. Church leaders should give each Sunday an assignment about what to read in the coming week. The church leader has to check what is read and give new assignments for HDH reading each day of the week. The church leader has to make sure that every couple does it. We have to know the timetable of Godís Providence. Also strengthen the CARP activities and Youth Federation. This is the best way for restoration. Combine the organizations as a family with combined efforts under one umbrella. To secure the future, we need to educate the young people. TM wants to see the European continent reborn. Europe is like an old man. If we continue neglecting our faith, we will disappear. Dig into the message of last night. Let us do our absolute best and make a showdown within 3 years!

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