The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Private Meeting of Venezuelans with True Mother in Colombia

Unofficial Notes by Gabriela Navarro de Tomasini
Caracas, Venezuela,
May 15, 1999

After an outstanding meeting and celebration in the Salon Rojo at Tequendama Hotel, Santa Fe, Bogota, Colombia on May 10, the members who came from Venezuela were very anxious to meet True Mother more personally as they would have to leave without being able to attend Hoon Dok Hae the next morning. After being told it would be impossible as True Mother had granted no other, as it were, "private audiences" elsewhere in Latin America through the excellent Peter Kim, the impossible became possible!

Initially on seeing our group our group of 10 - 16 members, Japanese National Messiah, National Leader, four Japanese sisters - entering her Presidential Suite, True Mother did not look overjoyed, she was even a little upset. But after listening to Peter Kim's explanation of why we came she greeted us very graciously.

When we entered she was talking to True Father on the phone, trying to persuade Him not to go too far into the Pantanal, in Brazil, so that she would be able to keep in touch with Him. As you may already know, that day we could only get True Father's voice during the Victory celebration.

Well, True Mother was even more beautiful than the last time we saw her in Caracas in September 1996 (Foundation of the FFWP tour). She then spoke to us for about five minutes and made three very important and clear points:

1. We must publish in the main newspapers of our country the speech The Path of Life for All Humankind as soon as possible.
2. We must work to accomplish our country's goal for next year's Holy Blessing, mainly by giving speeches on the prevention of AIDS, drugs, etc to the youth.
3. She remarked that this is a very important year and we must accomplish during the rest of it what we had planned to accomplish in the next ten years (personal goals, internal and external goals). That it is Heaven's Spring and there is much help at hand. So she asked, "Please decorate this year with great victory and substantial results which will be unforgettable in the rest of our lives' histories."

Well, that was about it and we hope this message gets to all Unificationists' hearts all around the world, especially the ones that didn't have the fortune of receiving True Mother's visit so that we bring blessings to our countries and to all humankind in the name of God and the True Parents.

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