The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


The Shortcut to Becoming Filial Sons and Daughters

Mother's visit to Helsinki, Finland
Knut Holdhus

Mother's speech at the Hoon-dok-hwe service Saturday, 22nd May 1999, translated by Peter Kim, unofficial notes by Knut Holdhus.

Who here are from Finland? From Denmark? And Norway? There are many children from Norway. And from Sweden?

Do you recite Family Pledge every day? You must do that! And practice it as well!

When you're really hungry, what do you think of first, God and True Parents or food?

Are you united with True Parents? How much are you united with them? [Someone replied 100%.]

Do you know what True Parents are thinking right now? [No] So you cannot say 100%.

Blessed couples call themselves children of True Parents. How grateful are you to True Parents that they have given you new life?

The population of Finland is about 5 million. Yet you could not restore the country back to God and True Parents. How could you say you're 100% united with True Parents?

According to the Bible, God loves this world so much. What is God's and True Parents' hope for this nation? It is the restoration of its 5 million population.

We pledge to complete the realm of liberation, but have we done it in our daily lives?

Human history has been for True Parents. For whom has the history of Christianity of Western Europe developed? The foundation has been fully established, but are we fully utilizing it? If we cannot utilize it, how can we say we're 100% united with True Parents?

The year 2000 is only 7 months away. Why is the year 2000 so special? It is because of the existence of True Parents and the blessed couples. You may not be fully aware of it. The time we're living in is so special. You must make yourselves into historical figures. You should become true children of God.

There are two critical points I emphasize during this speaking tour. According to God's providence, the six billion people on this earth are destined to return to God's bosom. But we live in this time period when True Parents are on the earth. You have the possibility to become true filial sons and daughters. The prerequisite is to know True Parents. Then we can attend them well. We have to live our lives united with True Parents' heart. If you want to reach that goal, you have to learn Korean.

Two years ago our Korean movement published 12 volumes of Father's prayers. This is volume six, about filial piety. [Mother holds up that particular book.] It contains Father's prayers from the 1950's, 60's and early 70's. It was translated into Japanese soon after it was published in Korean. For Westerners it may take one, two or three years before you can get an English copy. Besides, it is almost impossible to translate True Father's prayers.

Put yourself on the starting line of a marathon race. Do you want to become a winner or a loser? We all want to win. Do you want to become a victor or a loser when it comes to the heart relationship with True Parents?

Without knowing True Parents, how can we call ourselves filial sons and daughters of True Parents? The secret is to master Korean. You are all young. Do you know why we must learn Korean? In Korean we have a saying: "to kill two birds with one stone". If you master Korean, you gain three privileges: 1) To speak Korean and to be able to study Father's words directly. 2) To engraft directly to True Parents' heart. 3) It becomes much easier to know and understand True Parents.

God prepared Christianity for 2000 years, yet they failed to receive True Parents. That's why the 40 years wilderness course became necessary. You should read Father's prayers from the early years of that period. Father was supposed to begin on the prepared and blessed foundation of Christianity, but had to start all by himself. It was so painful! Yet, still his main concern was to comfort God's heart.

We don't become filial sons and daughters by living a common way of life. A filial child constantly attends True Parents. To what extent have you realized your goal of becoming a filial son or daughter? Now is the last opportunity. After 80 years of age, Father will be so close to the spirit world. Father may go to spirit world before we reach full maturity. We must live our lives differently from the past. We are only seven months from the year 2000.

How much suffering, persecution and pain did Father have to go through in order to make a victorious foundation in each stage until now! There hasn't been a single day when True Parents could rest and stretch their legs. Even in that miserable situation True Parents attended and comforted God as a filial son and daughter, as patriots, saints and a holy son and daughter of God.

There is a strong foundation in the spirit world as well. That's truly a miracle. One week ago Father went to Pantanal and made a special prayer condition, which signifies that Satan has completely surrendered to True Parents. Father claims Satan's lineage has been completely rooted out.

At the time of the creation, God created Adam and Eve with a special privilege to name all things. Whatever Adam and Eve called them, would be their names.

We have to form a perpendicular angle with True Parents, and the force of the universe will be with us enabling us to accomplish our mission. We don't have to deal with Satan's accusations. Don't you feel the different time we're in? Then you should be able to go out with courage. How much are you aware of it? There are already many miracles taking place.

Restoration of 5 million people is no problem!

Now we also have the liberation ceremonies for seven generations of ancestors. With 120 generations liberated, the entire universe can be saved. It is up to us! The key is in our hands!

It is also up to us to become true sons and daughters or to remain secular people. God's providence is rapidly gaining speed now. To study Korean is a shortcut. You have seven months until year 2000!

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